Take Your Sexuality In Hand

Now you can confidently take your guy sexuality in hand and make it the adventure it was created to be!

Dear Friend:

Dilema of Hidden Masturbation

Sure! I've been there. Done that.

Honestly, I think every guy has.

Like it or not, sexuality is a fundamental part of us as guys. It's an enormous part of our thinking, our emotion, our spiritual life. Hardly anything we do isn't somehow wrapped up in our sexuality.

Face it. We're hardwired sexual.

But isn't that fantastic?

Yet, if you're like me and a zillion other guys, you struggle with what to do with the sexual part of you. Call it what you want -- needs, fulfillment, expression, drive. It's something you love, yet something you hate.

And as far as our world is concerned, your sexuality is something you need to suppress.

....Or recklessly assert in dozens of places with dozens of people.

So there's a disconnect between your personal guy sexuality and the sexual picture others think you should fit into.

Isn't there someone who thinks about sex like you'd like to think?

What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

A resounding Yes! I'm there with 'ya!

It's me again, Sean Christopher, and I'm Giving You More Straight Talk about male sexuality in this beautiful new book!

What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

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What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

Here's The Problem

You've made agreements with those who form your guy sexual identity and it winds up looking like one of these pictures:

I'm thinking you're right.

There Is More!

What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

I have to be honest...

You already know the quandary. You are certain that your sexuality is busting with the keys to become magically and profoundly one with another person.

You're certain that you were created a sexual guy...

and because your sexuality is so amazing, powerful and pleasurable, it can't possibly be at odds with all the facets of your life:

You know it's true. Right?

The fact is your sexuality is at odds with everything in your life. Why do you think it's such a secret thing?

What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

You need someone who can help you lighten up and return to your male roots!

Yeah. I know. I know all too well.

That's why I wrote the book. Because there's no sexual reason why you or I should feel guilty or secretive about our sexuality. Guy masturbation is at the root of all guy sexuality. How you feel about masturbation directly touches how you feel about being a guy -- how you feel about sex with your lover.

I wrote the book with you in mind. The book is light-hearted, funny and direct. I don't use sexual "code", but I say it like it is. Kind of like your jackin' coach. Right?

Reading What Guys Do, you will learn exactly how to:

I can't think of a guy who isn't desperate to shake off his sexual heaviness and enjoy his male sexuality! Are you ready to lighten up?

What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

Some amazing things that will be yours when you own What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

From a father who gave What Guys Do to his son:

He LOVES your book. He laughed and laughed. He says he never dreamt there were 101 ways to do it. I told him there are probably many more.

What Guys Do is months of fun!

"Your magic worked. The book was there and easy to open. At first glance-Wow!! So-o-o many ideas and only 2 hands. This will be good. And, sir, the photography is amazing and very well done and placed. Over the next weeks I'll explore." --D

Another happy guy!

"Sean, dude thank you SO SO SO SO much. i really really appreciate the book! I am enjoying it already! It is really really well done!" --W

Readers of What Guys Do are delighted!

"Thank you Thank you. Just to read someone telling me to try these things - with such joy, abandon, freedom, affirmation and love is amazing. I don't think you know what it's like. I'm sorry you're on the giving end...cause it is amazing to be on the receiving end!" --P

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Buy a small decorated cardboard box, a sheet of colored tissue paper, some massage oil and a blank card. Line the box with the tissue paper. Place the massage oil in the box and write the following message on the card:

I know a great Masseur. For an appointment ring: (Your Phone Number)

Want another? This is #46 and very cool!

When you have access to a spa, create a romantic atmosphere by placing some candles around the tub and some rose petals floating on the surface of the water. As your partner enjoys the water, serve champagne and chocolate covered strawberries before joining her.

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What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

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I'll give you not one reason but three!

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If you need more reasons than that...

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What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

Normally What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques is priced at $34, but I know that economic times are tough. I'm feeling it pretty seriously myself. I spend most of my days helping economically disadvantaged guys find jobs. I know all about how it feels.

I spent the better part a year working on What Guys Do. I know that there is no other book out there like it. Anything else you might find will be either undignified or clinical. I wanted to create a piece that was both helpful to guy sexual growth and fun! So, I thought "What about creating a piece that helps guys both enjoy and respect their own bodies AND make it beautiful with photographs of guys just like readers?

So I did. And you, my friend, can read it, read it again, experiment with your own body and return to your own roots of maleness. You and you enjoying the gift with which you were created.

What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

After a few weeks of boundless fun, you'll notice a free feeling, a cleanness that's being a guy who is at home in his own skin. And it will show in all your relationships -- especially with your lover because you're not hung up about cherishing yourself.

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What Guys Do -- 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

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Sean Christopher