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“I want your sex / I want your love / I want your.. Sex / It’s natural / It’s chemical (let’s do it) / It’s logical / Habitual (can we do it?) / It’s sensual / But most of all… / Sex is something we should do / Sex is something for me and you / Sex is natural – sex is good / Not everybody does it / But everybody should / Sex is natural – sex is fun.”  — “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael

Anal Fun Was Never So Affordable

It must be a remarkable deal to get me to post a giant banner ad, but this morning at the coffee shop, I saw this deal and I had to share it with you. You know I’m a fan of Aneros, the famous male prostate massager. Today,...

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A Guy and His Toys

Women have always had a glorious history of enjoying sex toys. I suspect women’s sex toy traditions go back centuries before plain paper packages. I think the joy a woman gets from her vibe or dildo is in many ways more...

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Essential OG

Not The Scariest Thing About Sex?


“I have enjoyed and learned and laughed. Thanks for helping us understand more what it means to be naked but not ashamed…” David


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