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What is What Guys Do?

If it’s been a while since you’ve added to your masturbation repertoire, you know a natural law that “Discovery Generates More Discovery”. That’s why in What Guys Do I give you a boatload of masturbation ideas so that you will continue to discover amazing things about your sexual self for a lifetime. If you’re new to masturbation or a veteran, there is plenty here for you.

Why Did I Write What Guys Do?

When it comes to masturbation techniques, the magic is in the many. I give you the tools to discover your body through masturbation, arousal, and solo pleasure. Now you have the secret entrance to limitless possibilities. Once playing with 101 Male Masturbation Techniques for a day or two, I promise you that you’ll have invented #102. And unlimited more.

What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques was nearly a humanitarian aid project for me. After years of tolerating flimsy justifications for masturbation in popular media, I set out to create a bold, courageous, frank work that never minces words and calls masturbation what it is: Fun… and here’s how. Solo sex is and will always be the first and last sexual experience most of us will have. Masturbation can be and will be a lot of things, but let’s not fool ourselves. Let’s be shameless. Masturbation is fun.

Who Is What Guys Do for?

Anyone with a penis: you, friend, kid, partner. Orientation or gender isn’t a factor with masturbation. While this book isn’t safe for work, there are no explicit images. You can chill.

Some Possible Transformations from What Guys Do

  • Dispense of the social shame and stigma of masturbation and get on with enjoying your body in the most basic way
  • Shift from useless justifications such as “this is good for me”, or “training for the real thing”, to “I’m going to shamelessly indulge in my body in any way I want.”
  • Expand your knowledge and experience with kinds of touch, stroking, body positions, and the resulting sensations and surprising experiences
  • Gain skills to invent your own masturbation techniques once you learn the sensitive zones of your genitals and body
  • Enjoy the surprise of discovering a body you live in but never knew
  • Escape the heartless trap of seeking relief by rapid and mindless “jacking off”.

Order Your Copy

How can you know what you’ve never felt or experienced until you experience it? What could you learn about your penis or your arousal? Or the quality of touch with which you pleasure yourself? What could just knowing even one new thing do for your personal sex life? Right. Order now. You’ll be naked and stroking in mere minutes.

  • Download. PDF works on any electronic device
  • 101 Masturbation Techniques cross-referenced to enhance discovery
  • Color Photos not explicit — Text definitely not safe for work
  • 70 pages
  • $15
  • Order and enjoy in less than two minutes!

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