How Many Intensely Pleasurable Things About Your Body Remain Unknown To You?

You Never Know What You Know Until You Know What You Don’t Know

So, how many? I know, it’s tough to venture a guess. I know this — I will never stop learning. I’m a Certified Sexuality Educator and I have been writing and teaching about sex for more than a decade and I continue to be surprised with every discovery of what crazy pleasurable sexual things my body is capable of. How can you know what you’ve never felt or experienced until you experience it? What could you learn about your penis or your arousal or the kind or quality of touch with which you pleasure yourself? What could just knowing even one new thing do for your personal sex life?

Let me introduce you to:

What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques

An Essential Orgasmic Guy Resource!
Do you want to know what you can know about your own capacity for sexual pleasure? What Guys Do: 101 Male Masturbation Techniques isn’t one of the books that discusses the justification for masturbation. Face it. We already know about that. It’s … What Guys Do! 101 Male Masturbation Techniques is sex positive and fun. How do you think about masturbation? If you’re like I was, justification was a mental labyrinth. No more. Dang, I want to know the pleasure of my own body. Masturbation is fun. Enough said.

Real Solo Sex Learning — Real Solo Sex Change

Why is it that masturbation so easily becomes a rut? Look at any porn site — or maybe in the mirror — and you’ll know what I mean. No 31 Flavors, right? Could it be because we don’t apply the same learning methods that we use for our golf swing, fishing strategy or tax prep? If you don’t learn new technique, you never change your game.
The formula for learning is simple:
Information > Practice > Play > Rest.
Now you do it. Simply download the book, shut off the phone, close the door and get naked. Can you learn? Can you change?

Use What You Learn Now — And It’s Yours!

Have you tried one or two of the Intense Masturbation Techniques on the Orgasmic Guy website? Then you know that the techniques are instantly yours and you never think of masturbation the same again. The writing in this book is easy to read, concise, engaging and material you’ll want to refer to again and again. The book design is colorful with striking, sex positive photos by Vish Studio in St. Petersburg, Russia. You’ll likely spot at least one image you can really relate to.
Are you relatively new to masturbation, looking for information on lubricants or help on how to best use the book? Do you have 30 minutes and are looking for a simple masturbation technique to make you happy before you run off to a meeting? Easy. Download, unzip the file and uhhh, unzip.

102 Masturbation Techniques and Counting

What was your last discovery that you added to your masturbation repertoire? If it’s recent, that’s likely why you’re here. You’re looking for more, aren’t you? If it’s been awhile, you know the natural law that Discovery Generates More Discovery. That’s why I give you a ton of masturbation ideas so that you will continue to discover amazing things about your sexual self for a lifetime.
When it comes to masturbation techniques, the magic is in the many. I give you the tools to discover your body through masturbation, arousal and solo pleasure. Now you have the secret entrance to limitless possibilities Once playing with 101 Male Masturbation Techniques for a day or two, I promise you that you’ll have invented #102. And unlimited more.

You Could Be Saying Things Like This:

  • “Dang, I didn’t know that was possible.”
  • “I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve never felt sexual pleasure quite like this.”
  • “My body is less of a mystery to me.”
  • “Learned the subtle changes a technique can make — like pleasuring a tiny spot on my penis can give me a mind-blowing experience.”
  • “I learned to slow down and enjoy masturbating in the moment rather than just getting off.”
  • “I’ll never jerk off the same way again.”
  • “I learned to know my body and how to move pleasure from only genitals to my whole body.”


“He LOVES your book. He laughed and laughed. He says he never dreamt there were 101 ways to do it. I told him there are probably many more.”


“Your magic worked. The book was there and easy to open. At first glance-Wow!! So-o-o many ideas and only 2 hands. This will be good. And, sir, the photography is amazing and very well done and placed. Over the next weeks I’ll explore.” –D


“Sean, dude thank you SO SO SO SO much. i really really appreciate the book! I am enjoying it already! It is really really well done!” –W


“Thank you Thank you. Just to read someone telling me to try these things – with such joy, abandon, freedom, affirmation and love is amazing. I don’t think you know what it’s like. I’m sorry you’re on the giving end…cause it is amazing to be on the receiving end!” –P

You Also Get A No-Risk Guarantee!!

It’s a total no-brainer! For way less than the price of a pizza, you will have a boatload of fun, de-stress and recharge your sexual self. Not only that, for 60 days I’ll also give your money back if you change your mind. Simply email me and ask. No questions. No hoops. No worries! Just Thanks for trying it!

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What Guys Do

101 Male Masturbation Techniques


  • 7 articles detail all the stuff you need to know.
  • 70 pages in a click-to-navigate PDF!
  •  Full of striking color photos by Vish Studio.
  •  101 male masturbation techniques strategically categorized.
  •  Cross-referenced techniques naturally compliment one another.
  •  All techniques are instantly achievable so you can get on with it!