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Orgasmic Guy FAQs — Everything You Need to Know About

You’ve found your one-stop for Orgasmic Guy FAQs. While is pretty straightforward and no-nonsense, there may be a few things you want to know. You’ve come to the right place to pick up a few of those details.

Orgasmic Guy FAQs

Who is the Orgasmic Guy?

The short answer is — You are — the sexually fulfilled male or the guy who is at least enlivening and enlarging his sexuality is the Orgasmic Guy. You are what this website is all about. You are the Orgasmic Guy.

That’s probably not exactly the answer you were looking for. You want to know who’s writing this stuff. Yes, there is another Orgasmic Guy — me, Sean Christopher. I don’t sign every article I write on this site, but you’ll see some of my stuff around on the web signed by Sean Christopher or Sean Christopher’s

Who am I? I am a writer, photographer, artist, world traveler, business guy, and an Orgasmic Guy. I’m married and madly in love with my wife. I have really smart, great-looking kids with strong character. We have a really happy family.

I write this site because I believe it and think other guys will, like I have, also find liberation from society’s guilt trips. They’ll find passion and growth in their own sexuality, in marriage, sexual life in singleness, recognize why they’re sexual guys, and find confidence in being a sexual guy — an Orgasmic Guy.

What’s all about?

I write in order to have a forum where I can openly write about and discuss issues of male sexuality. I write Orgasmic Guy to have fun, and I find sex fascinating. I write about male sexuality in plain, sane terms. I say it like it is. I speak positively understanding that male sexuality has purpose in all of our life relationships and creative efforts. Male sexuality is not a distraction to suppress or a curse to overcome but a gift where we find intimacy, connection, and meaning. Male sexuality helps us maintain a positive outlook and provides physical and mental energy. Male sexuality is not a secret or unspeakable subject, but a great topic to discuss openly with family and friends.

Who took the photographs?

I took a few of them, but most are photographs that photographers from around the world have placed on the web simply because they want people to see them. The terms of use are usually that webmasters like me are free to just use them or use them with a credit given. Just mouse over the photo and you’ll see that credit: the name of the photographer, where they’re from if I know it and the service which they use to distribute their work also if it’s known.

OG Guy

The masthead photograph was at the top of each page in earlier versions and was taken by Russian photographer Yevdokem Yeremenko of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and used on Orgasmic Guy with his permission. Great shot, isn’t it? I think it really captures the sense of a man who is confident and passionate about his own sexuality. Thanks very much, Yevdokem! You’re a talented man.

I use a lot of photographs of guys because my readers are likely to relate to some of them. An Orgasmic Guy could be anyone of any age from any part of the world, and I have readers from all over the world. The photos remind you that you’re not the only guy with the questions, hangups, fears and issues that you have. You’re just fine because you’re in good company. I hope you like the pix.

Where are the Nude Pictures?

You won’t find nude women on Both my wife and I enjoy fine art nudes of both females and males. We’re not opposed to nudes. We just don’t think that nudes on will add anything to its content. Other sites will exhibit them better than we can. Our purpose is to discuss — not to sexually arouse anyone. So, the photos we use are just guy shots that remind us that any other guy is really not so different from ourselves.

Terms of Sexuality

I know there are a gazillion sexual terms with which I could write, but for me, a penis is still a penis, and dick or cock doesn’t help me write any better. I don’t think words like penis, scrotum, and rectum are at all clinical. In fact, I really like using real words because it always sounds more honest — I don’t want to avoid saying what I really mean. Having just said that I need to quickly add that a little slang sometimes seasons the writing. So I do work in a few slang words every now and then — just for fun.

What is Your Sexual Persuasion?

It doesn’t much matter. If you’ve read a few articles, you’ll probably understand that. Attraction is attraction and it ebbs and flows. Having said that, I believe that a guy is a guy, and any guy looking to become a sexually fulfilled man will find something interesting or helpful for himself on Enjoy what you will and discard the rest. Don’t take issue with what I write — it’s just my experience.

Yes, We Have Links

Embedded in certain articles or at the end of articles we link to related sites with whom we’ve exchanged links or we simply think they’re pretty good sites and feel you might find the material helpful or interesting. Keep in mind that some of the webmasters may include material on their sites of a kind that we don’t choose to use. If it’s not something you wish to view or read, simply close your current browser window, and your browser window with will still be open. Our links always open new windows. We do that so that you can easily return to

Also, we link to certain sites with whom we have affiliate relations. These sites offer you merchandise, literature, or services in which we think you might be interested. We appreciate it when you do business with these merchant sites. Again, if it’s not something you find interesting to you, simply close your current browser window, and your window to will remain open.

How to Use

The articles are mostly written for guys, young and old, married and single. Read through the site systematically if you like or just browse. Come back often. I’m always adding new material. Where you can interact by posting comments, feel free. There’s no risk to your privacy on because if we collect any information about our readers, it’s only to help us target our writing in order to better reach our audience. If you’ve written to us, we won’t contact you unless you specifically ask us to.

There is no pornography on and we feel it is appropriate to any age of reader — teen, adult, or mature adult — but we do write in very plain, straight terms about male sexuality. If this is a problem for you, we recommend you not visit the site.

Do You Recommend for female-bodied folk?

I write from a male-bodied perspective and to a male-bodied audience, but anyone may find it helpful to understand their husband, or boyfriend or just to answer some elusive questions about guys and their sexual behavior. Sure, some might find some of the material a bit strange, but hey, we’re guys. Have a laugh. That’s alright, we’re glad you came. You’re always welcome to! We sure hope you enjoy some good reading.

Thanks for visiting Orgasmic Guy FAQs. Enjoy reading