Sexual Growth

Sexual growth rarely just happens. Sexual growth is as intentional as fly fishing or story-telling. We decide how important to us our sexual fulfillment and desire for joy really is. And then we choose to grow. And then growth happens.

Show Me The Numbers

If you're mentally gnawing the bedpost, rest easy; you're not alone. Guys routinely tally on self-imposed dungeon walls while silently longing for naked play with a long-term partner. Don't want to miss a post of Orgasmic Guy? Easy. Subscribe to OG Private Journal....

Dear Sean When I Was 15

At first blush this might sound like fatherly patter, but let's shake that notion straight away. You're me. You're me a generation ago. Don't want to miss a post of Orgasmic Guy? Easy. Subscribe to OG Private Journal. Facebook Twitter Google+ A Letter to My...

Happy New Year!

If you could step outside of yourself for a couple of weeks, what would you hear yourself saying? I did just that in December 2013 and heard some surprisingly pleasing things. To hear me talk about it, life is good, I guess. It was a lovely year. Don't want to miss a...

Sexless Nights, Sexless Days

Why don’t people have sex? A zillion reasons, but you want to know yours. If there’s anything that can make your heart ache, make you sob in your pillow and rehearse scenario after scenario of why and who’s fault, it’s too many nights and days gone sexless.

Seven Conversations With Your Lover

Sexual conversations define the dance floor and choreograph some of the sexual steps we dance. Without them, we stumble over one another's feet and wander off the floor dejected and even hurt. Don't want to miss a post of Orgasmic Guy? Easy. Subscribe to OG Private...

A Game Of Truth Or Dare

Sex is always about truth. Sex drives you naked to the edge of a high precipice of self-revealing where you show yourself. Sex is about truth or dare.

Circles of Comfort

We pee in the woods, drink beer, swim naked and then later tell the absolute truth about ourselves. We can take the bags off our heads and show that we’re no different than the guy sitting in the same glow of a smokey camp fire.