Sexual Growth

Sexual growth rarely just happens. Sexual growth is as intentional as fly fishing or story-telling. We decide how important to us our sexual fulfillment and desire for joy really is. And then we choose to grow. And then growth happens.

Circles of Comfort

We pee in the woods, drink beer, swim naked and then later tell the absolute truth about ourselves. We can take the bags off our heads and show that we’re no different than the guy sitting in the same glow of a smokey camp fire.

The Secret Life of Sexual Fantasy

Ask any guy, and he’ll undoubtedly deny it and maybe even hurt you. He often lives another tightly concealed life in a colorful erotic world. His world of sexual fantasy has no borders and no shores, needs no passport, no commitment and has no exit.

How To Launch A Sexual Resolution

New Years resolutions are like promises to clean the garage or scrape the pigeon crap off the gutters. They’re great intentions with little hope of realization. Your sexual resolutions, though can become personal sexual revolutions if you keep your tactics simple.

Not Just Another Cock & Ball Story

What a guy calls his genitals in polite company is probably one of the most unnerving momentary decisions he’ll make. If he doesn’t call his organ “Marlon” or “Dick”, referring to his dangly bit as “penis” is more awkward than “I do”, than “No, officer, I don’t know how fast I was going”, or even than “I’ll take five cards.”

How To Talk About Sex

Try it sometime. Next time you’re in a restaurant, in the course of your conversation, say the word “penis” loud enough to be heard for several tables around you. Your table mates will blush and you will gain the attention of many.

A Student of Messy Sexuality

To whom did someone give the task of tidying up sexuality? Schools tried it. Churches tried it. Legislators tried it. Zillions of authors tried it. Prudish mothers tried it. Messy Sexuality. It can’t be done. Thank God. I think I’ve finally concluded that sexuality is messy just like the rest of life, love, God and friends.

Consummating A Home

With every new destination comes a decision to marry it or room with it. We moved to a new home and new neighborhood this past weekend. I decided to marry this one.

You Thought Male Sexuality Was Only About A Great Ejaculation?

Guys are surprised to learn that male sexuality isn’t really only about ejaculations, though most of us feel most sexual when we’re aroused and come. Our sexuality is most powerfully and profoundly projected through our relationships — with ourselves, with our lovers and with God as we understand.

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