Sexual Knowledge & Skill

If there ever was a sexual fear common among guys, it’s the fear of what we don’t know — what we don’t know about and what we don’t know how to do. The fear poses two questions: “What am I missing?” and “Is something wrong?”

Breath of Fresh Eros

Rarely have I thought about breath other than that time I was stuck in a Russian elevator. It's taken me years to understand how vital breath is to sex. Don't want to miss a post of Orgasmic Guy? Easy. Subscribe to OG Private Journal. Rarely have I been concerned...

Good Vibrations – Syncing With Sex

A good vibe is essential to a novel idea or an honest deal, but mostly it’s a path to an astounding orgasm. Women have traditionally claimed the corner on sexual okayness of vibrators as a part of their private pleasure. And rightly so because women have worked for this social dignity for decades and they take their own sexual pleasure in hand.

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