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Coconut Oil – Ma Nature’s Best Sex Lube

by | Mar 19, 2012 | Sexual Knowledge & Skill

Coconut oil is likely among the best sex lubes around. It has that perfect slick factor, lasts and lasts and is awesome for your skin.

To confuse a muffin ingredient with your best sex lube isn’t all that odd when you realize that you love coconut oil in your coffee cake as well as on your cock.

I stumbled onto coconut oil’s magic a few years ago when we were experimenting with soap-making, and found the combination of coconut oil blended with a number of other tropical and essential oils concocted some most luxurious soaps that were healing to the skin and left you gleefully anticipating your next shower.

While we imagined the lovely scent of our soaps and our friends and relatives dancing naked in their showers once receiving our natural gifts, we also discovered another magic. Coconut oil is not only a great base for soap, and one of the healthier oils in cooking and baking, but we discovered coconut oil to be the best sex lube we’ve found, yet.

If you’ve been reading health news at all in the last dozen years, you know that many of our foods, plastic products and hygiene products such as shampoos, conditioners and cosmetics contain phthalates and parabens which studies show may be involved in cancer but also mess with hormones particularly in boys and possibly responsible for changes in genital size and shape. These chemicals can be absorbed through the skin. Think about that if you jack off with shower products. Genital skin is naturally thin and absorbent and you could be absorbing all kinds of toxic crap.

So, why use chemicals for pleasure when you can purchase, pure, natural coconut oil right from your grocer’s shelf?

Some features of coconut oil as your best sex lube

  • Coconut oil is good for your skin. It’s soothing, doesn’t clog pores, is anti-fungal and antibacterial.
  • Coconut oil melts at about 76° F. Store it in a wide-mouth jar with a loose lid on your nightstand for access when the urge demands.
  • No concerns for sheets and clothing as coconut oil is non-staining. When you’re finished, no need to wash it off, just wipe off the excess.
  • For a sex lube, coconut oil boasts the perfect OG slick factor as it doesn’t absorb quickly — nice for luxurious Tantric love with your partner or solo edging sessions. Use a little more for a slicker sensation; a little less if it’s more friction you like.
  • After three years of personal enjoyment and reports from friends and colleagues, we’ve experienced nothing but benefit from internal use and penetrative sex.
  • Mix melted coconut oil — remember, just over 76° F. — with a little Jojoba oil for a remarkably enduring massage oil.

After you’ve enjoyed your espresso and blueberry scone baked with coconut oil, try these Water Spinach Crêpes with Coconut Cream Sauce, then enjoy the more erotic benefits of nature’s best sex lube with your dining partner.

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  1. Sean

    Hi Adam! Thanks for your note! I have three responses: First, Never push past pain. If something hurts, stop. Only you know exactly what that means to you. Second, If you’re concerned you might have a medical condition such as infection, see a doctor. Finally, Skin on different parts of our body responds differently. In this case we really don’t know what else might be in the coconut oil or where it was sourced or how sensitive your penile skin is. Also, if skin has already been stimulated and a lot of blood to the area, it is often more sensitive and delivers a feeling of warmth. Just some thoughts.

  2. Adam

    Sean, hope you are well ?.

    I was trying coconut oil for the first time. After washing my hand. I applied it. I put almost very very much oil. When I began, I felt a slight heat sensation. I don’t know what to call it. Maybe warm or warmth sensation. I will.try to describe it. Whenever I touch I feel as if heat is coming from inside and warming my skin. I felt of the warmth only on my upper shaft aka the head and the little skin under it, the frenulum (i’m circumcised) thighs feelin of heat isn’t painful at all but weird, sometimes it fades especially when I choose not to focus on it. Or when I keep stroking quickly (especially when oil starts to fade and becomes subtle)
    Sometimes it doesn’t go, I even feel it on my legs inner legs when I put even some little oil on it, if it continues after ejaculation it continues for 15 min. Sometimes I feel it weakness my sensenation or specifically my pleasure maybe cuz I focous on this weird feeling.

    I searched rhe Interent, found some people experienced similar things but from other causes like falling on dirty water and said it might be mild infection. My oil didn’t seem or smell dirty. I bought it from local shop they sell it for hair mainly. Also I don’t think I’m allergic to it as I put it always on my hair and have put it on my entire face for three days and felt nothing weird!

    What do you think? As I loved this oil.
    Should I go to doctors to check if I have got mild infection? Is there any way to check it without going to doctors? As I didn’t see any weird thing on my penis no discharge no red points no chaffing to.the contrary I felt it softer.

    Always the danger comes from the place we don’t expect.

  3. Grandtiger

    My ultimate lube for masturbating: Dispense four squirts of all natural body lotion (such as Everyone Lotion for Every Man made with plant extracts and pure essential oils) in the palm of your hand. Add about a teaspoon of coconut oil and a few shakes of tea-tree oil. Mix together between the palms of your hands. The tea-tree oil not only has a soothing aroma, but feels wonderfully refreshing to the genitals. Enjoy for an hour or so of Marvelous Altogether Stupendously Thrilling, Utterly Rapturous, Blissfully Awesome, Transcendent, Immense Naked Gratification.

  4. Sean

    Good call! Yes, any oil-based lube should not be used with condoms.

  5. Marissa

    Please include a warning that coconut oil breaks down condoms! Just in case you were thinking of using them in tandom

  6. Sean

    Not a bad idea. Grape seed is a great base for lots of massage oils.

  7. Legolas

    What do you think about grape seed oil…we ran out of coconut oil and had trouble finding it again…so we decided to try something different…so far, so good.

  8. Sean

    Hi Jack! Almond oil is awesome. It has a really nice slick quality. I’ve mixed it with coconut to make a blend for massage. It’s a little more expensive. In the end I prefer coconut for everyday use. For some more variety, try jojoba, another variant like alomond.

  9. Jack

    What do you think of almond oil ?
    Betty Dodson likes this. It’s not bad.

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