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Ballooning Intense Masturbation Technique — The Wow Factor

Once you experience it, you know why it’s called ballooning. The ballooning intense masturbation technique is both thrilling and certainly beneficial for sexual health. I can’t think of another technique that quite contains this Wow! factor when you look at your erect penis.

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Once you experience it, you know why it’s called ballooning. The ballooning intense masturbation technique is both thrilling and certainly beneficial for sexual health. I can’t think of another technique that quite contains this Wow! factor when you look at your erect penis.

Which is probably why we like it.

Keys To The Ballooning Intense Masturbation Technique

This is one of those masturbation techniques where you miss it if you don’t pay attention to the nuance. All of the keys are somewhat subtle, but when you’re patient and use the technique more than a couple of times, you’ll along with me, be saying, Wow!

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Of course, use good breathing techniques. Breath from your diaphragm. And pay attention to relaxing your entire body. Take a few minutes to do a head-to-toe relaxation routine before you even begin to masturbate. Pay particular attention to your pelvic muscles. Delay porn till another time.

Fingertip Touch — The ballooning intense masturbation technique is not a full-fist stroking technique. Use only your fingertips on those parts of your penis which give you an orgasmic sensation. I suggest you avoid the ventral (downside of your erect penis when you’re standing up) surfaces since the ventral side tends to produce an ejaculatory response. Once you’re erect, you’ll find fingertips on your glans, sides, and the dorsal surface of your penis that will give you the sensation you want.

There’s magic in this touch because your penis isn’t overwhelmed with massive stimulation but selective stimulation. It’s much like a wine tasting when you detect subtle flavors or when you’re surprised by sounds of quietness once you get out of the din of the city. In this touch, you’ll find your intensity.

Delay Ejaculation — The ballooning intense masturbation technique is also not intended to culminate in ejaculation. For this reason, it’s great for training your body to become accustomed to delaying ejaculation if you tend to come early. Your body re-codes the urge to ejaculate with orgasmic pleasure.

There’s also magic in delaying ejaculation. You may have delayed ejaculation while edging before, but a lot of guys edge to produce a big load of semen. This is different. Once you learn to delay the rush to come, you’ll discover there’s a lot more journey to be had and the urge to ejaculate is an amazing sensation to bathe yourself in.

Reverse Kegels — Oh, oh. There are those Kegels again, but what’s this reverse kegel? To briefly understand reverse Kegels, first, get the sensation of kegel exercises. The common and good description of a kegel is the sensation of tensing muscles to stop the flow of urine. When you do this squeeze, notice which muscles you’re tensing in your pelvic floor. The muscles you want to isolate are the bulbocavernosus which is internal at the base of your penis and the pubococcygeus which are the central muscles in your pelvic floor.

To reverse a kegel, do the opposite of a kegel and gently and mentally relax your pelvic floor and sense pushing out the urine. Some suggest pushing out a fart. Yeah, that’s what I said! You’ll notice a slight tensing and swelling of your abs if you do this right. The idea is to relax the pelvic floor and push a little bit.

While Kegels are great for building tone in your pelvic floor, supporting your sexual sensations, and upright erections, they are also great for quickly stopping the onset of ejaculation. Reverse Kegels, on the other hand, allow the orgasmic sensation to sort of billow in your pelvic area. Once you get a hint of this in your early practice, you’ll soon understand the intense power of reverse Kegels, and you’ll feel this billowing effect in your pelvis.

The Ballooning Intense Masturbation Technique

The ballooning intense masturbation technique is not complicated — it’s subtle. Pay attention to your body’s quiet sensations and you’ll find its intensity. Here are the simple steps.

Get An Erection

Using the fingertip touch, gently and slowly bring yourself to an erection. Continue with the fingertip touch, and stimulate the surfaces of your erection which give you pleasure. Avoid those which generate an ejaculatory response. Spend some time in this stage noticing the greater sensitivity you’re experiencing as opposed to full-fist stroking.

Point Of No Return

As you approach your point of no return or ejaculatory inevitability, use your Kegels if you need to in order to gain control, but only briefly. Here is when you engage your reverse Kegels if you feel you have reasonable control of your ejaculation. Your erection will greatly engorge with blood and fill like a balloon. You may notice your glans become bulbous and extremely sensitive. Continue your fingertip touch looking for those places on your penis which give you the most pleasure.

Your erectile tissue is very relaxed due to your relaxed body and good breathing technique which delivers sufficient amounts of nitric oxide to relax the smooth muscle in your penis. Hence, the very solid erection with a swollen and possibly purple head that you are enjoying now.

Repeat If You Want

After a while of enjoying ballooning, you could cycle this experience by allowing your erection to wane a bit and then bring yourself back to full arousal and erection and repeat. Repeating will probably bring consecutively greater sensitivity and more intense experiences with each cycle. I suggest a 30-minute session at minimum to experience full pleasure, but also to allow your penis the benefit of such a full erection. You’ll also gain greater ejaculatory control.

Perks of Ballooning Intense Masturbation Technique

Probably the greatest perk of the ballooning intense masturbation technique is the Wow! factor. I also think there are many others. Here are just a few:

  • Your body enjoys the effect of a sustained and full erection. This is a great exercise for the body to become accustomed to holding an erection for more than a few minutes. You can practice ballooning for as long as you want and enjoy the experience of maintaining an erection for an extended time.
  • Delaying ejaculation is also a conditioning effect like the erection benefit above. Your body reinterprets the urge to ejaculate as an orgasmic pleasure. When you have the urge to ejaculate, you’ll simply enjoy it and not feel as though you must respond with ejaculation. This adds to your intensity of pleasure.
  • The ballooning intense masturbation technique brings a lot of blood to the penis nourishing and expanding your erectile tissues. Some guys feel this is also a penis enlargement technique. That’s debatable. The technique is probably just using your penis’ full capacity and so it seems like enlargement. Following this masturbation technique and delayed ejaculation, you’ll likely feel a nice sensation of heavy hang for awhile afterward.
  • And I can’t miss the clear benefit of pleasuring your penis in its maximum potential of fullness and extreme sensitivity.

Be sure to practice this intense masturbation technique over and over in order to get the most possible benefit and learn the effects. It’s not hard to do; it just takes a bit of focus. Enjoy!

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Image by Rene Asmussen. License (CC0)

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  1. I wish I knew this when I was your age! Mid-50s but I have been working on this technique for several weeks, and already the benefits are amazing! Don’t tell anyone, but I have been guilty of doing this in the morning and at night a number of days! Feel young again!

  2. My penis is always harder when I stimulate my penis with one hand and my balls with the other. I would like to have something like a cream, or learn a technique that would keep the action going on my balls while I play with my penis, but use the other hand on my ass thighs or pinch my nipples. If I masturbator by humping pillow s or thrusting into something having a soft blanket or brushing the back of my balls helps a lot tom

  3. Well I asked juat because when I touch my upper skin with my fingertips sometimes it doesn’t feel that strong, some times it feels very weak sometimes it feels a bit of pain(lubrication helps too but doesn’t help.that much). I feel like its better to avoid the upper skin and focus on the akin downside the shaft.

    Is it normal?

    1. It’s hard to say in any circumstance what’s normal, but if I understand you correctly, when you say upper skin you mean the skin of the glans and surrounding skin. I’ll say this much as I don’t want to make any judgements — the foreskin, glans and surrounding tissue is considerably more innervated than the lower shaft of the penis. This means there is usually not only more sensation, but also more kinds of sensation.
      There could be a lot of reasons for reduced sensation, the most common being among men is over stimulation — meaning unlubricated, vigorous, tight gripped stroking (the “grip of death”). It sometimes results in painful chaffing of the skin, less sensation and other frustrating issues. A couple weeks break from masturbating followed by gentle lubricated stimulation can usually help.
      Of course I don’t know if this is your situation. If that doesn’t resonate with you, you may want to see a professional especially if pain persists. There should not be pain.

    1. Ballooning is awesome for any foreskin status: circumcised in any fashion or intact. Thanks for your question!

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