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Three Most Intense Male Masturbation Techniques

The purpose of Orgasmic Guy isn’t to list a ton of masturbation techniques. What Guys Do will do that for you. All intense male masturbation techniques are not created equal, however. We want to show you the incredible differences.

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Indeed the three most intense male masturbation techniques have been tested and proven to be … well … intense! If it’s experience and a rush that you’re looking for, these require patience, practice, and privacy. And they’re perfectly safe. You might try them once and never do it again, saying it’s too much for you. That’s alright. It’s not for everyone.

For each intense masturbation technique, you should be warm, comfortable, alone, and have plenty of time. Undress, dim the lights, put on some relaxing music that you enjoy, and have some tissues or towels nearby. Get comfortable on a bed or the floor with some cushions and pillows. For two of the intense masturbation techniques, you’ll need good-quality lube that lasts. You don’t want to get sore.

What Guys Do: 101 Masturbation Techniques

Each of the techniques also requires you to be able to identify and relax your Kegel muscles, anal muscles, and those in the base of your penis. First, just lay, relax and concentrate on locating those muscles. One will tighten your anus, another will stop the flow of urine and another actually moves your penis when you flex it. Concentrate on your genitals and anus and relax all of these muscles one-by-one, because you’ll have to continually remind yourself to relax.

The Three Most Intense Male Masturbation Techniques

Here you are! Click, sit back and enjoy:

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    1. Hi Sam! Close but not exactly. The position is good but the action is wrong. Your feet play an active role in that your heels pull your butt cheeks apart stretching your anus. This is the action that magically intensifies your experience.

  1. ok, i like to think my penis is like a long vagina. sounds rediculous but i have found no lube out the store is as good as the precum i discharge after only a few minutes of real lightly and slowly caressing the underneith of the head of my penis, swaping contact with each side and i swear i thought my feet caught on fire and as it got slicker i went even slower and easier til it got so intense i felt like i almost lifted off the ground JUST IVE HEARD GIRLS DO when they finish. then for a kinda long time that dont matter i cant even move and its a pinball machine inside AND an insanely peaceful moment of clarity. this 10-25 minute of awsome is what i call “cummin down the hill ” just like a woman. and im a mans man. ;p

  2. I lay on bed then raise my legs and shoot my load directly into my mouth .its so tastey and delicious.but can’t selfsuck

  3. For me personally a good porn and my 8 inch high heel platforms helps. Also i straddle on my bar stool with a pillow for comfort , backwards while jerking and rocking back n forth to where the pillow rubs my balls and i swear, the longest cum session ever.

  4. Great site, thanks. I first started jerking off to orgasm before I produced any cum. I discovered the water stream method as a teen in the shower, and 10 years ago in the hot tub. While in bed next to my sleeping wife, I discovered the frenulum rub, wow! A new favorite is a Hitachi wand in my ass while I stroke away. I continue to use these methods in my mid 60’s.

    While it’s not masturbation, I really enjoy cumming while being sucked on with a vibrator used in my ass. …. That was enjoyable.

  5. I have had a lot of girls and a few guys , but at 76 I still need to wank and cum every day , I find
    if I go on cam to cam like on chaterbate I get to cum with both sexes , and chat at the same time its a great turn on .

  6. Yeah I wuold like to find someone who wants to be into mutual masterbation with lubes & toys and just masterbation allday

  7. Seriously, putting a large dildo in your ass while masturbating is bar none the most intense technique. These 3 don’t even count as a tickle

  8. When I was a little 5&a half year old boy,my friend Ruthie,saw me playing with my penis,and,asked me if I wanted to learn how to masturbate. I told her yeah! So,she taught me how to masturbate. I have been doing it ever since then. Feels good.

  9. 3) If you have an extra sensitive penis, use item #2 above, AND put a lubricant or old cum inside the nonlubricated condom.

    Old Cum??? What the actual fuck. I hope that’s a joke

  10. Some of my favorites are:
    1) use the peel of a very ripe raw plantain (the fruit bigger than a banana that is fried) directly on your penis. A little messy but worth it!!! As much as you can, try to squeeze out the fruit instead of cutting the peel, so you have a nice “sleeve.”
    2) place a nonlubricated condom (I like the “Joe Lube” or “Atlas” brands) over your penis and use corn starch or talc (and even a little baking soda) on the outside of the condom. Great for anyone, but especially older circumcised guys for whom too much direct stimulation is painful and for younger guys who cum to quickly.
    3) If you have an extra sensitive penis, use item #2 above, AND put a lubricant or old cum inside the nonlubricated condom.
    4) especially for younger guys, lie in the tub and let only a (gentle) shower spray stimulate the penis, hands off! If you can let only the shower spray take you to ejaculation/climax all the way through, you will have a very intense, prolonged experience.
    5) order a silver bullet vibrator online(I like the double to use simultaneously anally or on my balls) and place/secure it touching the frenulum or (for more longevity) the top of penis either inside a condom or under the elastic band of a jock strap. Like the shower spray method, try to get ejaculation/climax without using the hands–extra intense!

  11. I too am an old guy–I read the Stop and Go method above. And it does work. I had not cum in over 2 years. I could not get hard. The cock ring and Stop and Go did the trick. It took a long time the first time, but now that I have done it for almost two months I am faster and BETTER. Usually about every 8 or 9 days I can do it.

  12. hold strong all my body muscle for five minutes gives me a very sweet discharge but it needs alot of eenerg,sometimes i do 3 per day at times just one.

  13. I am an old guy and I use the stop go stop go method. I use a ring and don’t stiffen any muscles. I just stroke four times and stop for a second or so and stroke four times and stop–I use my Left hand.
    After about ten minutes of stop and go, I switch hands and clinch my cock muscles–man what a load for an 80 year old guy! Wow.
    Try it all you old guys. The secret is a cock ring that is just right.

  14. I tried it and kept cumming so I did it again all next day. But my mum walked in and saw. God it was the best sex I’ve ever had

  15. I edge all day long most days now that i’m retired. I usually cum about twice a week. Is this good for my prostate? My PSA was 1.37 in September up from .4 four years ago.

    1. All day most days strikes me as excessive. Sex usually enhances your life and relationships, not remove you from it. Your PSA and the health of your prostate is a conversation for you and your provider.

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