You’ll be interested to know that male masturbation techniques and tips is a really popular internet search. Whether a guy wants to reveal his inner interest to others or not, the internet doesn’t lie — most men are interested to discover another male masturbation technique. We’ll give you tips on wanking for guys and solo masturbation here. Sane talk — nothing crude. OG tells it like it is.

Male Masturbation Techniques and TipsForgive me for categorizing masturbation techniques here, but it helps to paint the picture a little better so you can find out what you want to know. In reality, masturbation is a pretty fluid, emotional and instinctive experience. Not a lot of rational consideration happens. Yet, if you’re aware of some other options ahead of time and you decide you want to try something new, it brings freshness to an otherwise mundane habit. It should be an experience that lifts you and energizes you, not something that you just want to get out of the way.

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