Where to masturbate is almost as important as how you experience your male sexuality. Think about privacy and comfort. Choose a place where you’ll not be disturbed and where you won’t have to hurry and where you can completely undress if you want. It should be warm, comfortable and where you’ll not be heard.

Masturbation Locations

You need to feel it’s OK to make a little noise. A lot depends on your relationship with the others with whom you live. If you can masturbate with the liberty knowing that they know what you’re doing and it’s entirely OK, so much the better. It’s nice if you can have that freedom because your choice of places in the house is better.

The Best Masturbation Location Is Where You Feel Safe, Unhurried and Comfortable

There’s really nothing like masturbating in bed. It’s warm, comfortable, you can be fully naked and uninhibited. It gives you the freedom to roll around a lot and really get into it. If this is a good place for you, keep a supply of tissues, lube, and masturbation toys near your bed, and you’re all set to concentrate on technique and more pleasure.

Masturbating in the bathroom, tub or shower is classic and every guy has done or does it. Why not, when it’s so convenient and easy to clean up? A lot of men masturbate in the shower every day as part of their morning routine. It just makes sense. One consideration, though is if there are others in the house. Don’t tie up the bathroom too long.

That leaves the rest of the house to your imagination. The couch or a recliner is a really nice place in the living room. Have you ever tried masturbating in the kitchen or while cooking? It’s a real kick.

Masturbating outdoors is an amazingly pleasurable experience. You feel vulnerable when you masturbate in the fresh air. It’s up to you how much you undress, and I think that depends a lot on how certain you are that you’re alone. If you’re absolutely alone, you can get completely naked, lay in the grass and immerse yourself in the sensations of air moving about your body and the sun shining on you while you pleasure yourself.

One warning though before saying anything more — in many places this might be illegal. Know where you are and know where others are. It’s only right to be considerate of other people who might stumble on this guy wanking outdoors. It can be terribly embarrassing for them and for you. Be sure that you are absolutely — absolutely alone.

Having said that, having a private sexual experience in a lonely outdoor setting is pretty exhilarating. If you’re not ready for that, try a tent, cabin or even your car. But don’t ever masturbate while driving — it’s a deadly combination.