Google “reasons guys masturbate” and you’ll turn up a lot of health motivations. The really interesting thing about this Google search, though, is that most of the page you turn up will list reasons you should masturbate and not reasons why you already do masturbate.

Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it. Richard Feynman

I don’t know many guys who are going to masturbate in the same way they’d take a vitamin, work out on a stair climber or ensure that they get three servings of green leafy vegetables.

No. Guys masturbate because it’s fun and because you don’t need to know why as well as every imaginable reason in-between. Here we’ve captured the in-between for your imagination and pleasure. Maybe understanding some of the reasons why other guys masturbate will enlarge and enliven your own solo life. The following 23 Great Reasons Guys Masturbate are collected from personal experience as well as some wonderful masturbatory conversation of guys I know.

Here you are:

23 Great Reasons Guys Masturbate

  1. Because masturbation is fun
    Fun tops the list of reasons guys masturbate because frankly this and the reason at the bottom are in themselves the only reasons necessary to enjoy a great wank. Laugh yourself silly!
  2. Because we make love to ourselves
    While there are a lot of ways to show yourself love and affection, masturbation’s intensity of pleasure undoubtedly sends a message throughout your body and soul that you are loved and cherished by you. It’s amazing how intimate and personal you can be all by yourself.
  3. Because we play with our bodies
    Our bodies come adorned with countless fascinating features and attachments, and when you add an hour to some lube, you create a virtual jungle gym all by yourself. The world grows fuzzy and dim once our body has seized our fancy.
  4. Reasons Guys Masturbate - because they like itBecause we play with sex toys
    When a naked body and the jungle gym aren’t enough, erotic minds have invented some wild solo sex toys for guys to play with. And we play with them. Add a toy or two and that jungle gym evolves into a three-ring circus. I’m certain I hear a crowd roaring.
  5. Because we need to chill
    Massaging our dicks is nothing less than instinctive response to rude imposition of the world on our inner calm. Erotic chill pushes out stress replacing it with a clear and peaceful mind.
  6. Because we want to affirm and comfort ourselves
    Our world is woefully neglectful of allowing us reward. It’s left to guys to bestow upon themselves the “Attaboys” and “Well dones!” so crucial to our self worth. A hard dick and a congratulatory hand of good fellowship is no small reward, as our bodies shake with erotic pleasure we say, “Fucking awesome, Guy!”
  7. Because we enjoy our nakedness
    We masturbate in all manner of clothing or undress. When the last sock tops the pile on the floor, we encounter the essence of us. Nakedness is a “thing” and advances a simple casual wank to a veritable date with our body.
  8. Because we indulge in arousal, orgasm and erotic intensity
    A seven-second orgasm, even if accompanied by a load of cum, sometimes doesn’t cut it. Sometimes we want to stare our orgasm hard in the face and shake it. Sometimes an hour isn’t enough. Sometimes we need two.
  9. Because we heal ourselves
    Pain of loss, injustice, failure or disappointment grows faint with each healing stroke of a gentle masturbation session. We find level ground and a safe space once we lose ourselves in arousal.

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  1. Because we play with erotic energy
    Once we discover that our minds are the puppet masters of erotic energy, we can direct it to wherever in our bodies we want it to go and play.
  2. Because we need rest
    A guy masturbation session moves us from highly alert and circumspect to inwardly focused, quiet and restful. Thoughts slow, problems-solving wanes and misty half-consciousness reigns. Twenty minutes and we feel like we’re good to go for several hours again.
  3. Because we are creative
    Guys discover their inner genius as guys stroke their dicks. Distracting thoughts disperse while the conscious and non-conscious minds co-op in the inventive medium of masturbatory arousal. Brilliance is the result.
  4. Because we play with erotic fantasy
    We play in the erotic jungle gym of our bodies and romp on the fantasy playgrounds of our minds. Masturbation adds sensation, sexual arousal and carnal pleasure to the stories we play out in erotic fantasy.
  5. Because we affirm our masculinity and power
    The weight and sexual power of a dick in a guy’s hand completes our erotic circuit: Mind, body and sex. The ability to cultivate and move our erotic energy affirms our ability to use our masculine power in the best ways possible in our lives.
  6. Because we connect with the earth
    Masturbation sessions outdoors and especially with full contact with the ground or water draws immense power from the earth to mingle with our orgasmic energy.
  7. Because we meditate and are spiritual
    We add the self-affirming genital stroking and the medium of sexual arousal to meditation or prayer and we discover an even more divine union with power greater than ourselves.
  8. Because we share our pleasure with others
    We tell one another what we do. We imagine what other guys do. When we blend the auras of one another’s masturbatory arousal, we not only know and imagine but also experience and bond with the erotic of those we trust.
  9. Because we celebrate
    It was a great day. We had great fortune. We accomplished an amazing thing. This is how we celebrate — a nice masturbation session to mark the occasion.
  10. Because we need to ground ourselves
    Particularly for those of us who feel our own emotions tangle with the emotions of others, masturbation is frequently how we reconnect our emotions with our bodies and rebalance.
  11. Because our bodies are an experiment
    Our bodies are a laboratory for guy experimentation. We are a veritable test kitchen of sexual possibility and pleasure, and there’s no end to the bizarre and kinky things we are willing to attempt with our dicks.
  12. Because we love to dance
    A solo and highly aroused wank dance is the most cathartic experience a penis-owner can have.
  13. Because we make fitness erotic
    Fitness and physical exercise is already so body-centered, we enjoy the naked and aroused environment of a healthy body. Many physical routines and yoga poses lend themselves to an erect penis and a passionate stroke.
  14. Because we have no reason at all
    The last and most foundational of all reasons guys masturbate — solo sexual play requires no justification, no explanation and no reason at all for total and unbounded enjoyment.

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