2017 Women's March at St. Paul, Minnesota capitol

I Marched for You

If there ever was a sweet spot in time, it’s now. When we defend the rights and agency of the most vulnerable people among us, we champion the rights of all.

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We all gather on this website and many other male sexuality information and entertainment sites to indulge in all the magnificent pleasure of male sexuality. We learn, share and practice the knowledge and skill of masturbation, orgasm, porn, and the mind-boggling affections and sexual play which we enjoy with our sex partners. We grow, heal and begin again and again to advance our sexual development. We’ve come to many junctures in our history as sexual males, yet now we arrive at one that could prove to be disastrous or wonderful not only for us but for humanity. Many of the rights and freedoms regarding our sexuality, our bodies, and our relationships that we gained in the last decade seem threatened.

Male Sexuality Isn’t Just About Males

For what we enjoy on this website and others and how much we enjoy our male sexuality, we don’t have to apologize. It’s good and right. What we must do is respect and defend the right and opportunity for all to express and enjoy sexuality in their own way as well as enjoy the freedom of choice regarding their own bodies. Male sexuality isn’t just about males; it’s also about the sexuality that we encourage and value in others. We often confuse the economy of dignity, pleasure, and sexual identity and the rights which accompany such in that if one group of people is to enjoy those rights it follows that others must in turn give up something. That couldn’t be more wrong. A real human economy extends the same rights of sexual expression, identity, economic benefit, protection, and agency to all with no loss to any. Kindness, consideration, and generosity are without exception, mutually beneficial.

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This Is About All of Us

We stand at a crazy intersection of threat and opportunity where we can see a window of opportunity to create such an economy of human rights for people of all genders and sexual orientation. I marched last weekend. I marched for women, and I marched with my wife. I marched for my kids and my family. I marched for the LGBTQ communities we serve through the clinic where I volunteer. I marched for the guys in quest of richer sexuality whom I serve through my sex coaching services. I marched for people marginalized everywhere whom I’ll never meet. I marched for you, my readers because I believe you deserve the right to express and enjoy your own mix of sexuality in a society that respects and dignifies you and allows you to become the sexual person you believe you are.

We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us.

Don’t Sit This One Out

Whether you march or not in Washington, DC, your city, or involve yourself in some other way of your own imagination in your community, you can create an environment of mutually beneficial dignity and respect for all. Even if you’re not an activist type, you can create such an environment in your speech, attitude, and actions by knowing that defending all ultimately benefits all.

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