Male Sexual Health

Sexual health isn’t only the absence of disease, but an optimal sexual state when we thrive. Sex expresses our identity, happiness, creativity and pleasure. Male sexual health ensures that.

Genital Shaving? It Will Grow Back

Genital shaving, body grooming or manscaping, call it what you want. Private grooming is an overlooked detail in the personal and sexual lives of guys. Here’s someplace to start, a few tips to get you going on your way to a tidier private you.

Altered Sensations

The stakes are miles higher when sexual expression and meaningful pleasure is just beyond your reach and it seems like destiny may never provide the mysterious sexual language that feeds your soul. When you meet altered sensations, you face dizzying forks in your journey.

Measure Twice Cut Once

I use the same wisdom in most areas of life — Caution when doing anything permanent. So, any talk about measuring or cutting with regard to my penis tends to give me wildly conflicting emotions. Circumcision still gives me more than chills.

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