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Is Men’s Sexual Health Like Training for Cross Country?

Men’s sexual health goals are no different than fitness goals. Sexual health is no different than physical or mental health. Sex is nutrition, exercise, positive mental focus, and prayer.

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If our personal hygiene got the same attention as men’s sexual health, we’d all have terrible breath. Then again, have you ever heard of a guy dying of a male sexual fulfillment deficiency? Probably, but men’s sexual health is more about what you want than what you need — at least in terms of male sexual fulfillment, not physiology or medicine.

Think of male sexuality in terms of training. What is your beloved sport, hobby, or passion? Is your life really fulfilled if you try to do what you love ill-prepared? Suppose you were to run cross-country but hadn’t trained for two years. Suppose you set out to produce an art film but hadn’t exposed a foot of film since you were twelve. Or take a fishing trip, but haven’t restocked the tackle box? In much the same way, men’s sexual health is about envisioning what you want out of your male sexuality and setting out to train and maintain your body, mind, and soul to fulfillment.

Steps to Excellent Men’s Sexual Health

Understand Your Male Sexuality

That is in terms of your relationship with yourself, your partner, and your God. Relationship is the playing field of male sexuality. Relationship is sexuality’s purpose and the only place you will find male sexual fulfillment.

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Know What You Want from Men’s Sexual Health

Men’s sexual health goals are no different than fitness goals. If you want great pecs or biceps, you take note of what you’ve got and then form a picture in your mind of what you want — well-developed pecs. Sexual objectives are much the same.

Identify What You Can Do

Some of what you will do is entirely in your mind. For example, if you fish, you learn to think like a fish. Most male sexual health is learning to see yourself and your partner in a new way. The rest is physical, but minor. It involves exercise, sexual care, and maintenance. If you’re going to compete in the cross country, you’ve got to run. You’ve got to run a lot, but you have to think like a runner first. If you’re going to be a healthy sexual man, you’ve got to engage and indulge in your sexuality. Just do it!

Give It Your Best

A sexually fulfilled man is unrestrained in life. He doesn’t second guess himself and it shows in his life. His eyes shine, his body is healthy, and he’s kind and considerate of others. He’s generous. He loves life. His sexuality is at the core of his being and it expresses itself in every facet.

Feature Photo: Photo by Frank Holleman on Unsplash

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