Aneros Helix Prostate Massager
When you’re talking male sex toys, you’ve got to talk Aneros. It’s almost uncouth to use the expression sex toy in the same breath as the amazing Aneros. It’s an engineered piece of erotic equipment, a well-crafted aid to a personal experience of prostate stimulation. In short, the Aneros is art. Aneros gives a whole new meaning to anal-retentive. If this is what it means, then guys by the thousands are wanting a piece of the Aneros, anal sexual action. Read on or check out Aneros for yourself!

Aneros Isn’t Taking A Backseat

What is Aneros? It’s much more than a male anal masturbation toy, though it is uniquely for men because only men have a prostate. The Aneros is a quality device designed especially to stimulate and massage the male prostate producing an orgasmic response mere words struggle to describe. For men, the prostate gland is the male g-spot and Aneros is uniquely designed to easily reach a guy’s g-spot, massaging, stimulating and pleasuring to bring on a male orgasm not possible by merely stimulating the penis. An anal, prostate orgasm is very different — deeper, subtler, longer and involving the whole body.

How Do You Like Your Aneros?

I’ve found Aneros to be beautifully versatile adding an amazing dimension to sexual experience. You’ll think of more when yours arrives, but here are a few of the things I do:

Aneros at work or play.
The device is so easy to use, I’ll sometimes just slip it in for an hour or so while working, going for a short walk, reading or watching TV. It adds a really pleasant, subtle sexual excitement to an otherwise mundane activity.

Aneros and intercourse.
Aneros doesn’t have to be a purely solo experience. Your mate is an essential part of your sexuality. Show her how to slip in this marvelous piece of equipment. When you add the prostate dimension to an orgasm from intercourse, you sense the thicker, rolling, deep sensation within you.

Twist and shout with Aneros in the morning. I sometimes grab it on the way into the shower if I’ve got an extra five or ten minutes to linger under the spray. I’d say my shower dance is a lot more erotic as I twist and jive and feel the quivering movement inside me.

The ancient baths of Aneros.
Absolutely, there is nothing like a hot bath on a cold Sunday night with your trusty Aneros. I fill the tub, nod “So long!” to the family, slip in my Aneros and slowly sink into the steamy water with a book all the while gently massaging my prostate hands free. Give it ten minutes and I have to set the book aside as Aneros is making waves.

Wanking with Aneros.
While Aneros is hands free and isn’t really designed to require penis stimulation, a guy certainly can pop it in and enjoy a different kind of orgasm while he masturbates. While you’re massaging your erection, Aneros is doing it’s job and massaging your prostate. The orgasm? It’s like rolling thunder during a summer storm.

The Aneros Experience.
Of course, I use Aneros as it was intended. There’s nothing quite like it, and I’d wish this amount of intense pleasure for any guy. It’s definitely not to be missed. In a quiet, warm, comfortable place, put on some music, slip in the Aneros and lie down. Close your eyes and gently use your anal muscles to contract around the Aneros. Take plenty of time and go easy as the first sensations are subtle. As you relax, you fall back into sensation after orgasmic sensation which gradually increase in depth, thickness and intensity. To be honest, I never know when to quit.

You’ll think of many other ways to enjoy your Aneros. You’re probably much more creative than I am. As you think of them, do me a favor and jot me a note. I’d love to share them here on Orgasmic Guy.

How To Get Your Own Aneros

It’s easy and not expensive. I was amazed at how much fun you can have with only a few dollars. Masturbation sleeves for the same price only last a few months or a year. Aneros doesn’t wear out. An amazing value. Order your Aneros here!