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Genital Shaving? It Will Grow Back

by | Apr 13, 2010 | Male Sexual Health

Talking about genital shaving and a sharp instrument anywhere within six feet of my penis makes me feel faint. At least it did at first, but other guys were doing it and liked it and I was determined to try it. Pubic hair does grow back I reminded myself.

Talking about genital shaving and a sharp instrument anywhere within six feet of my penis makes me feel faint. At least it did at first, but other guys were doing it and liked it and I was determined to try it. Pubic hair does grow back I reminded myself. The commitment isn’t huge if I don’t like it.

A lot of guys get forty-dollar haircuts, but never give any thought to sprucing up their pubic hair. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t and a lot of reason to trim and shave genitals. It’s pretty easy to do and once you’ve done it a couple of times, it only takes an extra minute in the shower a couple times a week.

Once shaved or trimmed, the sensation around your genitals is cool, clean and free. A smooth shaved scrotum is really pleasant both for you and for your wife both simply to the touch and during intercourse. Your clean scrotum enjoys much more sensitive intimate contact while making love. If you enjoy oral sex, no pubic hair or even trimmed pubic hair leaves less to get in the way of the touch you both really want.

A bonus of trimming or shaving is that what you’ve got is far less obscured making your penis and scrotum more prominent and attractive. Often you just look bigger which few guys would complain about.

I’ve heard guys ask what the doc might think or the guys in the shower at the gym. My opinion? It’s none of their business. If you like the look and feel of your shaved genitals, that’s your business. Do it. If you don’t like it, don’t. It’s no one else business but yours.

If you’re unsure how far you want to go, but want to give it a try, simply trim above and around your penis and shave your scrotum and perineum. Try that for a few days. See how you and your wife like it, and if you want to shave the whole works, you can do it later.

A More Liberated Male Genital Shaving

When trimming, the look you get depends a bit on the color, texture and amount of hair. Aim for trimming down to about a half inch at the most. Some guys like it really short–an eighth inch or less. Trim the hairs at the base of the penis shorter than the rest. It gives you a cleaner, free look and feel.

Genital shaving is easy. Trim pubic hair close first. Get wet and warm and use a good sensitive skin type shaving cream or gel and a new razor. Decide first exactly where you want to shave and start at the base of your penis and work out. Most guys are nervous at first about shaving their scrotum. No need to be. Just pay attention and go easy. Often your scrotum will accommodate you and tighten up so that it’s quite easy. If the skin stays loose then just gently stretch it this way and that so that you can easily shave. Shave both front to back and back to front. It’s awkward at first, but you’ll soon get it.

Some Scrotum Shaving Considerations

Most guys have no problems when shaving their scrotum and perineum. Just go easy the first few times. The first time, you’ll likely find that you can’t get a real clean shave. Leave it and come back in day or two and finish the job. That will give the skin a chance to settle down a bit.

Sometimes it’s also nice to use some kind of shaving balm, aloe vera, baby oil or anything else that promotes healing.


  1. Robert

    Every guy who gets or expects to receive oral sex should give his pubes a number 2 . he should shave first his scrotum and below from his butthole upwards holding his no n-soaped penis .he should then soap his penis and shave the shaft down to the top and sides of the scrotum .with the very fine multi blade razors the chance of any serious nick is unlikely Once you get used to the smoothness you will never go back to a hairy scrotum .

  2. Gary K

    I really like keeping the boys shaved smooth, but initially I had a few painful experiences figuring out how to shave close. I tried very cautiously using the sideburn trimmer of my electric razor to trim away most of the hair, but unfortunately got “bit” by the fine teeth. The delicate wrinkles of the scrotum and shaft are far too easy to grab and nick, no matter how careful you may be. You will draw blood this way. PAIN.
    I declined to put any type of razor down there for fear of more bloodshed. So I went shopping for something more suited to this delicate task. I found the Philips Norelco Body groom Series 7100, BG2040 on Amazon. It has both a foil head shaver on one end, with a separate adjustable trimmer on the other. Let me tell you, it’s perfect for all areas of your manscape. I use the trimmer first with the adjustable guard set to the shortest setting. There is no danger of snagging the twig or berries. Once trimmed, switch to the shaver side to get all the way down to the surface. Absolutely velvet smooth without a single nick or snag, from front to derrière. You’ll love it, for me it’s the only way to bare it all.

  3. justme

    Well, thanks to you, I do this every day — and have since you posted this article. I can’t believe I have not commented on this. I too was somewhat (well, very) unsure.
    Will I cut myself?
    Will it just grow back coarse and worse?
    I looked online at electric options — shew! glad I did not purchase.
    Here’s the scoop (Soap) on me —
    When I shower in the morning, I use a great face scrub. I always have a little left on my hands, and I then use that to soften and take care of what’s ‘down under.’
    The razor I use is a single edge blade. I have never liked double edge blades for my face, and certainly not ‘down there.’
    Most of the time, I don’t have any kind of preshave stuff on, I just hold, stretch, shave. Only once or twice in four years have I ever come even close to getting even the tiniest little cut. It just doesn’t happen.Really.
    Some days, I realize, later, that I did not hit every spot, but the same is true in shaving one’s face.
    Some days, I do use the same shave gel (not any kind of shaving cream, though) that I use on my face when I shave it in the shower.When I do, I can tell it’s a smoother, closer shave.
    I can’t imagine not shaving ‘down there.’
    Thanks Sean, without your push to do this, I doubt that I would have had the balls to try it on my own.

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