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Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #1 — Palming the Glans

A lot of guys stimulate the head of their penis when they masturbate, but this incredibly intense masturbation technique requires your palm — your palm only. Try it and writhe. We call it palming the glans.

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This is a start-stop technique that you can make go on for as long as you can stand it. Some are able to do this for hours going through waves and waves of orgasmic pleasure with no ejaculation so it can last for literally hours if you have the time.

Get a good hard erection with plenty of lube and stroke your penis in any way you wish, but stay away from the edge before ejaculation. Just get aroused and very hard — no more. When you’ve settled in, have control of your arousal and can stroke easily without coming close to the edge of ejaculation, concentrate on the muscles around your anus and the base of your penis and one-by-one relax them. Consciously let them go. Sometimes you have to squeeze them to identify them and then relax them. The important thing is to relax each and every muscle.

Palming The Glans — Simple, Yet Profound

Now, lay back with your head on a pillow, slightly pull your knees up and spread your legs. Hold your erect penis shaft lightly with one hand and cup your other hand over the head of your penis, rotating your hand around so that the palm of your hand only contacts the head or glans of your penis. Don’t stroke any other part of your penis — only the glans with your palm.

You will feel a very intense sensation and the temptation will be to grab your penis and pump. Resist the temptation and relax those muscles. As long as you stroke this way, you are not likely to ejaculate. If anything, you might urinate without realizing it so keep some tissues or a towel handy. If you feel you’re coming really close to ejaculation, back off a bit on the stimulation and let the urge to ejaculate pass. Then continue.

What Guys Do: 101 Masturbation Techniques

The head or glans of your penis shrinks a bit when you stroke this way. After a couple of minutes, the really intense sensation subsides and then it moves into other parts of your body. Keep going. Keep stroking and imagine the energy moving from your penis up into your stomach and into your shoulders and arms and head. Then down into your legs. Keep stroking. Relax those muscles. If you get close to ejaculation, slow or stop, get control and then start again. Only the head. Only the palm of your hand.

Your first time, you’ll probably only be able to do it for fifteen or twenty minutes. Later, you’ll be able to do it for an hour or even two. The orgasmic energy will move through your body and you’ll discover a sense of being you never knew was possible. You’ll feel light, healthy, and free of stress.

You can end with ejaculation if you want, but you don’t have to. A lot depends on your age, recovery time after ejaculation, and mostly your state of mind. You might find that you feel full of energy and life if you don’t ejaculate. It’s up to you. Experiment and enjoy!

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

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  1. Hey there,

    When you mention using one hand to cup over the head of the penis, rotating the hand so that the palm contacts only the glans, does this imply that the palm should primarily touch the front side of the glans, or should the palm be positioned more over the urethra? I’ve noticed that only rubbing the frontside of the glans produces very intense feelings which do not result in ejaculation.

    1. Yes, primarily the top/front surface to achieve the sensation you describe. However, the same simulation over the urethral meatus produces it’s own interesting sensation. Try it.

  2. Sean, this technique feels so good! I’m uncircumcised so I pulled back my foreskin and applied baby oil to the head of my penis. I then used my palm to make a rotational movement around the glans, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. The pleasure came in waves that would come and go. I personally felt a lot of sensation in my legs. When I finally ejaculated, the feeling was incredible! It was like a full body sensation that I felt from head to toe. It was also a mixture of urine and semen that came out. I’ve never quite experienced something like that before but it felt so good. It took me over an hour to climax but it was worth it. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Charlie. Glad you enjoy this. I also notice that this technique uniquely sometimes involves some urine. I suppose that it may have something to do with focus on the glans with accompanied relaxation. At any rate it’s fun.

  3. I didn’t use a drill bit I used a homemade pocket vagina attached it to a drill very safe method never had problems the feeling is so intense you just lay there with your eyes rolling back in your head from the pressure and energy shooting up your body it’s like having an orgasm for 10 – 40 mins straight it’s amazing

  4. I didn’t use a drill bit I made a pocket pussy that fit my penis a little tight for extra sensitivity attached it to the drill it’s super safe most intense and amazing way to masturbate better then any blow job you just sit there in space with intense amounts of energy shooting up your body it’s hands free too so you get to enjoy well laying back

  5. When I first learned how good this felt I couldn’t stop doing it. I started making toys that gave the feeling finally I made a toy attached it to a drill and omg the pressure is mind blowing and you never cum I did it for 20 mins straight fast speed drill and I can’t even explain it it’s just mind blowing super intense first time I had to stop a bunch of times in the middle of playing with it
    I do have foreskin so it’s extra sensitive but the feeling is amazing it is worth trying

  6. Rubbing penus head against blanket or with oily palm causes much drainage of energy and leaves you lethergic, i dont think its a good way. I feel energy less and even feels difficulty while going for work. Legs feel like lifeless. Whats you people suggestion

  7. i am an 18 year old boy and i recently started masturbating. i didn’t know i could release semen i just on my bed had an erect penis which made me arroused and made myself naked and put the blanket over me and i started rubbing it very hard and i released semen for the first time and i am still continuing to do it that way is it correct. can anyone tell me if it is correct to masturbate like this cause i went to many websites on how to masturbate and i tried them but didn’t work except for rubbing my penis harder.

  8. I have a great trick I use a lot now. From the age of 17 to 30 I masturbated a lot, nearly 2 to 3 hours most nights which is too much, I know, but here me out. I then learned about manual PE(Penis Enlargement) techniques. I ended up really liking the uli the most. Eventually I got cock rings. I figured out that the really really soft cock rings could be used for longer than suggested, but with caution of coarse. For my biggest PE gains I was using a soft cock ring to warm up, then a harder but flexible cock ring for the PE gains, but this cock ring cannot be round around the penis, it must be flat around the penis and takes up less material for the industries to make. Then when I can tell when I need less tension I would switch back to the really soft cock ring. I don’t know how many times I did this, but I always ended with the soft cock ring, but now I have a hard cock ring that slips and is too tight because it is round around my penis, so I don’t use it as much as I had hoped I would.
    Now I mostly just use the soft cock ring and can last for hours by holding it with one hand, because it is so loose that otherwise it would slip upwards, but it is easier than holding an uli for that long, but I have held ulis for hours many many nights in rows. The other hand can surf porn and put pressure. I for instance now hold the underside of my prick on either side to make my prick bigger and more like a mushroom while sometimes putting pressure on the top side of my hold on the cock ring through the thumb pushing both hands toward each other changing the pressure in waves making it safer than it sounds.
    You guys get the idea. Many ideas can come out of this and all the other great techniques here.

  9. Hi Sean
    Please can u answer me
    I am 33 yo male
    I am full healthy
    I started masturbate when i was 12
    In my 20s i watch a lot of porn and masturbate few time by day
    I try this technique with lube and first two time i felt sensation
    But another 10 or 20 times nothing and i trying every 4 or 5 days but i can t felt that sensation again
    I m so frustrated and depressed
    Am i ruined penis sensitivity
    Please give me advice
    Thank you very much and happy new 2020!!!

    1. Hi Jere! Thanks for the comment! Of course, I could never speak to what is causing your issue or give you advice. I will say this, it seems that the combination of porn with frequent and vigorous masturbation correlates with decreased penile sensitivity. What to do? First, don’t fret. Relax. Then take a masturbation vacation. Give your penis a week or two to rest. Then resume very very gentle stimulation and with only fingertips. And enjoy your porn separate from masturbation. No guarantees that this will remedy your situation, but it helps a lot of people generally speaking. Greater sensitivity and better focus and pleasure. Happy New 2020 to you too!

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  11. I barrly last 1 minute just rubbing my glans the sensation is WAY to strong i always revert to just pumping

  12. For getting a good experience ,make sure that your urinary bladder is full that means dont urinate before doing this method .pour some oil in your palm and glans and hold it with your one hand then cover the head of the glans ( pee hole and area around the peehole )
    with the other palm and rotate the palm in anticlock wise direction , just like you are patting the gear nobe of your car . Patting the peehole will generate heat and pleasure from your feet and it reaches to your head .continue this method for several minutes then you will start to ejaculate the urine ( not semen ) .If your urinary bladder is empty you will squirt semen instead of urine in this method. woman also uses the same method on the clitoris for squirting ..Do this method in your toilet or bathroom to avoid embarrassment.

  13. For getting a good experience ,make sure that your bladder is full that means dont urinate before doing this method .pour some oil in your palm and glans and hold it with your one hand then cover the head of the glans with the other palm and rotate the palm in anticlock wise direction . Then the heat arise from your feet and reaches to your head .continue for several minutes then you will start to ejaculate the urine ( not semen ) .If your bladder is empty you cant squirt urine in this method. woman also uses the same method on the clitoris for squirting ..

  14. My first orgasm was about 7 or 8 years old, and obviously without ejaculation. I think that would have scared me. I was on my belly in the tub and just moving forward and back, playing. But the sensation was pleasurable and I soon came. I could hardly stay out of the bathtub after that as the sensation was so intense. I was so happy about this experience that I told my sister how it worked so that she could try it. I remember it as a belly and thighs experience mostly, so it was an intense pleasure that went way beyond the genitals. I think that is why I figured my sister would also enjoy it. It was probably 3 more years before I experienced ejaculation, which was great, but never as intense or satisfying as those early experiments. I have no idea what my sister ever did with the information.

  15. I tried it last night. Felt real good but not real intense. maybe im felxing my muscles to often. Or is that not important?

    1. Not as important as relaxing and taking your time to reach a high state of arousal. Just when you think it’s as intense as it can get, you back off a couple minutes and then stimulate again and then you discover some new sensation. Think of your sexual pleasure as an experiment.

    1. If it’s comfortable, retract your foreskin enough to expose as much of your glans as you like to enjoy the sensation. Depends on you. Foreskins are very different from guy to guy. Go with what feels good.

  16. Thanks for your reply! Should i also felx the anus muscle or only the bs muscle? Is the position also important or can i lie how i like it? 🙂

    1. Usually better to relax anal muscles as you learn to separate them. A good way to learn is simply by squeezing and relaxing and feel the muscles with your fingers. You’ll learn where they are and how to separate. Position is as you like — lie down, sit, jump around!

  17. Should i flex my muscles while i rub my glans? Because it didnt feel anything. The muscle at the base of the penis is the one you use to pee. Am i right?

    1. BC muscles are what help you stop peeing. You want to have a pretty hard penis and be pretty aroused. You also want to be very relaxed in the moment. The feeling is intense enough that you’ll be tightening and releasing those muscles to attempt to control your ejaculation. As you release the BC muscles, sensation heightens. The sensation makes you want to crawl out of your skin. Crazy. Thanks for your note! Enjoy your journey!

  18. i tried it last night. at first it feelt kinda new and nice but i didnt get any pleasure from this. am i doing something wrong? i dont really understand how i have to control my muscles

  19. Just thought i would add to the comments section a few tips for extra pleasure. Guys go to your nearest adult novelty shop, or any walmart or wallgreens (sometimes they carry these products). Purchase a female clit stimulater and use this as your lube. I promise you if you have been doing this long enough to where your able to go for as long as you want to, the intense sensation that the lube adds will provide you with the type of multiple orgasms that literally force you to cry out in pleasurable extacy.
    Another good method is to have your partner put her palm barely over your penis and her other hand have her cuff your balls then just use her palm as if it were your own hand. Amazing!

  20. Is this also known as dick head polishing? I love the misery of pain and pleasure from it 😀 I stay hard but I wun cum!

  21. I love the glans technique! Interesting enough not only did I explore this on my own, but it happened to be my first masterbating technique that I naturally reverted to pre-puberty (before I knew what I was doing). It’s incredible lube or not and drives me crazy makes me feel like I could explode without cumming, I love the frustration. I’d recommend this technique for couples to explore actually.

  22. “I have read on other sites that this particular technique can lead to a ‘Male Squirting sensation’ if you can edge long enough. Has anyone got feedback on this?”
    Yes if you continue to use really light pressure and a circular motion it can lead to a squirting sensation that can be quite intense and pleasurable.

  23. I have read on other sites that this particular technique can lead to a ‘Male Squirting sensation’ if you can edge long enough. Has anyone got feedback on this?

  24. Man, this technique is incredible! I’ve recently discovered the PC muscles can help control ejaculation, leading to several orgasms. And this technique by far helps me get the strongest and most intense sensations! Thank you so much again for this article

  25. Stroking massaging my balls and groin area.seat with legs spread butterfly.slowcaress and massage from groin to balls is relaxing, can do for 1 hour

  26. i notised men have 3 plesure zones am i the only one 1 the frenulum you rub it like like a female her cliritos.2 the area under the penis head make a ring with your vingers and move 1cm up and down.3 the area first mensioned with your same hand resting on your balls and one finger on each inner leg.usualy index rub under frenilum and thum and pinky on legs.

  27. I shape up penis when feeling like I cannot move it by closing butt before I stretch out my legs to move it back & forth after I put hand on before I put thumb around tip of penis hold after pinky from ring finger on opposite end & maybe ring finger that I use around middle of penis with pointer before I turning it after I grip to the best position before muscles move to let me know that’s enough after I lay with rear parts of me showing. This does make me want to rest as I do it before I rest to dream.

  28. I need some help. If i do everything this way but when i start to ejaculate can i go to other position because when i lie, all semen will drop on my stomach and chest which will be very messy. Thanks beforehand and nice posts!

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment. This technique is pretty awesome because it’s great in virtually any position. What’s more you can masturbate using any other technique and then palm your glans for a few seconds or a couple minutes of enormous intensity and then revert to something else. A lot of guys find that while this technique is really intense, they don’t cum so easily with it. Which is really nice if your intent is to edge for a long time. As for the cumming on your stomach — honestly, I think that’s rather nice. Sex is messy. Messy is good. Be well, and thanks again for your question!

  29. Hi, I don’t quite understand. I’m not circumcised.
    1. Am I supposed to retract the foreskin first? (I wouldn’t usually)
    2. When I massage the head, am I supposed to stroke AROUND the penis-hole or on top of the hole?

    1. Hello! Yes, definitely retract your foreskin. Then, when stroking your glans, you want lots of palm / glans contact, so that would mean, yes, you’d stroke over the pee hole (meatus). Thanks!

  30. I found this technique and it is way too intense for me to keep going until I feel I’m going to lose my mind, so my hand pulls away. Can you think of any handheld glans or clitoral stimulator that might simulate the skin on the palm. Response extremely apprectiated – recent prostate cancer diagnosis.

  31. This was the first way I ever masturbated when I was 10 or 11 years old. I knew nothing of masturbating and one night got an erection from my fuzzy blanket rubbing on the head of my penis so I grabbed the shaft at the base with one hand and put the other hand flat on top of my blanket applying a little pressure and rotated my cock around in circles on the blanket. The feeling was completely intoxicating and even though it was my first time it took a really long time to cum and when I did even though it was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced it scared the hell out of me because I didn’t know anything of orgasms, sex or masturbation, I thought I broke it LOL! I almost went upstairs to ask my mom what I should do I thought that the cum was pus or something lol?.I decided to just let it be and go to bed. When I woke in the morning I decided I needed to experiment with my new found toy and stayed home “sick” from school I literally masturbated with my blanket roll technique all day. This was the only way I masturbated for several months until I heard someone in an R rated movie say something about jacking off and making a stroking jesture in the air so I tried the traditional stroking method and stayed home from school again the next day lol. Unfortunately I stuck with the stroking as it was much easier and quicker. I try to do my blanket roll from time to time but just can’t handle it is too intense I am going to try your palm roll with lube I think that may be a little easier to handle. Please try my blanket technique and make sure it’s a thick soft fuzzy blanket and let me know what you think.

  32. Hey sean my name is jerremy i just discovered this website and id like to ask if it is normal to be able to reach an orgasm at age 7 i know it sounds different but i never were educated until 9 but i found a technique that will blow your mind it only works on uncircumcised guys who have patience. Take your right hand and putt the webing between your thumb and pointer ppointer on the back of your head and (using lube) rub side to side over left of under side arm were ists soft but rub in circular motion or side to side its unbelievable what fealing it gives my entire body tenses into a stiff board if done correctly let me hear what u think

    1. Hey Jerremy! I’d say it was unusual but certainly not impossible. Very cool technique. Somebody try it and let us know what you think as well.

  33. Hi, i just turned 13 and i have been masturbating sience i was 11. Im my house my parents know i do it but i cant getahold of anything for lube. Because my mom cooks alot i cant use coconut oil. What can i use ifrom the bathroom or easy to get that you can use.

    1. Aloe vera gel works well. Some mild hand lotions. I’d suggest talking to your parents and ask them to get you some proper lube. Much less risky when you’re out in the open. It might be a good conversation for them as well. Check out scarleteen.com.

  34. Thank you for help, really enjoyed it yesterday and realized that till then I was just joking and not enjoying at all!!

  35. He Bob , You need not go for costly lubes unnecessarily . For Fist-fuck as I suggested above you may use a little Vaseline which is easily available . Even cheaper than that and available in all Indian households is Coconut Oil .That is by far the best and the Cheapest . Go ahead and enjoy your fist-fuck masturbation . I am telling you not theory but my own Experience !Yes, it is desirable that while fist-fucking you should better fantasize that you are fucking a girl you know or a boy’s ass if you are gay . Best is to fancy the fuck you have experienced , and feel you are repeating the same fuck

  36. Best is , I use to take a little lube or even profuse spit from my mouth and generously smear on the tip of my flacid cock and start jacking , by making a pipe-like ( substitute of vagina) , and carry on fast slowly then raising the speed . When I feel that I might ejaculate I slow down and stop a while . Then resume again . Thus i derive lots of pleasure and get multiple orgasm type sensation . If you ejaculate you may not proceed again soon , because mental excitement dies down ! This also in local lingo called Fist-fuck !

  37. I’ve also heard about the use of this technique producing a ‘squirting like’ result, which sounds pretty good to me! I have read also that it it isn’t urine. I intend to empty my bladder beforehand and check it out.
    I am quite eager to find out.

  38. So in this teqnique is it more likely you’ll urinate ( also known as male squirting ) than cum semen?

    1. I’ve never heard of male squirting. But yeah, it’s my experience. So, you’re more able to really let go of the pelvic floor muscles–feeling orgasmic.

  39. Hey i don’t understand the part with the cupping. Do i cup the tip of my penis and just rub my hand on it? I don’t really understand it.

  40. Best technique? BY ASSUMING that laying back and spreading your legs is ALWAYS the ONLY way–how does that make it the best–just because it’s the laziest and most popular? ANYONE who has ever really gotten into it knows instinctively, you have to give up control and that means getting on your knees. On your back, you feel the penis. Big deal. Only on your knees do you feel the WEIGHT OF IT, PLUS THE WEIGHT OF YOUR TESTICLES hanging. It goes a thousand times farther than laying back with your head on a pillow. I never did that again after discovering the much more intense sensations caused when you can FEEL YOUR WHOLE PACKAGE hanging heavy between your legs. Guys, doing it on your back you only get HALF the intensity.

    1. Hey JM! Time and attention. Give attention to what you’re experiencing in the moment. When you come close to cumming, slow down a bit and notice the nuance of your arousal. Enjoy it’s complexity. Change technique frequently. Cum less frequently. I could say so much more.

    1. More than trying to get it right, get it yours. Get the concept of the technique in your head, then stop focusing on the technique and focus on you. Probably better advice than a video.

  41. Something tells me that this method shows more of what cut dudes feel, especially if the frenum has been cut off and there’s not much of the inner foreskin left behind the head and they have a really tight cut with no movable skin on the shaft. If you’ve watched videos you’ll probly see that some dudes have as much as two or three inches of the former inner foreskin left behind the head, and some guys only have about a half inch or less behind the head and can’t get any stim from the skin because those nerves are totally gone along with the frenum.
    For me, this method took a LOT of will power to not just start stroking the skin up and down the head. I couldn’t believe the feeling. It seemed like my dick head was in another room. LOL. But when it finally happened, and it took me a whole lot longer to cum this way, the head was flared and more reddish purple and shiny than usual. For dudes that still have their sex skin you really have to use will power to keep the skin held back firmly and to NOT let your palm go any further down the head than the flare and keep that palm off of the frenum and don’t concentrate too much around your piss hole unless your frenum ends before it gets there because the g-string will be stimulated too, and that’s cheating. Haha.
    I tried this a long time ago when a friend of mine had gotten cut and I asked him what it felt like and he told me what to do with just the palm rub on the head.

  42. First learned about palming was the cupped hand of my friend and masterbating partner Glenn. Gee he was good. Wish we could get together again real soon.

  43. I love this technique! One of the best feelings ever.
    Question – I heard that continuous rubbing of the cockhead will desensitize it in the future, making it harder to reach orgasm, is this true? I really doubt it, but I wanted an expert’s opinion. Thanks.

    1. Hey John! Sure, any part of the body which receives a lot of stimulation over time will lose some sensitivity. However, it returns when the stimulation of those nerves is reduced.

  44. Start-stop technique is great and taught me to last longer and longer. Now I have reached the point that I no longer need to ever stop, I just slow down and do not touch the glans until the immediate urge to ejaculate stops. I can continue this now for as long as I desire. Then each time I start a new session it begins at the same intensity as when I previously stopped. Edging is the most rewarding technique and I will never again masturbate to full ejaculation repeatedly. I sometimes do have minor spurts or unexpected accidents but they are few and far between. Thanks for starting me with the Start-Stop technique. This advice from you has proven to be very excellent.

  45. Hi! This is my 1st comment here so I just
    wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your articles.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same subjects?
    Thank you so much!

  46. Please don’t judge until you read. A veternarian student then a nursing student back in 1988 told me about male multiple orgasms without ejaculation. Both of them told me they could make me orgasm without hardly touching my penis, but they needed to insert a finger(s) into my anus. WHAT? OK yea they were right women know more about male orgasm possibilties than men do. How does that work?
    She had me get on all fours then gently keep inserting her fingers and drawing the alphabet on my prostate gland until i was so exicited i was thrusting AIR. from there she told me i was leaking precum and purred for more. then she pulled my penis backwards careful not to jack it. She just held it back with her hand and used her thumb to milk semen out of my penis. then stopped and continued with prostate stimulation. I had what felt like a small orgasm and she cried look at all the precum never touching my penis. bThen she added another finger and told me to tuck my penis and testicles between my legs and thrust while she kept fingering my anus. WOW I came three more times without ejaculation but i guess she told me streams of precum semen. every time i had a small orgasm a good amount of precum followed or so i was told. She found it fasinating i almost passed out while she giggled. wish i could do that again. i was 39 years old at the time and in decent health.
    i really now belive that males are capable of multiple orgasms since i have had them since. They are smaller and less intense but does not tax the male body as much as a full blown ejaculation. My question is why did young women know exactlty how and what when i was fairly savy on my own anatomy, in 1988 know more than i?

  47. Hey all,
    I just want to give my account of this technique. I’m not sure if all men will have experienced what I did, but this was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever felt. I’m 22 and I didn’t know a man could feel what I did.
    I began jacking off as the article instructs and got good and aroused. I layed naked on my bed and held my penis with my left and began massaging the head with my right. It felt good. I began flexing the muscles and made a concious effort to relax them, all the while massaging the head of my penis. I was using aloe vera for a lubricant which worked quite well. I squirted some on my chest so I could relube without much of a lapse in massaging. At this point I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 minutes in. I remembered from the article to imagine the energy spreading into the rest of my body. And that it did. By about 6 or 7 minutes I was writhing in pleasure I had no idea I could feel. I was actually moaning. Haha! I could only stand it for about another two minutes at which point I stopped. I didn’t need to ejaculate. I actually felt a bit sick to my stomach from the intensity of the energy. Don’t let that deter you. It was remarkable. My body was numb and tingly all over, my heart pounding. I’m going to do it again in a bit here. I’ve always been intrigiued by the female orgasm due to the hype of it being more intense and pleasureable. Well this has to be the closest thing to it a man can feel. Unbelieveable. Thanks guys!

  48. Hello, I just tried this technique. I was great, very intense sensation that i couldn’t stop rubbing my penis. I usually ejaculate very fast. Premature ejaculation, but with this technique, I could hold it. I did ejaculate. I saved it for another session. I have read that holding the ejacualtion build a lot of energy, and make the next seccion more fun.

  49. One can lie on the stomach, with the flacid penis turned upward i:e: the tip of the penis towards the navel, and slowly rub it on a semi-hard bed (not soft cushion) lightly, and thereby one can arrive climax with profuse ejaculation.And one can while ejaculating press the penis on the bed to get the feeling of ejaculating inside a tight vagina.With practice one finds this to be the most satisfactory masturbation technique.

  50. First off id like to ask a question about something partially off subject, but related. I was an early masturbater. I started masturbating at the age of about 9. My question is, i was able to orgasm at the age of 10! Is that normal?
    Now for my next question. Espicially when using this technique, i orgasm about five to seven minutes into masturbating. And this is annoying because i get a ton of pleasure out of masturbating, but feel like im missing out on more pleasure becauuse i orgasm so fast. Please respond, James.

    1. Hello James. Thanks for your comment! First, question, yes, orgasm at ten is normal. It’s young but very normal.
      Second question is also normal. Yet, my experience is that this technique doesn’t bring me to orgasm very quick. Super intense sensations, but the orgasm delays. I’d suggest that you use edging techniques, discover your point of no return and back off your stimulation to that point. Seriously, you can hang on that edge and enjoy solo sex for as long as you want. You may find at first that you need to vary your technique a little bit, but you can stretch 5-7 minutes to 30 and then an hour. Check out this link: https://www.orgasmicguy.com/do-you-know-your-point-of-no-return/ Peace!

  51. I just wanted to let you know about some techniques you can use in conjunction with these if you were looking to reach full ejaculation. Take your left hand, jack of backwards with the front of your hand facing you, and hold your breath when you cum. This works
    REALLY well. Tell me what you think.

  52. Hey Sean:
    Yeah, just wondering. Does water work as lube? Im very young (12, to be exact), and trying to ~explore~my body in different ways. I don’t know if I can orgasm yet, and I want to try, but im not keen on waiting more than 8 minutes. Any suggestions?

    1. Hey Seth,
      Usually water is not the greatest lube, but it depends on if you’re circumcised or not. Circumcised guys often need no lube and frankly, a lot of guys just don’t use lube at all. My top lube pick is coconut oil — it’s used in cooking and a not of natural soaps are made from it. Just be safe and don’t use anything not intended for your skin or body. That’s delicate skin. Avoid soaps and things that dry. Try aloe vera gel if you have some.
      Sure, some guys are ready to orgasm at 12 — some younger, some older. Just go easy on yourself, be gentle and know that while orgasm is a nice feeling, there’s a lot of guy pleasure just in exploring your body as you say. Time will bring your first orgasm,
      I also want to recommend a really nice website about sexuality for teen guys: http://boysunderattack.com/index.html

  53. I posted back on September 25, 2011 at 12:01 pm. I still have the same problem as I mentioned in that post. So now I would like to ask a really big and bold question. I am married and have a great relationship with my wife in every way which includes our love life. But she does not like or enjoy masturbating. I enjoy sex with my wife but I also enjoy masturbating. I just see it as a guy thing. So what about two guys getting together from time to time and all they do is masturbate each other? I ask this because at this point I see it as the only way for me to fully enjoying palming. I have not done this with another guy, but have thought about it. Don’t know who I would it with anyway. Is this going too far? Some for sure would say it is a gay thing. I am not sure if it would be if that is about all that is done. If this post is going too far, please over look it and send it to the trash bind. Brock.

    1. Hey Brock. Thanks for the note. You raise a lot of interesting things, so I’ll just touch on them. You asked about masturbating with other guys and if it was a gay thing. First, masturbating is one of many ways of sexual expression — guy, gal, gay, straight, bi or any other gender or orientation. It really makes no difference. People sexually pleasure themselves. But I think you meant more than that — sexually pleasuring one another. To me, that’s not masturbation any more because it’s with another person, but no matter. Sexual expression between guys doesn’t make them gay either. Some straight guys do sexual stuff together. This is where the “quacks like a duck” test doesn’t really work. What you do, doesn’t necessarily indicate sexual orientation.
      But I didn’t get the impression you were all that concerned about orientation. You mentioned some other things that likely influence how you think about this as well. I’m sure palming is not the end of your sexuality, though you enjoy it, and as you consider adding a person to your genital sex life, you know that there are many people affected by your sexuality — your spouse, your friends and maybe others. You’ll make your choices respecting the feelings of those others and the trust you share with them.
      Finally, know that sexuality is a cultivated thing. Maybe your wife doesn’t like to masturbate with you now. Perhaps if you introduce it a little at a time and give serious understanding to what her sexual desires are, masturbation might become something enjoyable for her as well. It’s well worth learning to ask what your lover wants and be ready to give as well as say what you want.

    1. Stuff around the house? Watch what you use for sex lubes. Stay safe. Aloe Vera gel is nice — you have to add a little water now and then. Olive oil works well — is eventually absorbed. Best is coconut oil — lasts and lasts, has the perfect slick factor, and is good for your skin.

  54. This is my favorite way to masturbate. It is just as you say. It is a truly intense. The only problem I have is that when I finally reach the point to ejaculate I can not keep up the rotating on the head. Because the sensation of the ejaculating sperm is so intense that I simply stop because it is just too intense. I am not happy about that part. But that is alright I’ll still like doing it. Ever guy should do it at least from time to time. Brock.

  55. Even though the Aneros is intended to stimulate the prostate, I’m hearing a lot of guys telling about some pretty remarkable experience with it. There’s a whole lot more anal sexual potential than just prostate. Set aside the traditional “guy and his penis” sexuality for a bit. There are some valuable lessons we can learn from Tantra — slow down, take time and discover other sexual objectives beside orgasm.

  56. Sean ~ Thanks…i meant to include the flaccid penis, because i don’t inject too often..maybe once a week or so. FYI, i’m also using the aneros progasm but haven’t achieved an anal orgasm with it yet. Is there anything special a guy with no prostate can do besides what’s been recommended here? I have tried tickling the frenulum and that feels terrific. Thanks for any other tips you might offer

  57. because I have no prostate now and can’t get an erection without using Trimix injection, can I still use these techniques while using Trimix for my erection?

    1. Definitely try them using the injection, but as part of your recovery, try other routes to sexual growth as well. An erection isn’t the beginning or end of any sexual act. Modify any masturbation technique to suit yourself with a flaccid penis. You might enjoy the results, and you might learn something about your own sexuality. Then let us know so we can learn as well.

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