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Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #3 — Tickling the Frenulum

by | Apr 13, 2010 | Masturbation

Masturbation intensity for guys often determines the technique. This intense male masturbation technique is definitely in a category of the unusual and it’s one you won’t quickly forget.

For this intense male masturbation technique, you need plenty of time. It can take a half-hour or more. Get undressed and really comfortable. For this technique we use no lube at all. Just one or two fingers. Lay back, close your eyes and relax everything including your anal, kegel and muscles at the base of your penis. Allow yourself to become erect.

Once you have a good strong erection, you’ll begin the technique and not stop for anything. Hold your erect penis lightly between a couple fingers of one hand. With the other hand, use one or two fingers to simply move around your frenulum — the V-spot on the bottom side of your penis toward the head if you’re circumcised. If you’re not, you’ll do the same thing but through the foreskin. Don’t rub, just hold your finger on the spot and move it around and around and around.

An Intense Masturbation Technique Calls for Patience

You won’t notice much at first. Be patient and keep it going. Stay relaxed. Relax your muscles around your penis and don’t squeeze. Eventually, you’ll start to notice some pretty strong urges, the main one being to just grab your penis and pump. Resist. Keep moving your finger around. Stay relaxed, and don’t squeeze those muscles.

Soon, you’ll feel an ejaculation coming on. It will ebb and flow for awhile and you’ll wonder if it ever will come and you’ll want to just grab hold and let it rip. Don’t. Keep moving your finger around and wait for what happens next.

The Rush, The Rush, The Intense Masturbation Rush

Once you’ve felt the ebb and flow a few frustrating times, you’ll then feel the rush of semen flowing through every tube, pipe and hose in your abdomen and groin. Don’t squeeze, don’t stop or let up on the movement of your finger. Keep going. Your ejaculate won’t squirt like it usually does when you come, it will gush like a water fall. That’s right, you will gush massive amounts of semen and feel every drop of it coursing through your groin, and penis.

Don’t stop moving that finger even though you’re gushing semen. You’ll go absolutely nuts, but keep going until your body and penis goes totally limp. Then fall asleep. You’ll need it.


  1. Dave

    I always thought this method would be at least one of the more basic for anybody. Ever since a girl used her tongue to lick my frenulum rapidly, years ago, I’ve been applying the finger equivalent regularly. It doesn’t necessarily lead straight to orgasm, but brings me to the verge several times, by “edging”– I resort to other means to finish off — but it sure brings on one thrilling moment after another along the way. In addition, it’s a handy way to just play around for a few seconds from time to time.

  2. Rick Thomson

    Surprisingly, when I was a teenager I tried something similar. And then I found your article in which you describe this technique. Thank you))

  3. Anonymous Furry

    is it ok if i use my Otouch sex toy here if not what vibe can you recommend
    also do i need to abstain from masturbating for a week for this to work?
    sorry for double posting

  4. Anon568

    I have ADHD will this work also do i need phimosis cream mine is a little tight and i can cum fine on my frenulum using a vibrator but it feels just like a normal orgasm on there

    I don’t feel any intense tingling in my body pls help
    also who here tried putting a speaker on their penis i heard it on another site searching doesn’t give relevant results
    and be careful with vacuum cleaners folks
    sorry if this is the wrong article

  5. Sean

    Hey John! Nothing wrong with changing positions, either. I also find pillows of different shapes and sizes are really useful for a pleasure session. Use them to prop yourself in interesting positions and to support elbows and arms. Now, that you know what works for you, you can fine tune your practice for comfort.

  6. John

    This is one of the longest and most pleasurable sensations I’ve ever felt, thanks for this trick.

    What I’m having trouble with is finding a pleasurable position to be in while doing this. Sitting in a chair is torture for my back since with two hands busy and not moving the back just gets pinned to the chair at the same spot for however long it takes. I tried lying down in bed doing it, but then it gets really uncomfortable for the hand that holds the shaft in place due to the weird angle.

    Any ideas?

  7. OSprite

    I just had this happen spontaneously and wondered what on earth was going on! For various reasons I’ve been having fairly regular sessions of late so I wasn’t expecting this huge rush of cum.

    Definitely going to attempt this “on purpose” so to speak!

  8. Martin

    Hey, great technique.

    However, It only works on me when I’m already super aroused and want to cum in a ‘different way’.

  9. Sean

    Thanks so much for your note. I’m glad you’re practicing with this technique. It’s a great one because it helps you learn about your body like no other technique. You learn how to separate ejaculation from orgasm. They are two very different sexual responses in guys. This technique is primarily ejaculation — maybe a little orgasm.

    So, because I know so little about you, I’m very likely not able to nail exactly what’s going on. There are so so many things that play into guy sexual response that no one can accurately tell someone exactly what to do. I can however respond to your questions and maybe you will be enlightened.

    Where is the frenulum? I suspect you actually located it. Frenulum literally means “connector”. So, it’s that bridge of tissue that connects the underside of your penis to your foreskin and helps pull the foreskin over the glans. For those of us without a foreskin, we may have little or no frenulum remaining. Lucky You!

    The frenulum is quite a sensitive piece of tissue on your penis. All parts of the penis have different kinds of touch that they like. The frenulum likes a gentle touch. That is why we say to simply move the skin around and don’t use lube. Don’t be rough with it. Be very gentle and patient.

    The fact that you came close is telling. You likely started to feel an internal stirring inside your pelvis at the base of your penis. That’s it. You do come close. The trick is to tease it — not demand it. If you’re frustrated, you’re likely chasing it away. This technique wants you to explore and learn your body. It’s not really so outcome-oriented as it is discovery-oriented.

    Automatic kegel contractions. Hmm. My guess is it’s simply orgasmic response. Kegels are contractions of muscles in the pelvic floor. And yes, you could definitely experience that. If anything, those orgasms would stimulate the ejaculation, not prevent it. My advice, simply enjoy those sensations.

    Forty minutes seems a reasonable amount of time for a first experience. One or two hours seems excessive only if you’re frustrated. If you’re not frustrated, then definitely, enjoy exploring and pleasuring your body. You have nothing to lose. Learn, and enjoy. But if you’re frustrated, take a break so as not to demand something from your body.

    You will feel a sort of welling up of pleasurable sensations in your pelvis. It will come and go. Learn to relax and be gentle with your penis. Only stimulate the frenulum. Release the muscles in your pelvis and at the base of your penis over and over again. When it comes you’ll know. Practice is pretty much what’s it’s about. Give yourself time. In the course of your practice, you’ll gain so much more knowledge of your body and it’s pleasure.

    And, an erection has absolutely nothing to do with this. You don’t need an erection to experience this. It can and likely will come and go. No matter. Pay no attention. Just enjoy pleasuring your body.

  10. Sean

    Nice! Thanks for the tip!

  11. Anonymous

    I learned to masturbate using a variation of this method. Instead of rubbing the precise spot, I rub around the bottom of the head of my penis instead. I’m uncircumcised, so I’m able to almost get a grip and run around the head like that. It works really well, and takes considerably less time to ejaculate than the suggested method above, and the pleasure is insane.

  12. Anonymous

    I’ve tried this technique about 3 times. The first time was for about an hour, the second time was for about 2 hours and the third time was for about 40 minutes. I haven’t been able to cum using this method. I will sometimes lose my erection, but then I’ll get it back for a while: this repeats itself a few times in the session. I seem to have “automatic kegel contractions”, which contract randomly could this be prohibiting me from cumming? I am uncircumcised and confused on where to find my frenulum. Is it right at the tip of the V on the underside of the penis, or is it the skin that extends from the V to connect the foreskin, or is it where the skin from the V joins with the foreskin(at the bottom of the skin extending from the V).

    Please could someone let me know:
    1) what I’m doing wrong
    2) where my frenulum is
    3) And if the automatic kegels are prohibiting this and any way to overcome this.

  13. TDSK8

    To Barry:

    as you said “I can cum from rubbing the area next to the frenulum on my left side, slightly touching the corona. I do cum loads when I orgasm, and it feels great”

    I do the same way.. and it felt so good.

  14. Anonymous

    Hey Sean, great article! I know this is a bit of an old article so I’m not sure if you still read/respond to comments but I have a few questions. I’m a circumcised guy and I’ve been trying this technique for a while (about 1-5 tries a week for months) but to no avail. I can feel the pleasure build up and it’s really intense and nice, but I can keep going at it for hours with no orgasm. I can even feel the semen moving around inside me as I get close to the edge, but then those feelings fade away. They come back and fade away over and over but it never leads anywhere. Is it possible that I’ve been left with too little of a frenulum after circumcision to achieve the orgasm (I doubt this since I’m still experiencing great pleasure)? I’m thinking there may be a problem with my technique. I try to do exactly as you describe, but I find it a bit hard to understand some parts. How much pressure should I be applying to the frenulum (I generally apply just barely enough pressure to move around the skin)? How big should the circles that I make with my finger be (I generally do really small, almost unnoticeable circles due to how little pressure I’m applying to the frenulum)? Where on the frenulum should I be moving the skin around (I generally do it quite close to the tip, but there are different feelings that I get based on how low I go, so I was wondering if there is an optimal or recommended exact location to stimulate)? Last question: Am I supposed to be using my two fingers to hold the penis upright, or just hold it in place? Thanks!


    I tried this today and must say it felt very erousing, Having not ejaculated for around 12 days the sensation was most satisfiying. Although i did not want to cum at this time i did feel a strong urge after a few mins this felt like a rush of blood to the penis. Also as i lightly rubbed on the glans my right hand was brushing againt the top of my shaven inner thigh this seemed to intesify the feeling.

  16. Eddy

    Been doing this since I was a teen and now get girls to use their tongue on that spot like they were licking a clit.
    I thought I was weird or alone as guys I talked to envied me but never heard of it.
    I have several techniques down to a science and the orgasms are intense.
    Glad to know I’m not alone

  17. anonymoose

    came harder than i ever have before! well worth it!
    took my trained-to-ejaculate penis 15 minutes before i blew up in a bigger splooge-splosion than i ever have!

  18. Anonymoos

    Can confirm. Gave me most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

  19. dj

    A while ago I posted about giving myself a blowjob with a straw-was OK-but a regular drinking straw has too small a diameter. Would not cover my penis hole completely and my cum was too thick to go up the straw. Today I bought some smoothie/milkshake straws which are about twice the diameter-will try it in a few days-will let you know how it works-hopefully a mouthful !

  20. I love my penis

    Ooooh YAAAS!!! That was like a cum ERUPTION!!!! I could feel the semen start to rise from my balls and cockroot!
    My penis head became so flared and throbbed so much!!!!
    The whole shaft was pulsating with penis pleasure!!! I almost passed out!

  21. Pandore

    Best method I ever used suffered from some problem with erections but since using this method I have more stronger and frequent erections and had the biggest ejaculation’s I ever had and the most pleasure.

  22. dj

    Waited about 1-1/2 weeks to “reload” Should be a lot of fun tomorrow-have a few hours to myself-can’t wait!!

  23. Erik

    OMG Sean, your blog on the “Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #3 — Tickling the Frenulum” has truly changed my sex life forever. I have discovered immense pleasure in achieving the most intense orgasms through frenulum stimulation. The numerous comments that your readers have posted here have undoubtefly added to my success in reaching these mind-blowing full-body orgasms. The ebb and flow edging sensations of the approaching orgasm and, as you so creatively put it, “rush of semen flowing through every tube, pipe and hose in your abdomen and groin” resulting in a “gush like a waterfall” is no exaggeration!!! I cannot restrain myself from the load moaning that these intense sensations produce. Not only have I been enjoying these amazing orgasms, but I find myself scooping up and swallowing my entire load – another new experience for me, which makes for a very easy clean up. In all honesty, 100% of my orgasms through masturbation are now achieved through frenulum stimulation. There is simply no reason to return to the old method of wanking – these sensations are too mind-blowing to pass up. Thank you and your readers for introducing me to this wonderful experience which has changed my sex life forever.

  24. dj

    I think that a lot of guy’s fantasize about eating their own cum. I know I have for a long time. I would suck my own cock if I was physically able. Yesterday it happened-wasn’t planned-had some cum in my hand and just swallowed it. Surprised myself-didn’t have much of a taste-just a little salty-tasted that before after licking my wife’s pussy. I don’t know what is in cum but I assume their are some hormones. Maybe it’s my over active imagination but I feel better and more horny than before. At my age I have to “reload” and wait a few days but will definitely do this again.

  25. Chris

    The first time it took me like 20 minutes. Now it’s my main masturbation technique.
    You’re right to say “don’t rub”. Placing your finger on the spot and moving the skin up and down, or around, is a thousand times more convenient and doesn’t irritate the area.

    I do this sometimes several times a day and my orgasms vary from “very nice” to “WOW”.
    It must be close to what a clit orgasm feels like.

    And circumcised men can do it too!! I feel it might help some of them deal with their trauma since you really feel like your penis is capable of giving you intense waves of pleasure.

  26. dmjjr

    I’m 71 yrs old & have been masturbating at least once a week (quite often) more. Last week 3 times. Haven.t fucked my wife in over a year-not worth the effort-much better doing it myself. Thanks for all the information

  27. Eric

    About living in this body, you got that right Sean! We guys are pretty vulnerable with all that sensitive junk out there and have to deal with accidental hits from time to time. Then sometimes there’s nut-pinching briefs—not that boxers and boxer briefs don’t carry their own set of risks—and pants that don’t seem to allow for those unexpected erections. But you know it’s worth it because when you get home you can tear all that clothing off, spread wide, point that puppy to sky and just stroke your way to Nirvana. It makes me want to say ‘Thank you god for making me a guy, I can’t get enough of this body!’

  28. Sean

    Eric! Oh my god, thank you. What a nice story! A lovely life, don’t you think? Dang, I love living in this body!

  29. Eric

    Oh yes, I discovered this long ago, by accident if you guys can believe that. Woke up in the middle of the night and didn’t want to awaken a sleeping bf who had a big day ahead. I was too lazy to get out of bed (plus it was cold) and knew I couldn’t jack off ‘properly’ so under the covers I just rolled my fren skin between my fingers. I was gushing precum which really helped a lot. The ejaculation was exactly as described here…this incredible awareness of what I call the ‘headwaters’ box and all of those little and big tributaries in there that flow into one big river. Awe-inspiring consciousness of the independent pumping action that forces all that cum out. Yeah, it poured and oozed rather than shooting and although it might be sacrilege to say so, I’m glad the orgasm was slightly less powerful as it enabled me to focus on the plumbing, drainage and discharge. And yes I conked back out right then and there, fingers still on it. Just left that huge cum wad in the sheets and knew he wouldn’t mind if he found it because we never clean up on the spot anyway, we just wait until we wash the sheets the next time around.

  30. Fred

    Same effect but instead of using finger try using a strong (or weak) vibrator. AMazing!

  31. Anonymous

    Hello Sean– I having been doing this a while without knowing I am doing frenulum masturbation. I use a thumb or two fingers or using brush covered with jelly and rubbing the skin under my penis head up and down or sideway. II like to feeling wave of sensation that me to tight up to ejaculate often .Until that feeling passes, I continue playing with frenulum. The problem is it takes hours and hours to finish, then without eating and drinking, it is time for bed. But I love the feel of waves of intense. feeling . I thought I am doing it wrong because it is hard for me to cum to finish. it

  32. Casey

    Omfg! Tried this as a young adult after reading Penthouse Forum, too young clueless, and unfocused. Been in a LDR with childhood sweetheart for almost a year, after 20 yr. marriage ended. Have had the most incredible Sexual experiences with this woman, by far the best EVER, and I’ve had a lot of sex in my 46 yrs. last 20
    Was worse, uneventful “ give her Orgasm, 2 min later I get mine, done in time for Whatever primetime show. Anyways, sexual attraction between GF and I is off the scales, found that out early on, while describing what I would do to her when we met, and after 5 min. She told me she was touching herself and was close to coming,. I ran to shower and soon she told me I made her come harder than she ever had, and proceeded to describe how she would go down on me, and at point when I told her I would finish myself (20 yr habit with Ex) she said no need, and wanted to “ taste me and not leave a drop,” this was all by text, and the state I would take myself to,’ it was like I was with her. Eventually we switched to talking over phone, and changed
    Everything. Sorry for length, never talked about this to anyone. Anyways, while describing our eventual first encounter, she said she was touching herself, but now I can hear, and to hear someone that you knew since 7th grade, work her way to a crazy Orgasm while you describe in detail what you wanted to do, will cause yourself to be at a state of arousal where you feel you are actually making
    Love to this woman. Friends basically say “‘oh y’all Jacked off on the phone?” I haven’t found a single person who has experienced this. During a playtime session of her describing in detail of going down on me, I tried the tickling of the fernium while hearing her describe licking, sucking, stroking, I began to slowly and intensely cumming and told her to keep going and I swear, I had a 10+ min. Orgasm that consisted of ejaculation, and feeling of it with no actual discharge, she was in awe and turned on by hearing me, she came 3-4’ times cause it wouldn’t stop! Even a point of telling her “ Omg, I think you broke the Valve!” I can’t describe how intense and incredible it was. I was always, come, usually lasted 10-15 sec. had to mess around for 10-20’min. To “ reload.”’ Which became come then go to sleep. Visited my
    Soulmate last April, and after 4.5 Years of not having Sex, ( wife was, I wasn’t) had 4 days of best Sex of my Life! And still have weekly Phone Dates. So if techniques don’t work as expected, and you have a significant other, have them describe what they would do to your Dick while trying some of these, you’ll be surprised.

  33. Anonymous

    BTW I am not the same DJ as a previous poster.

  34. Grandtiger

    PS: Thank you Sean for providing this great website free of porn where we can share and learn from each other how to enjoy ourselves ever more, and all in good taste. I’m passed 70 years old and a widower, but my solo sex life if better than ever in all of my life, and my foreskin is intact. Pleasure does not decrease with age; but keeps on getting better and better, seemingly without limit, at least so far! We are fearfully and wonderfully made,

  35. Grandtiger

    Hello Guys. I prefer to relax in the recliner with the footrest up, but my 3-way stimulation can be done sitting on the edge of the bed or in any chair, completely naked of course. As with any technique, practice makes perfect. Start your session just by gently stimulating your nipples with your thumbs, and your penis will rise to the occasion even without touching it. Breathe deeply, flex your PC muscle and enjoy the lovely sensations in your nipples and genitals for a while. Then, while continuing to stimulate your nipples, reach down with your fingertips of both hands and stimulate the tip and underside of your penis, bringing your erect penis to lie against your abdomen. Lean forward a little if needed. Continue to slowly and gently stimulate your nipples and penis simultaneously, and the pleasure will become extremely intense. Feel the pleasure flow throughout your whole being. Continue for as long as you can stand it without ejaculating and then ease off and rest, or switch to another of your favorite techniques for a while. Repeat alternating techniques, waxing and waning for as long as you like. An hour or so of continuous orgasmic bliss without ejaculating will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, energized, glowing, and gratified. But if you decide to ejaculate then end with 3-way stimulation and let the climax build ever so slowly until you can’t contain yourself any longer and explode like a supernova.

  36. Sean

    Hey Tiger! Read some the reader’s comment for clarity. If you you still have questions, let us know. Someone will help you.

  37. Daniel


    Can you explain the position a little better? Your Idea seems interesting to me and i want to try it out

  38. Grandtiger

    For even more intense pleasure, sit upright in a recliner with your feet up, place your thumbs on your nipples and make small circular motions while stimulating your frenulum and the underside of your penis with the tips of your fingers. The pleasure from this 3-way stimulation is intense beyond words and flows throughout your whole body in waves of pure bliss. And you’ll also enjoy the heavenly sensation of your hot penis against your abdomen. Marvelous, Altogether Stupendously Thrilling, Utterly Rapturous, Blissfully Awesome Transcendent Immense Naked Gratification. It takes masturbating to a whole new level.

  39. Sean

    Hey Prince Charming! Love this. I’ve never heard of anything like it. You have to try it understand it, right? No different from any other sexual technique. You don’t know till you’ve tried. I like the stimulation through the underwear thing! Great idea! Messy when you come, though, I’m sure. But that’s what washers are for.

  40. Mr. Prince Charming

    Hi… I tried to understand your method but I think I do mines in a different way. Actually I’ve been trying to research the way I do it and nothing has come close.

    What I do is lay on my stomach while penis is still soft and in underwear (won’t work if it’s hard/erected and theres no cloth between your penis and fingers…. u must have some type of cloth between your fingers and penis or nails will scratch the penis shaft) then I stick a hand on my penis while still on my stomach and I rub/tickle the shaft. (Very similar to the motion if you were scratching your arm) and do some tickling thing until the pressure builds up. Not fully letting the penis become erect. Then cum that way. Depending on the fantasy or porn. It can take about 30 secs to 2 mins for me.

    It’s just really hard to explain…. besides I’m the only one who does it this way and it gets the job done quick and discreetly. Nooooo body knows what your doing on your stomach lol

  41. Sean

    Hi John! It’s interesting that you come soon, but not so really. There’s really no incorrect because every guy masturbates in his own unique way. What’s cool, though is that you’ve discovered a new thing you can do! Now, work with it and learn what you can learn about your body. Feel everything that you can feel when you use this method and any other method.

  42. John

    Hey Sean,
    I like this method. However, it takes me really short amount of time to reach climax (10 minutes).
    what am I doing incorrectly? The first thing that comes to my mind is that I had been watching some porns few hours before. Could that be the reason?

  43. Sean

    Hi Hans! You come equipped with a masturbation toy in your foreskin. The main thing is to stimulate your frenulum which is the piece of sensitive tissue that connects your foreskin to just below your glans. You can do that with your foreskin forward or retracted — either way.

  44. Hans

    Im not circumcised. Is it important to stimulate through my foreskin?

  45. Tony

    I didn’t learn this until I was 70 years old but it has been amazing. I’m uncircumcised and I figured out that I can use a little bit of lubricant and slide my finger inside my foreskin and then massage my frenulum. Learning to relax all those muscles throughout your crotch makes this Much Much more pleasurable. It does take a while to get to the real pleasure point (maybe 10 min) and then I can’t help but start moaning. I’ve discovered that if I want to I can keep myself at that point just before ejaculating for a long time (even 30 or 40 min) by easing off when I get to the point where I feel I’m about to ejaculate. I don’t always maintain an erection throughout; sometimes it softens a bit then hardens and back and forth; depends on when I last masturbated. And when I do finally decide to let myself ejaculate I have intense muscle jerking; often I have worried that if the neighbors are in their yard they’ll hear my chair shuffling and banging on the floor or even my moaning and grunting. I suppose that sounds bazaar but I have never before in my life had such intense orgasm/ejaculations.
    I remember the first time I tried this I was standing leaning against the bathroom basin and after quite a while of keeping myself very close to ejaculation I reached a point where it seemed that the only thing that existed was the pleasure I was feeling. Unfortunately I have not been able to get back again to that high point but I’m hoping I have a few more years to keep trying!

  46. Dwayne

    Hello, I have read your method but as you mentioned “simply move around your frenulum” I realised that I can’t do this because when I was circumcised they also took my frenulum so all I have is a shaft and a head. Will I in a way feel pleasure off this method or am I a lost cause?

  47. Sean

    Most uses for a penis pump are to either enhance or enlarge an erection. I’m thinking the Fleshlight may be what you’re interested in. Closer to the blow job experience you might be looking for. Here’s a link you could check out to get more information regarding features, etc. FleshLight. It’s an affiliate link FYI.

  48. Dmjjr

    I thought the penis pump would be like a super blow job-guess I was wrong

  49. Sean

    Not sure why this choice exactly. Fleshlight is a masturbation toy, a penis pump is generally an erection aid, though sometimes a penis enlarger. If it’s a toy you want, Fleshlight is a lot of fun. Not at all hard to clean. You can use the Fleshlight cleaner they sell, but in my opinion, a good liquid soap and a thorough dry works just as well. Just be sure to allow it to air dry well.

  50. dmjjr

    Considering either a fleshlight or a penis pump. Which is better? Read some reviews that the fleshlight is difficult to clean & should wear a condom-that’s not going to happen

  51. John

    This advice is great if the circumciser left you a frenulum. I’m not the only American man WITHOUT one. Not even a remnant. It’s all gone so that part is no more sensitive than the base. I got a high and tight “Jewish” cut. Oy.

  52. Matthew

    Thanks I’ve used this technique before only direct on the frenulum with just a little saliva on my fingers. You do need to be relaxed, and patient but it’s well worth the pleasure at the end. My ejaculation was wonderful feeling it flowing onto my stomach.

  53. Sean

    Hello Hans! Thanks for your comment! I seriously doubt you’re doing it “wrong”. One can hardly do sex wrong. Hans, follow your pleasure and follow the new sensations. I think it’s cool that your dick went limp because the sensations completely change. The trick is to keep trying the technique and discover what you will.
    Moving the frenulum basically means that you “only” move that small piece of skin on the bottom (ventral) side of your penis right below the head. If you’re uncut, it would be the bottom piece of foreskin. If you’re cut, it’s a piece of foreskin scar. If you only move this piece of skin, you experience less orgasmic feelings and more ejaculatory tension in your genitals and throughout your body. These sensations are not covered or masked by a strong orgasm. You also feel the flow of fluids when you come.
    Play with the experience, Hans, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself.
    Thanks again for your comment. By the way, your English is great! Nice job!

  54. Hans

    Hi there, i tried this technique and while i felt the -small for me- waves of excitement, i didn’t experience the unbelievable feeling everyone was talking about… Maybe i m doing it wrong? my dick wasn’t hard then almost limb as described, nor did i cumed waterfalls (but a little). And some posts explain the frenulum itself has to be “moved” with the finger, can someone please explain the gesture? Im 19 and a bit lost here, thanks OG for the tehnique anyway! ps sorry for the english

  55. JohN

    I’ve tried this and bang! I nearly feinted! Addictive.

  56. jim

    Intensely amazing orgasm from this masturbation technique. I was totally floored by the intense sensation and the mind blowing orgasm achieved with this method of pleasure. Good advice thanks! Thank! Jim

  57. jim

    I use this masturbation technique on a regular basis and have experienced explosive orgasms. Secret is total body relaxation, concentration, and continuous circular motion of the index finger on the frenulum without letting up. The end result is a satisfying total orgasm experience that’s unbelievable.

  58. DJ

    Haven’t been back here in a while but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been masturbating. Going to be 70 in a few months-still jerking off at least once a week. Along with using a massager started giving myself a blow job with a drinking straw. Not as good as the real thing-but adds some pleasure to the experience.
    You might like it!

  59. Ben

    Ive often used this as a part of my masturbation but Id never just concentrated on my frenulum entirely until I saw this page last week.

    I found it to definately be a different experience, which was ALMOST frustrating at times, but which did indeed lead to a pretty great orgasm.

    I got naked, layed on my bed, no porn or anything and used a little lube and then just my precum to keep the spot slick and just slowly circled with one or two fingertips. I didnt add any other stimulation, or stimulater other parts of my cockhead, just the V.
    It felt nice to start but nothing mindblowing, but there was a slow, gradual build up of excitement. I started to feel that tightening in my balls and my cock got as hard as it ever has, really felt swollen and throbbing and I really had to fight the urge at that point to hip thrust or just grab my cock and jack it, and then….I lost it, the excitement slipped and went back to just ‘nice’.
    This was wherw it got a bit frustrating, but Im glad I read this page because I kind of expected it. If I hadnt I probably would have just stroked off like normal and cum.

    Anyway I had this cycle 3 or 4 times. Slow build, tightening nuts (almost feling like I needed to pee) super hard cock and…back down.

    After about 30 minutes I got to that point again and almost ‘thought’ myself over the edge, I mentally pushed for an orgasm and it happened. Unlike others who got like a ling flow of cum, I kind of got one big thick blob. Much thicker than usual, but maybe less volume and just that one ‘rope’. Still had the feeling of multiple pulses though.

    Not sure if I hadnt thought myself over the edge if it would have happened, or if I would have cycled more times, its something Im going to try again, now I know what to expect.

    My main advice. Expect to feel a little frustrated as you ‘lose your orgasm’, but it will come back. At least it did for me.

  60. john

    Ohh MAN,best technique i used ever.!! The pleasure was non definable…
    How to do it in easy language :
    Just grab your dick with one hand’s any 2 fingers, and use other hand’s two fingers on frenulum. Just tickle however u like the frenulum..slower is better..i personally did that while watching porn…
    it took 20 minutes for me to reach that heavenly feeling and CUM WAS SLOWLY COMING OUT LIKE A WATERFALL..AND WHEN I COULDN’T RESIST, i squeezed my dick and boom CUM CAME OUT LIKE A BULLET FROM D GUN


  61. Sean

    Hi John! The cool thing about this technique is the fact that becoming flaccid is totally fine. It really makes no difference. The challenge is to chill. Don’t fret about what’s happening or not. Just enjoy the experience, relax your pelvic floor muscles and focus on your sensations. Look back over the pages and pages of comments and see if a particular situation resonates with you. Another thought is it might help you to spend some time with this when you’ve not masturbated for a day or two. Just a thought.

  62. John

    So I am still having troubles getting the technique to work. Today I tried for 40 minutes straight and could not get any arousal. By like 5 min in I started getting soft then by ten minutes I was completely flaccid getting no pleasure. I tried to continue for another 15 minutes with no success. And I was extremely relaxed, possibly to relax as I almost fell asleep once and i eventually began lightly stroking till I would get hard again which didn’t work. Then I started stoking till I was nearing an edge which still didn’t work. Possibly it was due to a lack of concentration because my mind wandered to various non arousing subjects

  63. Sean

    Hello Again! What I didn’t mention in my first reply is that privacy and secrecy are two different things but often confused. What we’re secret about, people assume doesn’t exist. However, the fact that we do sexual things or are a sexual person doesn’t need to be secret in all circumstances. There are certain things we do sexually that rightfully are done in private of course. But it’s useful to allow people we trust to know some things about our sexual life in order to help them relate to us. This creates a sex positive society. Your conversation with your parents isn’t confession but acknowledgement and could be entered as simply an ask for support for who you are and what you like to do. Or, you might try a more incremental approach and through several conversations build their understanding. Either way, in the long run, you’re miles ahead in your personal development. I hope all goes well for you. Well done, sir!

  64. d00d

    Thanks for replying!Anyways I think you have nice advice and yea I agree that self love is normal,and people should just get used to the fact that I like the activity.However I’m not the bravest when it comes to confessing something deep like this,but I’m gonna probably try and do it,plus the fact that my sister already knows about my habit and doesn’t mind at all is appreciated…thanks!

  65. Sean

    Hey! Thanks for your note. I’ll always say that masturbation is a private thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be private knowledge. The head-on, honest and truthful approach is always the best. The best thing you can do for yourself and the people you trust around you is not hide the fact that you’re a sexual person and that you do perfectly natural sexual things like masturbate. Normalize your very natural guy behavior. Guys masturbate. I know that getting some privacy in an apartment is a little difficult and walls are thin. But your family is just going to have to get used to your heavy breathing. You can’t suppress your sex life. You could mention to your parents that you’re a teen and it’s pretty obvious that you enjoy masturbation, so could they help you have a little privacy and could they help with your sister. You might be surprised that you get some amazing support in your sexual and personal development. Enjoy!

  66. d00d

    Hey this might be a little embarrassing but here we go…hi Sean,I’ve noticed that you pleased a lot of people with these genius masterbation techniques and frankly I’m willing to try but there’s a problem,you see I’m a 16 year old and live with my parents and sister and still in school,plus I live in a apartment and i’m a little worried if I’m heard having the time of my life.The only safe place to rub my phallic member is the bathroom and I CAN just wait for my parent’s to be gone but my sister is stubborn and won’t go with them…what do you suggest I do?

  67. Dave

    I tried this method and was at it for 45 minutes but only a bit of ebb and flow happened. No precum. Also after a while, I lose my erection. And I’m a 23 year old guy. Please help.

  68. Skankhunt42

    Can someone plz reply to this with a detailed do’s and don’t’s list or something to help me get there because it feels mostly like u say it does but then I get a normal orgasm with only slightly above average cum levels. Is there a fix for this specific problem? And plz don’t just tell me what to do but plz give me tips on how to do it as well. Thx.

  69. Brian Johnson

    ive done this fpr years its better than any orgasm you can ever have I like to edge with this because I don’t want it to end I do this for 3 hours or so while stopping as I feel I’m about to cum, then when I cant take it anymore I put my thumb behind the head the forefinger massing the frenulum ,,the V, and EXPLODE ive also noticed my cock gets bigger especially thicker and BEAT RED. I have a MAJOR QUESTION What hand held massager do you use to massage the Frenulum ???

  70. Anthony

    What I’ve done over the years (by accident) was press down on the frenulum with my right index finger and press down, then rotate clockwise/twirl for 15-30 min while watching porn on my laptop. I do this while laying on the bed and a pillow behind my head. My laptop sits on my chest (which I why I still prefer a laptop over a tablet). The rest of the fingers aren’t involved they’re just around my scrotum (with the exception of my thumb. It’s easier to start it off with the press down when my penis is still flacid. Of course, it becomes more erect as the porn starts. I actually came across this page as I’m trying to research on my inability to ejaculate during sex. Not sure if it’s because I’ve gotten so used to this technique or because it’s more mental (like I’m worrying too much about my partner being pleased). I’ve never been able to really cum with the traditional masturbating technique with lotion or using a flesh light. Also, I’m uncircumcised. Anyhow, is what I’m describing the same or similar as the ones you guys are discussing here? It sounds like it.

  71. DANGER

    For years I’ve tried to use this technique to orgasm ever since coming across this on under ‘Tiny One-Fingered Circle.’ For YEARS I have attempted and have received great pleasure from it but have never been able to orgasm. I have gone nearly 2 hours straight sometimes but either my arm gets sore from the movement, my pre-cum causes me to lose my grip or I simply lose the spot and am unable to keep the pleasure building. I even thought that my circumcision must have removed too many of the nerves from the frenulum and I just was not capable of orgasming from this technique. Even after finding this post about it 2 years ago, I still had no luck but kept it bookmarked in the hopes that someone would mention something to be able to help me finally achieve orgasm using this technique.

    Well, I am happy to write that I finally got to orgasm from the technique several months ago and have been using it semi-regularly to keep it from becoming dull.

    The secret for me finally achieving orgasm with this technique, and something I hope will help others with getting there by reading this, was: stable contact, rate and repetition.

    When I finally did it, I laid out completely nude in bed. After years of just using my non-dominant hand to rub, I went dominant hand ONLY, placing my index finger on the frenulum, my middle finger directly below my index and my thumb resting on the opposite side underneath the corona to keep it aloft; allowing my non-dominant hand to be free for nipple play and my penis to have as little contact with my body, which allowed the sensations to be somewhat magnified.

    For my motion, I moved my two fingers up-and-down with enough pressure to move the skin up and down along my shaft (not rubbing the skin, MOVING it) at a decently rapid pace, about 3 full up-and-down motions per second. My thumb keeping my penis as stable as possible during the motion.

    By bucking all of the other notions I read from a myriad of sources, it allowed me to focus more on the consistent pleasure. Previously, using one finger of my non-dominant hand resulted in a large amount of pre-cum to ooze over my frenulum, losing my grip and causing me to towel off and lose time and prevented my consistent pleasure from building. Also, one finger and a circular motion would also allow my fingertip to wander away from the most sensitive spot more often than not and not keep up enough of a consistent pace.

    I keep talking about consistent pleasure because the ultimate draw of this technique is to literally let the penis orgasm with as little manual effort and tactile presence as possible. As long as the motion and pressure is consistent, the pleasure should build and the orgasm should happen by itself.

    By doing all of this, I was finally able to orgasm. And knowing that it IS possible, allowed me to adjust and experiment using the non-dominant hand to also produce orgasms on occasion as well as use two-fingers in a circular motion.

    Sorry for the long post but hope this helps!

    TL;DR: try dominant hand, index and middle fingers on and below the frenulum, move the skin up and down at about 3 up-and-down motions per second.

  72. Ken

    That’s amazing Cody. Do u use 1 or 2 fingers to circle around the head?

  73. david surber

    I am 68 and my virility is completely gone, has been for about a year. Can someone in my situation experience this? For sometime it has been that the only I could ejaculate at all and feel some sensation was if someone was giving me head. I would do just about anything to have some sexual experience once and a while. It has been an awful long time since that has happened and I am feeling kind of desperate. Please help me!!

  74. TonySnow

    Thanks Man. Helped A alot. I Just Did It Actually. It Took Away Some of My Stress And It Felt Good. I’m glad I Found This

  75. Sean

    Hey! Great question. The experience is no different, really, when experienced with a partner. Still focus on relaxation and the nuance of what you feel. Give your partner very clear feedback, though. Don’t leave them in the dark as to what you’re experiencing. Should be fun!

  76. Gerry Kuhl

    What happens if you are doing a sensual massage exchange, and have another man massaging the frenulum?

  77. Sean

    Relaxing is always better. If you get frustrated and tense up, maybe best to take a break and try later.

  78. john

    tried to do this a few more times, i notice that while i keep those 3 muscles relaxed others seem to insensitively tense up, but when i relax them as well it kills the mood, should i let them tense up or keep relaxing them?

  79. Sean

    Sometimes it’s better to focus on what’s happening in your body right now rather than focus on some sort of outcome. This is sort of a technique that has some edging qualities. Though the outcome is fantastic, it’s better experienced when you don’t focus on the goal.

  80. john

    so i keep getting really close but then something just throws me off mentally and i don’t get release and it seems to kill the mood, are there any tips people could offer to help me keep my mind on the task at hand?

  81. Masturbator

    I masturbate like this since I was 17 now Im 23

  82. Randy

    Sometimes this works really well. I need to be relaxed and not in a hurry. I cannot cum just by frenulum stimulation but it takes me pretty close.

  83. Sean

    A light touch is sometimes more enjoyable and doesn’t tire the nerve endings as quickly. Short breaks to allow nerves to revive also can result in really enjoyable sensations once beginning stimulation again.

  84. rfam

    I’ve tried this a few times now. It feels really great but I am unable to orgasm from it. After around 45 mins I seem to lose sensation in that area. Any advice?

  85. Shooter

    I came across this site and technique a few days ago. This morning I had the house to myself for a while. I took a nice shower, got some lube, and laid down on the bed and got comfortable. After I laid there for a little while and was feeling relaxed I started massaging and after about an hour I reached climax. Let me just say WOW!!!! One of the most amazing masturbation experiences I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be doing this again and trying the other techniques very soon.

  86. DJ

    Think I finally figured this out. You come into this world alone & you leave the same way. In between you are responsible for your own happiness. Got laid 6-8 times this year-too much drama & emotion. Like fucking a bowl of jello. Will continue to explore my own body & sexuality by masturbating when I can.

  87. DJ

    I am 69 & have used this technique for a while-gets better every time !

  88. DJ

    Been on vacation with the family for a month-no alone time at all. Heading home in a few days-can’t wait for the explosion & stress relief.
    Think this the longest time between sessions in my life. Going to be fun?

  89. Rob Peters

    this is an amazing technique I am a 55 year old widower and obviously I’m old school when it comes to masturbation. it is amazing how light touching and dryness only add to the sensitivity. Even if you don’t orgasm it’s still is the most pleasurable experience. I don’t know who authored this but he is brilliant.

  90. Rob P.

    This is amazing. I am 55 years old widowed and was obviously old school. This is the first time I’ve ever tried a light touch and the pleasure just builds up. Even if you don’t orgasm I have experience harder erection using just this simple dry method. I don’t know who wrote this or how they discovered it butt he is brilliant.

  91. Rob

    About a month ago I simply started to lay back on the bed and feel different parts of my penis. it’s really amazing how you discover how sensitive certain parts are and the ones that are not. I didn’t use Lube or anything just some powder and did not masturbate to ejaculation. Eventually I did but I discovered things about sensitivity in different parts of that area that I haven’t known about before. I’m a single straight guy with kids who are grown so I now have the time to explore. I think everyone needs to do this.

  92. Sean

    Hey Bob! Definitely, relaxation is a big part of this technique and any sexual play. Stress or tension kills it. Try slowing your breathing — filling your lungs slowly on the inhale and counting out seven on the exhale. Another way to relax better is to envision each pelvic muscle and consciously relax them one by one. Finally, chill; forget any expected outcome and enjoy the experience. You’ll be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

  93. Bob

    I’ve tried this but haven’t gotten the hang of it yet perhaps I’m not relaxed enough any more suggestions would really help

  94. Sean

    All you need is a penis!

  95. jaffery iqbal

    Can a Muslim do it?

  96. Cody

    This technique takes a lot of relaxation and concentration. Any interruption and I was back to square one. However, it was one amazing orgasm. I tried it twice tonight and the second time went in a circular pattern. I loved the swirling sensation thru my balls and ebb and flow of my semen working its way up to the top. My penis jumped and quivered as a orgasmed. I kept going, the feeling was so intense.

  97. Steven forrest

    This is a great technique. I told a buddy about this technique after reading the comments about it and we both wanted to put this to the test. So we did a experiment using this technique to see if the comments were true.
    Both guys lay on floor to masturbate.
    Ages 24 and 25
    Penis size : 5.5 length, 4.5 girth and 6.5 length, 5.1 girth
    24 y/o took 15 min 29 seconds to cum. Lots of precum , penis head turned very bright red right before cumming and cum dripped from penis like waterfall and moaned and moved legs.

    25 y/o took 17 min 13 seconds to cum, also had lots a precum, struggled,not to stroke, did not stroke, penis head turned red , reports felt like cum rushed out so quickly that he moans loudly and pushed legs straight out. Cum went six inches in stomach.

  98. Sean

    Erection isn’t all that critical — relaxation is. Help your partner relax and enjoy the nuance of the experience rather than focusing on an outcome. Yes, you have the idea!

  99. Estelle

    I’d like to try this technique on my partner who is aged 65. Getting a “good strong erection” without rubbing beforehand could be tricky, but if I understood correctly, this would not be the right way to kick off the proceedings… In this case, should I start the frenulum stimulation from totally limp, and hope that the sensations will provoke the necessary erection – which you say will subsequently wax and wane? Thanks for your help!

  100. Nick

    This really is an amazing technique. When you fully relax you can feel the onset of the point of no return much harder, if that makes sense. When you actually trigger your orgasm you can feel the fluids moving and if you’re relaxed enough you can feel your prostate begin to harden and then contract rhythmically with the muscles at the base of your penis. The contractions are much harder when you use this technique. The onset of orgasm you feel like your melting inside.

  101. DJ

    Still experimenting with the hand held massager-waited about two weeks between sessions. The massager has optional snap on heads-tried one that is foam. Incredible sensations on the frenululm-will be my “go to” toy in the future. Can’t wait to do it again.

  102. Sean

    Hey! Thanks for your note. First, skip the porn here as it’s a total distraction. You really want to notice all the sensations of your body. Second, it’s absolutely fine if your penis gets soft. You can absolutely expect your penis to get hard, soft, hard, soft. This is just as pleasant with a soft penis! The whole point is to let your body do what it wants to do. Enjoy!

  103. John smith

    I was trying this and I don’t know how you guys stay erect for that long. I eventually just get soft. Even when I watch porn and try it. And in only 18. Some tips would be much appreciated.

  104. dave

    thats exactly how mine came out. just dribbled & dribbled & oozzed, & felt incredible & lasted for about ONE Minute! incredible amount! Cannot wait to have another session at it tonite, or Sooner!

  105. Ted

    It took me a good 30 mins but the after feeling was so good. I almost lost it and started pumping with my hand but I didn’t. I resisted it and wow the feeling was so good. So much cum came out. Except is it meant to shoot out like normal ejeculation does? Bc mine didn’t it just dribbled out, but so much came

  106. dave

    i am a 60 yr old with a little ED. did the tickling last nite. Absolutly Amazing!!! i did it TWICE half hr appart. this morn i feel Totally drained. when i first started i could not get results. then i look back on this web site on just how to Hold your penis with the one hand while using circular motions on that “g-spot”. felt just like a woman must feel like when they diddle the bean. Thank you soooo much for this new breath of life! cannot wait to do it again!!!!!

  107. Jeff

    Tried this a few times and the results are wild. Took about a half hour and I can’t remember before having an orgasm so intense that it produced such joy that it made me laugh. Big difference is that I felt energized and not drained by the experience. Thanks for sharing!

  108. Ed

    I have to try this technique. I usually do the regular way like stroking. Would love to experience that intense feeling.

  109. maro

    Omg… dude.. this is a really great thing i enjoyed myself sooo much, but it didnt take much time though it only took like five min. Plz tell me if u know why?

  110. Rob

    Hey there Tom, have you tried it watching porn? Also, i found that when I emptied my bladder i could totally relax everything down there. Circle at a rhythm and speed that suits you.

  111. Jake

    This is amazing. Took about a half hour the first time, 20 minutes the second and third. Took self control not to use more pressure and reach orgasm sooner but patience brought reward. Also found it energizing rather than draining that comes from a usual wank or sex.

  112. Jaidin T

    All I can say is WOW !!! Sean thanks so much for the “tip”. I tried it the first time this evening, and it took longer than most techniques, but it ended with a mind blowing orgasm. It felt like the first time all over. With or without a partner, we all jack off. I love experimentation, and this techniques is one I’ll definitely use often. Thanks again for the new found pleasure man !!!

  113. Sean

    Hey Nate! Thanks so much for your comment. Yeah, a lot of guys like #3. Kudos to you for hanging in there an hour. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by hold the orgasm at the end, but I will say this — after a time or two, you’ll start to see that time is sort of irrelevant and the pleasure is really in the journey and all the interesting things you notice getting to the orgasm. Sometimes, Nate, the orgasm itself pales in the light of what happens along the way. In short — let it ride! Allow your body to do what it wants to do and go where it wants to go. Relax everything and don’t steer. Sexually, we can become pretty outcome oriented. Instead, sometimes — let it ride. Thanks again for your comment, Nate!

  114. Nate

    Hey there, I have to say, I just tried number 3 on the list for the first time, and I have to say it was one of the best orgasms I have ever felt! It took me an hour to finally finish (I had to turn to some audio help to finish) but I feel like I need to ask: when I do this, am I suppose to hold the orgasm at the end like normal, or just let it run? As of now I am WAY to tired to try it, and I don’t want to have to go another hour just to be disappointed. Anyway, thanks for the technique, I will definantly use it again.

  115. Josh

    It was one of the most intense, hot, sensual, pleasurable, and even spiritual thing I ever experienced. When I masturbate this way, it can take 20 to 40 minutes to ejaculate. I still, can shoot my semen using this technique.

  116. Tom

    Hey everybody, I would just like to say that I have been having some difficulties with this technique. Basically I have not been able to achieve it which is rather unfortunate as is sounds so pleasurable. I am not circumcised however it does state that you can still achieve it. So I have been moving my finger on the frenulum as I am suppose to however after about 40 minutes I no longer have a strong erect penis and I have not achieved the climax which I am suppose to. I am guessing that it is a problem, so should I try to speed up the movement with my two fingers, or perhaps try to be more imaginative with my sexual thoughts?

  117. dj

    So yesterday I had some alone time for the first time in a month-a long time for me without masturbating. Found the hand held massager and got into bed. Started slow-going all over my body-inner thighs-nipples and testicles. By now I was incredibly hard-the massager has two settings-vibrate and vibrate with heat. Turned off the heat setting and placed it on my frenulum-didn’t move it-just held it there. Took a few minutes but it was incredible-came four times-first one shot so far it hit me in the face-that had never happened in over 50 years of doing this-three more followed. If you are serious about this method I would recommend getting one of these-a great tool.

  118. Connnan

    I don’t know exactly if I should comment here or on #1, but those two techniques together got me the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had! First I was doing the frenulum technique for about an hour or so. Then I paused for a very few minutes and started palming the glans. Not very long after I started having an orgasm and my face, my arms and my legs became dormant and started to tingle. Then my hole body began to shake and I almost lost conscience. I was literally screaming out loud of so much pleasure! It’s the most incredible and amazing sensation! I’ve tried to replicate that but the two times I got closest were a little less intense. Even so, I recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!!!

  119. Jamie

    I have to admit, I was skeptical since Ive read this technique won’t work as well on circumsized guys. It seems though that despite being circumsized, I still have a fairly noticeable and strong frenulum remaining.

    Time and no distractions are the key here. I laid on the bed and started. The ebb and flow is absolutely true. At times I was so relaxed, I was barely touching my frenulum, just lightly hovering over and barely touching it. Calmness and NO muscle clenching, I could feel was my orgasm building. It was no easy, I wanted to grab my cock and cum sooooo bad. Don’t do it.

    I am not a erotic vocal guy (unless it’s really that good) but here, I was moaning uncontrollably.
    I got hard and soft, but when I came, I was soft and the cum oozed out of me. The waves of pleasure with this were better than any orgasm Ive ever had when being hard and cumming.

    I was really amazed at how loud I was, this is something you definitely want to do alone in an empty environment (unless you have a bf or gf doing it to you). I can’t wait to get some quality time to do it agin. Thank You for this technique!

  120. Ryan

    This has changed my life forever! Thank you!

    It feels so awesome. I can stay on the edge for hours. I’ve never been harder or bigger than I am when I do this. It can get pretty messy though!

  121. percy

    hey i tried this till the very end i came buckets but it felt the same as if i were pumping by hand, did i do something wrong?

  122. South Pawl

    Thanks, i’ll give it a shot eventually 🙂

  123. Sean

    Hey Chris! Yeah, it’s probably the most important part and the hardest. My tip is to be sure you’re not distracted or in a hurry and focus. Try very lightly putting your finger tip on your anus and see if you’re really relaxing those muscles. Keep playing. You’ll get it.

  124. Chris

    I am an exploring guy and really want to find the best self pleasuring and i’ve tried so much but this 3 techniques seems to be super awesome!! anyway, i’m having trouble relaxing all does muscles… Do you have like some sort of tip or anything like that?

    Best regards Chris

  125. Sean

    Interesting quandary. I’m guessing you produce a fairly healthy amount of precum. In any other scenario, that’s pretty nice. Lube in this case adds another stimulant factor and sort of changes things like you experienced. I’m thinking if it were me, I’d keep a tissue or something handy to mop up the precum and keep your penis dry. I don’t think a little interruption should mess you up too much. Just keep your focus and keep moving that little bit of skin. Keep trying and have fun with it! Sounds like you’re doing great with the relaxing!

  126. South Pawl

    So i’ve been having an issue with this one. I can relax my muscles and massage the area, but when the boner subsides precum squirts on the spot and kind of ruins the whole thing (i’m circumsized btw). I can never even get far enough to enjoy it. Thoughts?

  127. Mrs. Moriarty

    Ah, cool – that’s super helpful, thanks so much again!!

  128. Sean

    Hello Again Mrs. Moriarty! Thanks for your nice comments about OG! A pleasure to have you as a reader. Your hunch is good. While a lot of sex advice is to involve many points of input and involve many body parts, nerves and systems to create a complex orgasmic experience. This one is different. What you deal with is about a half centimeter of your penis owner partner’s penile real estate. And you’re only variables while pleasuring his frenulum is speed and pressure. Remember, in this technique that less is more. He only has to lie back and focus on relaxing each and every muscle in his body and particularly his pelvic muscles one by one. And at the same time enjoy the subtle nuance of what’s happening in his body. You, without lube, only move around the tiny piece of skin. You may want to support his penis with one hand and stimulate his frenulum with the other. That’s about it. Then be patient — very patient. Allow yourself lots of time. He’ll want you to grab his cock and pump, but resist. Enjoy the quiet, highly focused attention. Then, what happens, happens when it happens.

  129. Mrs. Moriarty

    Oops, apologies for the double comment post, I have no idea how that even happened. 😡

    Thanks so much for your lightning-fast reply, Sean! I have one more question. It kind of seems important not to give his penile nerves any of the standard up-and-down stimulation in order to accomplish this kind of orgasm. Do you imagine that pairing other kinds of genital stimulation (e.g. gentle ball-tugging, gentle tickling of the shaft) might interfere in the same way? What about nipples?

    Thank you again for your help Sean, I absolutely love this blog and plan not only to continue checking your updates but to peruse your archive until I’m certain I’ve absorbed every last drop of useful information.

    RAWK ON! *heavy metal concert hand*

  130. Sean

    It works well with good communication and a lot of patience. Just like any other Sex play. Geeze, have fun and try it. Nothing really to lose, right?

  131. Mrs. Moriarty

    Hi, Guys –

    I’m pretty excited about the prospect of doing this to a male partner and I’m wondering if you think that would work. It occurs to me that this technique might be difficult to accomplish effectively without coordinating the manual stimulation with the appropriate muscle relaxation – in other words, I’m wondering if it might make things more difficult if I massage the frenulum, since I can’t feel what’s happening inside him.

    Thanks in Advance!

  132. Sean

    Hi Ian! Very cool experience. Quantity of semen is really sort of irrelevant. The greater issue is pleasure, experimentation and fulfillment. Keep at it and learn to locate muscles in your pelvic area. You can change your experience dramatically.

  133. Ian Dyck

    incredible this was my first orgasm. But once I came, the muscles in the base of my dick started pulsating automatically, and only a little bit came. Any tips on that?

  134. Marco

    I dont get it
    I am uncut, i rub that spot for about 5-10 minutes and i shoot cum like with normal way of mastrubation

  135. dj

    Been stuck with family for weeks-no alone time for another 10 days-got laid last week-waste of time-can’t wait to be alone & tickle my frenulum!!

  136. Stu

    I did this technique last night. the pleasure sensation was nice but not massive and I only cummed a little bit??? I’m uncut and have quite a right foreskin! Any tips?

  137. dj

    Used a handheld massager for the first time today-still just the frenulum spot-hardest I have ever been-lots of cum-can’t wait to do it again!

  138. Rob

    Wow, mission accomplished!
    I emptied my bladder to help with muscle relaxation required and found that helped big time. I loved the ebbing and flowing build ups, when they come over you get your breathing and relaxation in order to the point of total calmness. The feeling you get when you want to pee but because of the empty bladder you won’t.
    I lasted out for 30 minutes because I was enjoying it so much, you’ve really got to let go of all the normal squeezing and pushing urges and just relax everything down there. I used one finger only and moved it around as per the instructions and it was such a rewarding experience. It was such an intense orgasm with a nice big spray at the end. …..can’t wait to do it again and again! I’m going to monitor how quick and how long I can go.

  139. Sean

    Yeah, relax the pelvic muscles.

  140. Rob

    I’ve tried a couple of times now and cum ‘the normal way’. Is edging required during these build ups? Or do I need to train myself to relax those normal urges?

  141. RJ

    I have been getting a massage from this very sexy woman about 2x a month for a while now, she has me on my belly and holds my cock in her hand while rubbing her thumb on my frenulum, she also gently rubs up and down my legs, sides, and back. It is an unbelievable feeling the best ever. I also have a friend that will use her tongue on the same place for a long time until an eruption occurs! They are both intense and totally satisfying!

  142. DB

    Hi Sean, I tried this for the first time a couple of months ago. At first it felt great and got me really hard, but I did not think I was going to cum. I kept at it and after about 25 minutes I could feel the semen starting to flow through my balls etc. as you described. The orgasm was totally awesome and I deffinately shot a bigger load than normal. I have done it often since and sometimes I reach a orgasm after just 5 minutes. This has become my favorite jacking off method, thanks for sharing this info.

  143. Sean

    JM, you actually have some options because you can either move the skin with your foreskin forward or retracted depending on what feels good to you. A foreskin gives you a lot more nerve endings to enjoy as well.

  144. JM

    Sean im un circumsized so where do I move th skin

  145. dj

    Got laid last week-too much drama-much more pleasurable this way! Control your own destiny!

  146. Brian

    This is a great technique, I have been using it for years now, not all the time, just those special moments with myself. Some thing that I usually do differently is I turn it into an all day thing, when I know I have the house to myself for a weekend. I start off by getting horny on the computer, and once a little precum starts coming out just from visual stimulation alone, I then use the precum as a lube and pretty much do exactly what he mentioned. I’ll sit the for several minutes and it feels amazing. Then I will stop for a couple minutes and go outside to my workshop and have a smoke, and also reach down my pants and start going at it again, it feels amazing standing up I might add, to the point of getting lightheaded at times. After about another 10-15 minutes doing it out there, I then come back inside and get back on my computer watching a video of daily choice put on loop while finishing it off. It’s very amazing. Nice thing about this techniwue is that once you start you dont need any vidal stimulation, or mentally either. The feeling itself keeps you so stuck in the moment you cant even concentrate on anything else anyways. But if you do have something that turns you on to watch it just makes the finish that much better.

  147. Sean

    Hey Bob! Just move the skin around below the head of your penis on the ventral (bottom) side. Enjoy!

  148. Bob

    Slighty confused. Should i be rubbing the tight skin on the head ,or the skin just below the head/gap.

    Thanks Bob.

  149. Mark

    Took me five minutes it was amazing

  150. dj

    Again today-great time all by myself

  151. james

    My god I done this and it was absolutely amazing it was the best I’ve felt in ages my orgasm was so intense it lasted much longer and my orgasm contractions we very powerful and strong, my ejaculation went everywhere and the amount that flew out was unbelievable!!!!

  152. dj

    Still having a great time with this method-head turned purple tonite-first time ever!!

  153. Josh

    Took me especially long, almost 40 minutes but oh my god. Best feeling ever and made my entire body go numb. I’ve never had this much cum before, I actually had to use a towel. Be patient and really disconnect with everything else and you’ll have the best orgasm you could imagine

  154. Jose

    I rub the frenum differently. I pull my foreskin out as far as I can to get the max stretch from the bottom of the head. The frenum is visible then with it stretched about two inches in front of the head and can be seen when I’m laying back. I rub the frenum up and down or sometimes sideways and it allways gets me leaking like a faucet. The harder I stretch the foreskin forward the more it feels good but takes a real long time to get to the point of unloading. In the beginning I start to feel a tingling feeling at the bottom of my feet but I always have to resist the urge to move the skin up and down the head like a regular JO and the precum begins to fill up the skin. The frenum stretch and rub really makes the clear precum flow like a faucet and feels fantastic and warm sloshing around the base of the head. I usually have one smaller cum but I discovered that if I keep going I can have another one in about 30 secs. Also if you are getting head you can pull the skin down as hard as you can and tell the other person to not move their mouth up and down but just rub their tongue up and down the frenum while you control the tightness of how hard the skin is pulled down. Really fantastic and makes the head turn purple. Hah.

  155. Alex

    I don’t know what just happened but I gotta say. It was way powerful. I did exactly as said and at first I thought it was silly and just a joke but continued. it took quite awhile maybe half an hour but I kept getting slowly closer to an orgasm. Until finally semen just started pouring out and It was so intense that I had to let go before I was fully finished. The amount of semen was way more than expected. Quite a bit mare than average. Definitely will do this again in the future.

  156. Greg

    Wow! Thought I’d done it all. I followed your directions and had the exact sensations you described: slowly escalating and subsiding feelings of pleasure and inevitability. I was watching porn but wasn’t focusing on getting off just soaking up the feelings. Hard to describe but both the ride on the way and the eventual orgasm were fantastic. Thank you for opening a new door!

  157. Jimmy

    Wow, just incredible. I tried this technique and while it took a while, the end results where among-st the best I have ever had!

    The orgasm was really slow in building which in itself felt great. When the orgasm actually happened, whoa! It lasted an awful lot longer and was more drawn out, like lots of intense “pulse” for 30 seconds I near blacked out, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

    Will definitely be doing this more often, such a sweet sensitive spot. It makes me thank my lucky stars that I own a penis! haha

  158. cody

    was great was getting bored with the usual and this felt great

  159. Sus

    I am cut and fortunately I’m able to get pleasure out of rubbing the underside of my penis. It feels so good and feels even better when someone else does it for you using their finger and or tongue..A+Mazing

  160. dj

    So I have been married for a long-but wife has lost all her sex drive after menopause. Very difficult for me until now-this new technique has been unbelievable-almost orgasm on demand-never realized how sensitive this area is-new lease on life.

  161. dj

    Still experimenting with this technique-today I discovered having an orgasm without ejaculation-quite the experience-only did it about 15 times today-really amazing. Now I barely have to touch my frenulum and I start to quiver-can’t wait for more discovery’s!

  162. dj

    Did this for the second time this morning-been masturbating for about 55 yrs the usual way. Most intense sensation I have ever had-incredible sensations down the back of both legs-took me about (20) minutes of pleasure-most cum in my life-better than any sex I have ever had with a woman and now I have control of my sensations. Can’t thank you enough.

  163. Other Dylan

    Are you supposed o rub the bottom of your head, or the bit slightly below that (on the underside of the shaft)? I’ve been going for an hour now and it only slightly feels like anything…

  164. Sean

    Hi Dylan! There are probably more questions about this technique than any other. It can be elusive but oh so rewarding! A couple things as reminders and a couple to think about. First, don’t use lube and you’re not rubbing, but only moving the skin around with one or two fingers. Second, it’s really important to focus on relaxing all of your pelvic floor muscles, anus, at the base of your penis. Focus there. You will have to relax them over and over again. Focus on full body sensations, not just your penis. Ditch the vibe. More is not better. In fact, less is often better. Try lightening up your touch to gentle. An erection is irrelevant. It does come and go. You can be totally flaccid then a raging hard-on. It means very little. If you can enjoy watching all these interesting things happening and enjoy the subtle sensation during what you call the boring phase, you’re well on your way. If so, you’ve achieved a new level of masturbation!!

  165. Dylan

    Hello, this method was recently brought to my attention and I would really like to achieve it. I’ve tried one or two times every day for the past four days each time with the same result. It’ll begin rather boringly but after some time I’ll get hit by some small waves of pleasure at rather infrequent intervals, after going for a bit longer, the waves will start to become rather intense and a bit more often, but then my penis, which has been going back and forth between flaccid and erect, will get very hard only to go flaccid again and for all of the waves to stop. I don’t really understand what I’m doing wrong.

    P.S. I’ve tried with both a vibrator and my fingers.

    P.P.S. I am circumcised and it appears that I don’t have much of a frenulum but there is a little bit there at the bottom of the head.

  166. Mystery Dude

    I had huge amount of cum come out, but I didn’t have much of a strong orgasm. I don’t know if I was hitting the fernulum right, or I numbed my penis out because I did #2 twice this week.

    Do I need to slow down in order to feel the full sensation?

  167. brent

    I am to achieve to most.amazing powerful orgasm rubbing my.frenulum. it takes a little longer but all she.does is rub it with just one finger and it is awesome. I prefer it over anything else. I shoot loads and loads of cum.

  168. Giancarlo

    I saw this method a couple of years ago on a site where guys post personal vids. What I do is to not actually rub the frenum but to put a finger on it right at the “v” on the head where the frenum is attached and stretch it without actually rubbing it. I couldn’t believe that I had 3 orgasms and huge shots over about30 or 40 seconds. Now, I’ve begun to rub the frenum actually with my skin covering the whole head and just sticking my finger into the foreskin. I tried this on a dude from my gym that has the thickest foreskin and broadest frenum that I’ve ever seen and just kept rubbing his frenum right at the head with the tip of my tongue without moving my head at all and told him that If I do something that he really likes to tell me to keep it up. After about 10 minutes he was like WTF! He had three massive cum shots over that period and the head flared out like he said it felt like it was gonna expload. The frenum / frenulum is the best part of the uncut dick.

  169. Harmon

    In none of the comments is precum discussed. It seems that is a key ingredient to success – or lack thereof – for the cut guys….

    I also don’t know how you can describe this technique as being a new way to ejaculation. Too many of these guys don’t know the difference. The objective here is NOT emission – it’s the fullbody-jarring of an orgasm. Forget about squirting or waterfalls of whatever and focus on the experience.

    One way to do that is to rub or touch ONLY the urethral opening with your index finger. But you can only do this if you produce precum. Similar to the Frenulum technique, do this and if you do it right, you will NEVER have an emission. The method can actually PREVENT you from an emission, but you will have fullbody orgasms as much as you can stand for as long as you can stand. You will feel like you’re going to pee or cum, but you will not be able to do either one no matter how much you want to. I’ve gone for as long as 4 hours. I quit after 4 hours because I was exhausted – not because I ejaculated and was tired. I’ve done it alone, and with 2 different female partners. One of the female partners said she already knew about the technique as the only way to make a guy happy with a handjob (of sorts), but that kept her hand and face clean (LOL).

    Try it…….or at least quit thinking these techniques are all replacements for pounding your penis with your fist as fast as you can. They are NOT replacements for just having an ejaculation. These move you to a higher level than that of a great ape.

  170. Narayan

    Thanks for the tips. I’m not someone who’s ever really looked into techniques besides the basic stroke so this was definitely a new experience. The sensation and amount at the end was somewhat bigger too. I still need to work on keeping the lower area fully relaxed to get the most build up and pleasure like you say. It took well over an hour to reach the end but I feel like I could have gone longer if I didn’t tense up/squeeze those muscles here and there as that seems to cause faster ejaculation.

  171. Guest

    It worked. Very intense. Knocked me out

  172. Sean

    Hey John! The main thing is that you stimulate only the frenulum. Use one or two fingers but just gently move the skin around rather than rubbing. It’s not much like the masturbation we all know. It’s very subtle. Be very patient and enjoy whatever happens!

  173. John

    Hey Guys,

    I dont understand, how do I go around without rubbing? and Do I hold the base of my penis with my left and only use 1 finger to rub the frenulum? Can I place my thumb on the head of my penis at the same time?

  174. mahatmaman

    I’ve done this a few times in the past couple of weeks; it’s an amazing departure from years of pump-and-stroke masturbation. I highly recommend it. The most notable differences to normal solo action was that I didn’t use much fantasy to get there. No thinking about female colleagues, women I’ve been with or would like to have sex with. Just the physical sensations. Even so the orgasm is intense. The other differences are in what you feel. Every stage of excitement is clearly discernible, presumably because they’re not masked by the movement and sensation of your hand or masturbation sleeve. Coming this way is beyond description and perhaps the most comparable experience is waking up coming after a wet dream. The other thing you feel with the hand you use to hold the base of the penis is each and every twitch of the penis as you pump out your load. Definitely worth trying. I never new I’d discover something new about masturbation at my age. I think Women who like giving head and handjobs should take note.

  175. Dan

    I’m uncut and have done this a stack of times. My fav way to get off, when I have the time. My missus also loves to help out and after playing a while I’ll get on my knees and she’ll lick the frenulum while i gently rub it across her tongue. Same amazing feeling, just better cause it’s always better when you have some help.

  176. Sean

    Totally a matter of preference, but I find it distracting. The less distraction, the better focus on sensation and experience.

  177. Noah

    Hey I dunno if this effects it but if I had porn on while doing this would it still work?

  178. luka

    Lol I discovered this way of masturbation by mistake in my early teens, its been my favorite ever since. At the very beginning it was very pleasurable, but abit to work for. But it is true, that not only with ‘practice’, but with experience it gets so much better. Nowadays, I like to mix it up with fist pumping, frenulum, intense kliegels, and edging. It’s way much better edging it while watching a good porno. The orgasms are so strong, if it doesn’t knock you out completely, you tingle and sputter after the waves hit you, and go completely numb for a few minutes. It’s great.

  179. Sean

    Absolutely! Try the very tip of your tongue and fairly light. It’s a subtle stimulation. Be aware though that it can take awhile. Be patient. Change it up for awhile if it gets uncomfortable and then go back to the tongue. Sounds fun Liz.

  180. Liz

    Oh wow! This sounds awesome! But I really want to try doing this with oral, I think that would excite him even more. Would a tongue work instead of a finger? How hard do you need to rub?

  181. Tj

    I did this for about half an hour or so and it began gushing in waves followed by a pee like sensation then orgasm

  182. Sean

    Hi Mattheus! I don’t know if this bit of info would help you or not, but it’s worth noting that with this technique you don’t need to have a hard penis to ejaculate. If your erection takes a break, keep going. That advice can also apply to other sexual spheres of play. Hard cocks are occasionally overrated. Easy does it and have fun!

  183. Matheus

    Hi Sean. I’ve tried 3 times this technique but haven’t succeeded yet. Everytime I feel the orgasm is close, my penis gets really hard, I can feel I’m getting closer and closer to the orgasm, the pressure inside me (in the prostate, I believe) increases and then… My penis goes limp without orgasming a few secons later, and doesn’t get up right away.
    This happened in those 3 times, have you (or anyone) experienced it? The waves of pleasure I get until this point are really good, but the blue balls are taking their toll on me.

  184. Carlos

    I tried this technique yesterday at night when I went to bed and it wasna very remarkable experience.

    I started by masturbating as I often do, with my eyes closed and trying to feel everything as I stroke my penis with my whole hand, with the tip of my fingers, with a reverse fist or whatever grip I quite unconsciously use. I simply try to let everything just flow. Then, I grabbed my penis at the base and started to rub the frenulum with little circles. As the waves of pleasure got really bigger, the little circles became larger ones. As Sean described it, I could feel like if I was going to literally explode but then the semen held back. I continued to rub my frenulum for about 15 minutes. I’m going to tell the truth. Even though the orgasm with this technique was nit really amazing, the waves of pleasure that ran over my body as I tickled my frenulum were absolutely mind-blowing. I do not often moan when I jerk off, but with every pleasure wave an involuntary moan came out of my deep insides. Oh, and the amount of semen that came out was over my average.

    Thank you Sean for this outstanding technique.

  185. Sean

    Hey Johnny!

    First, no masturbation technique should hurt. Always stop before it hurts. Stop and reevaluate. Maybe give it a break and try it later. A big part of this technique is relaxation. It’s important to relax all the muscles in the pelvic area. Probably not been noted before but here it’s worth it to say to relax the mind and don’t focus on the technique so much as enjoy the sensations. If pain develops, it’s time to give it a break.

  186. Johnny

    I read this technique and was super excited to try it.But I could not do it at all.I am uncut, so when I tried to do with my foreskin in place I could not orgasm even after 2 hours. So the next day I retracted my foreskin but again even after 1 hour I could not reach orgasm and also skin on the spot(where I had my finger) started to peel off. So I could not continue further as it hurt a lot. Maybe I am not doing it right. Or maybe I am keeping the finger at the wrong spot. Please help….I really want to orgasm using this wonderful technique.

  187. Sean

    Hey! The technique is really the same whether you have a foreskin or not. The nerves on the frenulum are all in the same place. Find the”v” formed by your glans on the down-side of your penis. Gently move that around either with your foreskin retracted or in place. It works either way. Guys with foreskins usually have a bit more sensation do it’s likely to be even more awesome!

  188. asdfghjk

    Please explain in detail for uncut guys.
    How to find the spot and how to do it correct

  189. Dude

    I just tried this, but I came after only a couple of minutes, perhaps just a little longer than when masturbation the regular way. I didn’t change the speed of my finger or anything, and squirted like normal (although not as far).
    Anything I’m doing wrong?

  190. Sean

    Everyone’s experience is different when comes to music. In my experience, any kind of music that is agitating isn’t great for sex. Feel-good music works for me. Also, I love Tibetan music. It appeals to my sexuality.

  191. Stephen


    I was wondering would you encourage listening to relaxing music or is it best to not?

  192. Mike

    I tried this method and it truly is amazing. Thank you Sean this is the best thing ever. I have such a difficult time not just stroking it it’s so difficult to control because I am on the edge for so long. but when I finally do it’s like literally the awesome goo just shoots out as I try to still not stroke and then I find myself just gasping

  193. Sean

    Hi Dan! Glad you enjoyed it. That’s what it’s about. Anal aren’t necessarily more intense but maybe broader in the sense of whole body. You can do that with your penis too, though if you take the time. Here’s an article about orgasm with the Aneros: Enjoy, Dan!

  194. Dan


    I’ve had 3 Frenulum orgasms and they rock.

    Have you made an article about having an anal orgasm?
    I’ve heard that’s a lot more intense than a Penis orgasm, but never really have achieved it… I tried doing it once but was lost…

  195. paul

    I tried this technique yesterday. Session lasted a little over half an hour and proceeded as described. Wow!!! What a fantastic build up and release. Amazing how this produces such a long and literally draining orgasm. I did need to rest afterward.

    Thank you Sean, for sharing this.

  196. Sean

    Hey! No surprise on the hour. Kudos to you for staying with it! Nice. And you can’t really get sex wrong. Every experience had its own qualities to be enjoyed. Having said that, sure switch hands! You need to be comfortable. What’s great is noticing the true distinction between orgasm and ejaculation. When you come, continue to move the same bit of skin long after ejaculation for some nice intense pleasure. Keep at it! Thanks for your note!

  197. Dan

    I tried this and it took more than an hour to orgasm.
    The orgasm was quite intense and I shot a big load, but it didn’t lost no where near as long…
    I know I am doing something wrong…
    What part of the penis needs to be stimulated exactly?
    How do I know I am on the right road when I try it?
    Is it ok to lift the fingers off the frenulum for a little bit and switch hands?

  198. Barry

    I’ve been trying this technique for about a year, and I just can’t get it right. I can cum from rubbing the area next to the frenulum on my left side, slightly touching the corona. I do cum loads when I orgasm, and it feels great, but nothing like what’s described here.

    When I rub my frenulum at the tip (just where it meets the head) I don’t really feel anything. At the bottom of the frenulum (where it touches the shaft) I feel something, but my cock goes limp and then doesn’t get hard again.

    Where are you supposed to be rubbing the frenulum? In the middle, moving the whole thing around, or at the top or bottom of it?

    How hard are you meant to be rubbing the area?
    And how soft and for how long does your cock go limp inbetween the hard periods. Because with me it just goes limp and stays there.

    I’ve tried this method so many times and I don’t know what it is that i’m doing wrong. I was wondering if it was because I have slight frenulum breve that I couldn’t quite get to the nerves or something.

    Someone help please!!! I need VERY in detail instructions to get this right :S

  199. Hugh Jaynus

    Took me roughly 20 minutes to hit the top of the montain. The orgasm lasted almost a minute. Had my mother in law helping me and she was just awestruck at the volume of semen. I plan on doing it again real soon. My mother in law is looking forward to helping out.

  200. janci

    I did this first time masturbating to orgasm when I was 15 and have done this for 45 years. Usually relaxed but sometimes I tighten my legs and whole body when I begin ejaculating. I do tender circling motions with one lubricated finger on frenulum or rub it between two fingers, I also use sometimes vibrator on frenulum or ask my wife caress gently this point. I usually caress my left nipple (it’s sensitive for me and sends pleasure waves right to frenulum area) the same time. I make pauses edging, when I want to last longer. Sometimes I have full body aftershocks. The frenulum is like woman’s clitoris, I have eplained to my wife.

  201. anonymouse

    Did it. Took me several weeks to get there and all day today… working at it. Won’t be doing it very often because of this but the orgasm was pretty amazing. The one I did last week was similar but that one I just jacked like normal then when I reached the PONR I just did the tickle thing. I’ll be doing that one way more!

  202. Sean

    I’m circumcised myself, but if it were me, I’d try with the foreskin. I think you likely have a lot of sensation to enjoy. Then compare to retracting your foreskin. Notice the difference. Nice that you have the option.

  203. Roger

    Do you pull foreskin back if uncut?

  204. Sean

    Hey Kevin,

    I emailed you last week. Let me know if you didn’t get that.

  205. Kevin

    Sean, would it be ok to ask an email address from you? Or a way to send a PM.



  206. Nathan

    Well, i”m 14 years old and rather new to masturbaying. I did this for about 20 minutes while watching a long porn video, and i have to say it was worth the wait! I could feel the cum flowing through my dick and it poured everywhere! First time i read something with positive feedvack on a website about masturbating that actually worked!

  207. Sean

    I get what you mean. Not always better — just different. Keep in mind that this technique is very nice with a partner as well. They focus on simulation and you focus on relaxation and getting into the sensations. And you have the added benefit of avoiding the temptation to grab your cock and let her rip. Privacy is pretty much what you imagine it to be.

  208. Kevin

    Thanks Sean – I’ll give it a go when I have some privacy . It used to be easier at 13 than it is now at 31 !! Sometimes masturbation is better than sex and I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s not always easy to do when you have a partner and prefer to do it alone.

    Cheers and thanks again, Kev.

  209. Sean

    Kevin. In my way of thinking, definitely try relaxing and not squeezing. That’s where the unique sensation lies. I love the feeling of the fluids that you get when you don’t squeeze. Yet, always experiment! Thanks for your note.

  210. Kevin

    Hey man,

    I was just wondering, when I finally do get to the last point of no return, should i just let me cum dribble out, or do you guys then clench your pc muscles at the end. I’m able to shoot by clenching and have good pc control and can just completely let it dribble.

    Which is best? I hate ruined orgasms.

    Thanks for the help and for a great site!!

    Take care,

  211. Bb6

    Yeah, it does work. It’s a lot of work but then it does work!

  212. John

    Holly crap! It is amazing!

  213. Haley

    So this sounds amazing.. My boyfriend is on vacation with his family and he can’t see me. He wants me to “punish” him tonight and I thought this would be good… How do I tell him how to do this either over phone or text message? Thanks 🙂

  214. jacob

    holy shit……….. never came that much before …… freaking amazing.

  215. Manny

    I have successfully done this now about 3 times and it is the best-feeling orgasm ever! Because it takes so long to achieve, I only attempt it when I have the extra time, but it is so worth it! After orgasm using this technique I can stay hard and actually keep stroking it and have another orgasm, though not as strong, within a few minutes. I’m glad I found this article because I used this technique before, but never used it all the way to the end….I never thought that the ending would be different than a normal wank, but it is. The contractions are so strong and the emotional feelings called forth are also very nice.

  216. Brandon

    I am 26 and my bf is 21 and we were reading this stuff and he said he wanted to try this on me. So I let him take control. He slowly stripped me and then he tied my arms and legs and that was so erotic and he teased and sucked my nipples and got me really excited. He gave me an enormous erection and he began to slowly tease my frenulum. Actually, he teased w/o lube at first and then added a great lube we buy and the pleasure was beyond desription. He had me crying and writhing like a wimp and he just did not stop. I mean he must have teased me like that for almost 20 minutes. Like you said, I wanted to cum so bad but he was in total control. I was helpless. He also knew how to talk to really excite me more. He likes to tease me because my nipples get so hard during sex and because I have a big bush and stuff like that. And he kept telling me to take it like a man which really is hot to me and then all of a sudden, I couldn’t take the pleasure any more and I knew I was gunna cum and my boner was absolutley gushing jit just like you said. My bf said I had never squirted so much sperm before and it was by far the longest and MOST intense orgasm of my life. I will confess right here–he had me screaming like a sissy when I had my orgasm. I was incredible.

  217. Sean

    Hey Matt! Yes, the V part of the frenulum is the small notch-like area just beneath the head of the penis. This is where you’d stay and stimulate. Nowhere else.
    Thanks for writing!

  218. Matt

    ummm,where’s the v-part of the frenelum?is it where the frenulum meets the head or just the whole frenulum breve?*confused*

  219. Sean

    Hi Ed. If ever you feel pain, and don’t like it, stop. Read some of the other comments — every guy has different experiences with this and other techniques. Sex is all about experimentation and your own unique pleasure. Adjust your technique, notice your sensation and find what works for you. Let us know what you discover.

  220. Ed

    I tried this, I was doing what this website said to do for about 40 mins, It felt warm for a little bit but then went away. And my penis started to hurt… What was I doing wrong? Any ideas how to make it not painful?

  221. Jason

    OMFG, I had the best orgasm of my life! It went on for roughly 20 seconds. It was so powerful and intense I thought I was going to die!
    I saw stars it was so good and I would recommend that you relax and take time out for this one because its not something that you can do in 30 seconds.
    This Technique gets a 5 star rating from me!!
    I am off to do it again it was so good, Wow!! Thank you orgasmicguy

  222. Sean

    Hey Andy, Everyone’s experience is different. My personal policy is “try everything twice.” Doesn’t matter what it is. My body, my mind, my mood, my focus might be different next time. And, who knows? To one guy what’s mind blowing, to another might be benign. The main thing is don’t let technique get in the way of experience. Sex is a journey, not a job.

  223. Andy


    First things first, I love this site and the 3 techniques, though I problems doing any of them. I worked my hardest at perfecting #3 but failed miserable!!!I grabbed my penis with my left hand, and stroked my frenelum (v area?) with my right hand index figure. It took a long time to notice anything, but after a while my started to ache… It didn’t hurt but I felt these orgasmic like tremors affecting each part of my body. It was cool, but the process took to long. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do then since I had forgotten if I was allowed to look at external porn online or remain in position. At the 1:30h mark I couldn’t wait anymore so I decided to use porn to speed things up. It did, I could see feel my penis increasing in size, I couldn’t contain my excitement for the ensuing explosion. But then it happened, I was rotating my fingers when my penis ejaculated, (like a volcano since I was lying down) but it lasted for a very short while, and I barely felt anything.

    All that work for nothing heh, there must have been something I did wrong. I used spit for lubricant to rub the frenelum so maybe that was it?

  224. Tyler

    Thanks so much man 🙂 I’ll try again after super bowl haha. Thanks so much for the help, I’ll let you know how it goes

  225. Sean

    Hey Tyler. I’m replying to both of your last comments. You need to be comfortable to appreciate the nuances of your sexual feelings, so yes, being warm helps.

    There are likely two issues that give guys a little grief. The first is their touch. Keep it simple, use no lube, relax *all* of your muscles including those around your penis and anus. Then just move that little V-bit of skin back and below the head of your penis around in tiny circles. That’s all. If you lose your erection for a little bit, that’s OK. Just keep at it. Keep it simple.

    Second issue is patience. Focus on what you’re doing and feeling, not on rushing to an ejaculation. It takes time. It can certainly take more than 20 minutes. Your body goes through a whole bunch of fascinating sensations, urges and feelings through this process. You want to cum and it seems elusive. You’re so cranked that you want to grab your cock and pump, but you don’t because you just want to experience this ebb and flow of sometimes very subtle sexual energy. You continue focus and refocus on relaxing those tiny muscles around your penis and anus. Enjoy the journey!

    You know what happens next. You read the post.

    And, if it doesn’t work today, try again tomorrow. Relax. No big deal. Thanks for writing, Tyler. My best to your personal growth!!

  226. Sean

    You never need porn to masturbate. You don’t need anything. Though, porn can be a very fun addition. My advice is to learn to focus on your own body and your feelings. Avoid distractions. Seek depth.

  227. Tyler

    Sorry for posting over and over but also: I hadn’t drank a lot of water today… and ate soups and pretzels. The room I tried to do it in was at about 58’F and I was naked so it was kinda cold. I had peed at least a minute before i started. And I have to take medicine as follows: Hyrdocodone(acetaminophen) 7.5/350MG, Gapepentin 300MG, and a bile binder to control acid reflux. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  228. Tyler

    Hey guys me again I could really use some help. I really really want to feel this but i dont know what im doing wrong. Here’s what I do: I take off all of my clothes, I put a big soft blanket over my bed and then I lie down with a pillow behind my head, I rub my shaft like normal untill i get hard. Then I use my thumb and index to make a circle around the base of my shaft. after that I take my index and middle finger of my right hand and rub just beneath the head of my penis on the *back* side(where the skin is really soft.)What happened was I stayed hard for 5 minutes, then i went limp, then really hard, and then limp again. I started feeling my balls getting really really hot and the muscles below them. I got hard one more time, thinking I was getting close i kept it up. but then I just went limp and only felt the hot feeling nothing more, I did this for 20 minutes and nothing happened. Please help guys I would really appriciate the help.

  229. Tyler

    Hey guys, was wandering… Do you need porn for this?

  230. john

    my toes hurt after this, thought i wud never stand again lol

  231. Helter Skelter

    I came all over my face and couldn’t be so quiet as i needed to be. It was fucking awesome, OMG.

  232. Julo

    whoah! this feels like all my manhood is oozing and squirting up like a juicy boy! love the sensation! rocks my body and mind! makes me feel more in touch with my male body and the all the semen i can juice up! feels more of a man with an amazing penis and cum.

  233. Rusty Shakleford

    Wow. I can confirm that this works.

  234. Alejandro

    That was the BEST orgasm ive had so far! took me around 40 mins,but it was worth it. thanx a lot,man! i wonder where you get these awesome ideas from. o.O

  235. Joe

    Most intense masturbation technique tickling the frenulum, at my age 77 I thought I was past experiencing an intense orgasm but I am happy to report that my frenulum loved it and made lots of pre-cum before finally reaching an intense orgasm with a lot of cum which I had not had since I was a teenager. I had to resist the temptation to jerk off with the build up being so prolonged about half an hour and certainly intense.
    Thanks for this you have made an old guy very happy.

  236. Sam

    Wow, thanks for this. It took me around half an hour. Make sure you don’t rub but just apply pressure and go around.
    This was probably the best solo fun I’ve had like this.

  237. Zack

    All I can say is WOW. This actually worked. It took me a bit longer than expected because I was doing it wrong at first (rubbing, not rotating). But I decided to keep at it once I felt that first orgasmic feeling. It was so different, it felt like my cock was about to explode, but then it would die down and I would just keep rotating. After about 15-20 minutes I finally came. I have never seen so much cum in my life, it just kept pouring out. The best masturbAtion technique I have ever tried. Thank you so much for this awesome trick!

  238. SP

    I came beyond my head and in loads. better than prostate massage. my wife also does it for me sometimes…even she gets turned on…this is the best orgasm hands down…[] i’m so horny now…

  239. Anonymous

    I started using this technique before I even read any article on it. It feels really good. I’m going to do this before I go to bed tonight.

  240. Sean

    Thanks, Sarah, for your comments. Definitely, new spots and new approaches are fun. Men are just like women in this respect. Different vaginal spots arouse differently, and likewise different areas on a guy’s penis arouse differently. Regarding a long time arousing, the story is the same. A slow and gradual buildup is something few guys are accustomed to, but once experienced, you’ll find long slow sex together something you’ll want to do more often.

  241. Sarah

    Sean, Thanks for your reply. I was thinking this might be a fun and different way to spice things up for us and I would love to try a new way to relax him. I don’t think he has ever masturbated in this way so I am not sure if he would enjoy the time it seems to take to get there, thus my pondering about how best to approach this. Great web site!

  242. Sean

    Sure you could. It works very well with couples. The relaxation is the same. It still takes a long time, so be patient. As far as the bondage part, you’d need to ask him if he would like it.

  243. Sarah

    Hi, this sounds amazing. Is this something I could try with my husband, me doing the finger touching for him as he relaxes? Would me playfully tying his hands together so he could not stop me add to his excitement?

  244. John

    Wow. I just tried this and it was crazy. It did take 15-20 minutes but it was SO worth it. Alittle lube while you rub your fingers up and down right below the head is a good touch. Gotta try it

  245. James

    Man… this is a really good technique and I was super skeptical about it. I have jerked off about every way possible and I figured this method wouldn’t work. I always use my hand to stroke it out and squeeze the muscles under my balls, which typically makes my cock harder and gets the precum flowing. Tonight I decided to use the above technique and I followed the directions EXACTLY as they were written. I held my cock lightly toward the base with two fingers and allowed two fingers to gently move around the frenulum. At first I was sitting on a chair, but in order to get more comfortable I decided to lie down on my bed and relax. I will admit, it was difficult to concentrate and stay focused on the pleasurable sensation (usually I’m watching porn and stroking my cock with lube) but I just took deep breaths and continued gently moving one to two fingers around the frenulum. I was getting strong urges and wanted to squeeze those muscles so badly, but I held off and just let my body drift into pleasure mode. It took about 20-25 minutes of this continuously and I was going limp, then getting hard again as soon as I relaxed and let it happen. After 4 or 5 rounds of getting hard then limp I started dripping a small amount of precum, which I used to coat my fingers that were gently massaging/tickling the frenulum. This made my dick harder and gave me even stronger urges to squeeze, but I continued resisting and focused on breathing deeply, letting the tingling, sexual urge in my groin intensify. I continued this for another 5-10 minutes until my cock started getting extremely hard and twitching on its own, without the aid of my PC muscles, which were still relaxed and now almost aching with pleasure. The intense waves and a feeling of cum building up flowed through my balls, my thighs, even my stomach. By this time my cock was now drooling precum all over my stomach… at first just one stream leaked out and remained dangling from my cockhead to my stomach. Next, the feelings of pleasure intensified and my cock started drooling gobs of precum and the thick prostate fluid spilled onto my stomach. I kept gently massaging the frenulum and breathing harder now. By this time I was going crazy and the feeling of wanting to orgasm were extremely intense. My cock was jumping all around on its own and I could see the hole opened up as it stood at attention, ready to burst. The veins were popping out of my shaft and the entire thing was pulsating. I breathed heavier and let the tingling overwhelm my groin, which now caused my cock to spit cum like I had been deep in a wet pussy for over an hour. The hot cum covered my stomach and chest, as my dick continued to jump and dance around uncontrollably. After 8 or so spurts of hot cum my cock finally stopped gushing and collapsed onto my stomach, but continued jumping up to full attention and going back down for another 30 seconds or so. The feeling was incredible and almost brought me back to the first time I felt my cock explode. For a self-proclaimed jerk off expert, this technique blew my mind and I felt like it opened up doors for future sessions of intense pleasure beyond anything I’ve experienced before. Thanks orgasmic guy!!!

  246. Bob

    I’ve been doing this for a while. I use a smalled knobbed massager on a low vibration setting on my frenulum and experience an orgasm within minutes. If I hold back and stop myself from ejaculating straight away, it feels like one continuous orgasm…and once I do ejaculate, it comes out in streams to the point where I feel completely drained. if you don’t have a massager, try an electric toothbrush.

  247. Rick

    Wow this is good! Why do we not know about this before now?? How did you find this out?

    I also use it to achieve my erection – amazingly quickly from flaccid, and not even thinking of sex. Nice amount of pre-cum. My erection seems so strong and my penis looks and feels huge. While fingering the frenulum, with my other hand I push my penis down at the base. I find that this makes my penis poke forward and makes the erection feel very strong in the prominent glistening head, stretches the frenulum, emphasises the head ridge and defines the V underneath, and makes it all so intensely sensitive as it is stroked and fingered. Great for edging.

    Very erotic for mutual masturbation: the penis with its bulging head is being pushed forward to your partner; so visual, so exposed and presenting with just a rubbing finger underneath. Also wonderful position for oral sex. (I realise now why tongue flicking of the frenulum is so pleasurable.) Love kneeling between masturbating partners open legs, and masturbating with this technique and eventually ejaculating onto partner. OMG!
    Thanks for this beautiful sex-act! Any more?

  248. Zilby

    Damn, it was even better than the first time i ever came! I’ve never usually had very much semen, but this time i practically needed a towel to clean it up.

  249. Sean

    Without a prostate, there is definitely an issue of no semen. However, there’s no loss in experimentation. Try them all and see, and let us know. There are others who want to know about your experience.

  250. Steve

    Will these 3 techniques work for those of us who no longer have a prostate?

  251. James

    Oh-my-god. It took my about 20-25 mins to finish, but when you do, you will be glad you spend the time. At first the intensity began real strong, then it would back off. This happened three or four times before every cell in my body was encased in pure pleasure.

    I highly recommend this. And its well worth it if you follow the instruction above. You won’t regret it.

  252. Sean

    Thanks, John! Great comment. I think what’s cool about this way of masturbating is that it really defines the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. You really notice the defining line.

  253. John

    Wow! This really works. It takes alot of practice but the results are amazing. I just lay down and use one finger and swirl it around and around the tip of my frenulum and after a while it becomes intensely pleasurable. The sensations are different from a normal wank, you can better feel the contractions in your penis and they are stronger too. The contractions are involuntary and feel amazing. Drops of precum will flow out for a slight lubrication.The orgasm is tough to get to, but this only makes it so much stronger. Orgasm is not something you dread as the end of your pleasure when masturbating this way, it is your goal and making it to orgasm gives a sense of accomplishment. The orgasm is less of an ejaculatory one and again it feels totally different than a typical wank orgasm. The orgasm is long and feels AMAZING. It is the most pleasuravle feeling Ive ever felt. I cant describe it only as saying its different. Oh and about not shooting cum? Yeah right! Your cum will burst out like a cannon in huge quantities and then it will gush and that also feels amazing. Another great thing is how this orgasm ENERGIZES you instead of putting you to sleep. Every guy must do this.


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