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Wax and Wane Intense Masturbation Technique — Advanced Sex Training

The wax and wane intense masturbation technique is likely the most liberating masturbation technique I know. You learn to trust your body and gain confidence in both erection and ejaculation. I promise you that if you work the process, you’ll wind up in a very deep pleasure zone.

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Look to the night sky for guy sex education. There is lunar language, the personality of the penis speaks to us. From the moon, we learn to make peace with the moods of our genitalia. Among masturbation techniques, the wax and wane intense masturbation technique reveals the rhythm of erection as well as the secrets to sync with the body’s natural erection-flaccid cycles. It’s a technique worth mastering.

I am continually mindful of the current stage of the moon. The waxing gibbous moon engenders images of a swelling male member while the waning crescent moon resembles the easy curve of a flaccid penis. Gibbous and crescent — hardening and softening. As the moon is ever transitioning from stage to stage, a penis is never static and always changing poses.

Is It A Masturbation Technique Or Advanced Training?

The wax and wane intense masturbation technique is unique. You create an experiential space to explore and appreciate your body’s natural erection and ejaculation rhythms rather than prodding your penis to some new behavior. You trust your body and your body teaches you. Remember, that you’re not breaking a horse. You’re enjoying your penis in all of its poses.

Confident Erections — You can use this masturbation technique every day in your practice or use it occasionally to train your body to become accustomed to the natural wax and wane of erection. Once using the wax and wane intense masturbation technique a few times, you’ll regain comfort with your erection in any state during sex play with partners. Contrary to social expectations, waxing and waning of your erection is natural in any sex play.

Confident Ejaculation Delay — While guys generally enjoy the feelings of ejaculation, we know the benefits of delaying ejaculation are numerous. The wax and wane intense masturbation technique helps your body naturally respond to the urge to ejaculate by absorbing the sensation as pleasure and then flowing into the next cycle of the technique. You learn that the urge to ejaculate is no indication that you must ejaculate. You can learn to enjoy the feeling of ejaculatory inevitability for a long time.

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First, The Secret Keys Of Wax and Wane

It’s important that you know and understand the secret keys of the wax and wane intense masturbation technique. The following five points are what make it work for you and make it so unique and enjoyable. Read carefully and then try the technique right away. As in any new sexual skill, expect it to go a little wonky the first time. Try it several times, and you’ll soon enjoy the benefits.

Delay Ejaculation — Delay your ejaculation till another time at least an hour after you masturbate. Another day is even better. A great benefit of the technique is building confidence and enjoyment with delayed ejaculation as well as confidence and enjoyment with both a flaccid and erect penis.

Three Finger Grip — Masturbate with only three fingers — I recommend your thumb and first two fingers. Use your fingertips. It’s awkward at first, but after a few minutes, you’ll understand the magic of a three-finger touch on your penis. In time, the sensitivity of your penis will increase. When masturbating, more is never better. Using the three-finger grip, you’ll access sensations in your penis you would never feel with a full-fist grip.

Breath — Breathing is an important key of the Wax and Wane Intense Masturbation Technique. It’s also useful when you need extra help relaxing your erection or when you need a little help to gain control of the urge to ejaculate. Use the breath to move arousal up and out of your pelvis and genitals. Think of it as a pump. Inhale expanding your belly rather than your chest. Imagine drawing the flow of arousal out of your genitals, up your spine, and to your head. Exhale gently tightening your perineum, swirling the arousal and diffusing it down your front. When you tighten your perineum, you should notice your penis slightly expand and your balls rise just barely.

Relax — Relaxation is important to allow the pleasant feelings of arousal to diffuse throughout your body. Constantly tense muscles especially in the pelvic floor will isolate arousal in your genitals. Relax by focusing on each area of your body and letting the muscles go. If you find it difficult at first, try this: tense all the muscles in your body — make fists, curl your toes, squeeze your butt muscles and pelvic floor muscles, tense your abs, hold your breath for ten seconds and then let it all go. Do this three times. You’ll relax.

Focus — Focus your attention on your sensations and pleasure. Look at what you’re doing. Remember that with this technique, your arousal and hence your penis is in a constant state of change — building and diffusing, erecting and softening, wax and wane. Watch and feel your penis change through each cycle of this intense masturbation technique.

Finally, The Wax and Wane Intense Masturbation Technique

Allow at least a half-hour for this technique. The technique is mostly about observing your body responses and feeling the rise and fall of arousal and intensity. You need time to do that.

Since this technique has a lot going on, the following will help a lot:

Build Your Arousal Slowly

Begin by bringing yourself to arousal very slowly avoiding your penis at first. Begin to massage non-genital parts of your body like the chest, abs, butt, and thighs. Notice your touch and adjust it to your pleasure. Take your time and feel your arousal rise gently. Then move to more sensitive areas like your nipples, perineum, and balls. Massage slowly noticing your touch.

Once you are feeling aroused, turn your attention to your penis. Allow your penis to come to an erection in its own time. Don’t rush. Apply generous lubrication to your entire genital area; penis, scrotum, perineum, and inner thighs. Make your strokes slow and gentle and use the three-finger technique.

Play With Your Penis

Once you have an erection, focus on your penis still keeping your strokes slow and gentle. Enjoy your erection by stroking the full length of your penis with three fingertips. Stroke for several minutes slowing to avoid approaching ejaculation. Once you notice sensations of ejaculation approaching, slow your stimulation and spend a minute noticing the sensation of your urge to ejaculate.

If ejaculation is feeling too close, use the breathing technique while tensing your perineum to cool your urge to ejaculate. Use your breath and your mind to pump your arousal energy up your spine into your head where you swirl it and send it back down your front.

Allow Your Erection To Wane

Now, stop stimulation altogether, rest, and allow your erection to wane to about fifty percent of hardness. This might take a minute or several minutes. Notice your penis growing softer as well as the urge to ejaculate subside. Enjoy your mild feelings of relief from arousal while you wait for your penis to become more flaccid. If your erection persists longer than you’d like, use the breathing technique with perineum contractions to soften your erection. You should see your erection wane slightly in just a few breaths.

The Second Time Is More Intense!

Once you’re at about the halfway erect stage, begin very slow and gentle stimulation again. Massage your perineum, scrotum, and inner thighs as well. Notice the different sensations of your penis now while it’s partially erect. You may notice a slightly greater sensitivity now. Once you’re erect again, focus on your penis and stroke slowly to approach a full erection again. Continue for a couple of minutes slowing as you feel the sensations of ejaculation approaching. Remain very relaxed. Spend a minute or two noticing those sensations and use your breathing and your mind to move the arousal energy up your spine into your head and back down your front.

Once again, stop stimulation and rest allowing your penis to wane flaccid as before. Notice the sensations of ejaculation subside and your penis relax. Enjoy the relief and rest as you wait.

Repeat — You May Never Stop

Repeat this cycle four or five times, and spend at least a half-hour with your session. Each cycle of your erection’s wax and wane, your penis may grow more and more sensitive. Continue with the three-finger technique. Be mindful of your sensations of arousal as the urge to ejaculate may feel a bit closer. Adjust your stimulation, use a slow and light touch to delay your ejaculation while enjoying the sensations. If your arousal becomes too hot too quick, use the breathing technique with perineum contraction to cool the urge to ejaculate.

With each cycle, your orgasmic intensity increases as you learn to delay ejaculation. Your penis — hard or soft — increases sensitivity and generates greater arousal. You move the arousal energy and create an overall orgasmic sensation in your body. Relax, breathe and notice how your body responds. With practice, you’ll likely experience a wide variety of orgasmic sensations and experiences.

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Perks of the Wax and Wane Intense Masturbation Technique

The perks of the wax and wane intense masturbation technique are numerous, but here are the main benefits that you’ll notice right away:

  • Your awareness of the wax and wane of your erection. You will gain confidence in your erection. You’ll know that if your erection wanes, no worries, you’ll always enjoy another erection in a couple minutes. And you’ll learn to enjoy the sensations of your flaccid penis as much as your erect penis.
  • Since you won’t plan to ejaculate with this technique, you’ll gain the benefit of delaying your ejaculation for as long as you wish. You’ll learn to interpret the urge to ejaculate as orgasmic pleasure and respond by enjoying the sensation rather than ejaculating. You can always ejaculate in an hour or in a few days — it is now your choice.
  • You learn your body’s rhythms and sync with those rhythms rather than feel like you have to coax your penis and body to perform.  You become comfortable with your penis in any state of erection or softness, and you become comfortable with delaying ejaculation to another time.

The wax and wane intense masturbation technique is quite possibly the most liberating masturbation technique I know. You learn to trust your body and gain confidence in both erection and ejaculation. I promise you that if you work the process, you’ll ascend to very intense pleasure zone.

Image by Val Vesa on Unsplash. (CC0)

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