Most guys masturbate while standing, sitting or laying. Those are pretty classic masturbating poses, and they all work well. You might try some variations, though to experience new sensations and different intensities of orgasm.

The simplest variation on a standing position is to simply place your feet shoulder width apart and bend at the waist while masturbating. A little blood runs to your head giving you a rush and the movement of your hand contacts a bit more of your groin and stomach. You can also bend over the back of a chair or a table adding a bit of mystery to the experience.

Masturbation Positions

Find New Masturbation Positions — Mostly, though, Get Creative!

A nice variation on a sitting position is to sit on a chair, but face the back. You can support yourself a bit using the back of the chair. If it is an open back chair, it affords the opportunity for your penis to go through and you reach around and stroke from the other side.

While most guys masturbate on their backs, some guys learned as teens to masturbate on their belly even before they were able to ejaculate. This is called dry humping. What you do is rub your penis on a pillow or on the bed sheets till you orgasm. If a teen isn’t sexually mature enough, he orgasms, but doesn’t ejaculate, hence the term dry humping.

So, you might try it on your belly. There is some controversy on this saying there is some risk putting too much pressure on the penis. It seems somewhat unfounded, though since I don’t see a lot of authoritative evidence.

Prone Position

A great variation on masturbation in a prone position or face down is to place a couple of kitchen chairs side-by-side about ten inches apart. Then lay across them with your penis hanging between the chairs. If you’re wanking right-handed, put the back of the chairs to the left and vice versa. If you can see your penis and the action from where you lay, it’s extra nice. It depends a lot on the chairs you use. One adjustment is to try to position yourself so that the edge of the chair is not putting much pressure on your lower belly. If you ejaculate, the pressure from the edge of the chair can inhibit the force of the ejaculation a little. Maybe move the chairs further apart if you have to so the edge is above your navel.

Along the same lines, you can also use a chaise longue chair — the kind used on beaches and poolsides. These usually have an opening just in the spot when laid completely flat for your penis to protrude through. One other great option, though a bit more difficult to find the opportunity, is to lay face down in a mesh hammock. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

The rest that I’m writing requires a bit more flexibility and imagination. Though this is where your experience becomes total. When you learn to masturbate while moving, rolling and walking, you have total involvement and complete fulfillment and pleasure.


First, try kneeling or getting on all-fours (or threes because you’ll need a hand). This position helps you move a bit more. You can start moving by just rocking back and forth while you stroke. Later, try starting on all-fours and then roll on to your back and then back again to all-fours. Keep doing this while you stroke. It gets crazy. You go out of your mind as your body quivers. You’ll notice that your sensations are much more wild and travel through your whole body rather than just centering in your groin. When you do orgasm and you’ve been moving your entire body to the build-up, the orgasm is much more powerful, alive and total-body.


Here’s where the flexibility comes. Begin by laying on your back. Lift your legs over your head so that your hips are completely off the bed or floor. Think of trying to touch your knees to your ears. Your penis should be hanging right over your face. You can stroke like this for as long as you can stand it. Vary your grip on your penis: forehand, backhand, etc. Also, in this position, you might try lubing not just your penis, but scrotum and perineum as well as anus. You’ll have a total-genital experience all close-up. If you ejaculate, look out!

A variation for the acrobatic is to place a pillow about a foot from a wall, kneel facing the wall and tuck your head and put your shoulders on the pillow. Then roll forward lifting your hips and legs so they’re straight above you balanced on the wall. Then stroke however you like. It’s an amazing way to ejaculate because you’re out of control, the blood is rushing to your head and you’re trying to stroke and balance all at the same time. Crazy but really fun.