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Guided Masturbation for Your Brain: My Pleasure

Imagine the ultimate male masturbation device. Through guided masturbation and “My Pleasure” by SonoTouch. Your body and brain together climb into your own unique pleasure zone where you all at once go further than you’ve ever gone before.

Sean Christopher
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Imagine the ultimate male masturbation device. In order to do that, you need to consider a couple of things. First, is the real reason for masturbation and the second is your most important sex organ. Answers, please? To answer the first question, I think most of us will agree that deeply when we masturbate we want to know ourselves. And, a lot of guys will answer the second question with a dumbfounded look. “Duh!” But then upon further reflection agree that our most important sex organ is obviously your brain. Enter, guided masturbation and “My Pleasure” by SonoTouch. Your body and brain together climb into your own unique pleasure zone where you all at once go further than you’ve gone before, and your most important sex organ meets yourself! Welcome to “My Pleasure”.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is “My Pleasure” by SonoTouch?

SonoTouch products can become so many things. They can be entertainment, relaxation, meditation, or personal growth tools. Mostly, though, we think of “My Pleasure” as a learning tool. It helps when you want to understand what “My Pleasure” really does for you.

Tools come in really handy whenever you encounter something that either you can’t do by yourself or would be so much easier if you had help. “My Pleasure” does both.

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Think of “My Pleasure” as a solo sex device for your brain. Guys masturbate in a zillion ways and for a zillion different reasons but mostly for a momentary personal retreat into themselves. Five minutes in front of the bathroom sink or at the end of a shower, and five minutes before going to sleep are quick drops into the guy pleasure zone of wanting to know yourself. “My Pleasure” takes you on a guided masturbation tour and shows you how to go a million miles further into the deep of you.

You can order your copy of My Pleasure by SonoTouch here!

There are a lot of masturbation toys, blogs, and websites to show you how to jerk better or shoot an amazing load. But which of them actually guides you to that erotic intersection in your being where you meet and love yourself? You need the right tool for the right job. “My Pleasure” is that tool.

What does “My Pleasure” by SonoTouch do for me?

The guided quality of guided masturbation or guided anything for that matter is at the heart of “My Pleasure” magic. You engage a guide when you either can’t manage or you want to elevate the level of your experience. You want to go further and deeper. “My Pleasure” is just that ultimate guide to solo sex.

The first thing you discover is that like any SonoTouch session, you discover an entirely new mental and creative session. An artist requires a studio and a hiker needs a mountain. To go further in your solo sex life, “My Pleasure” provides that session that you can visit over and over any time you wish.

SonoTouch made use of my entire body during the session.

You’ll learn all kinds of solo pleasure skills using your body, mind, and your own personal values and beliefs. Your guided masturbation sessions will likely never limit to just stroking again. Not only will you gain skill but also confidence and the means to incorporate both into all of your sexual pleasure for the rest of your life.

All SonoTouch sessions help us learn about the bigger, more significant part of ourselves. “My Pleasure” invokes the belief that your pleasure and erotic self are bigger than you ever dreamed.

What will I learn from “My Pleasure” by SonoTouch?

…sensation is sought in all parts of the body, the more finely recognized, the better.

An optimal physical and mental erotic environment relies on the belief that every human contains all that is needed for pleasure. You will learn to easily create this kind of erotic mental space whenever you wish to enjoy pleasure.

While some of your learning will be in your mind as you follow the guidance and then naturally evaluate your experience, you will quickly discover that the larger piece of learning is actually in your body. This is profound as we know that especially men in the west suffer separation of soul and body due to our social upbringing. Solo pleasure can play a huge role in reuniting soul and body allowing men to enjoy wholeness and confidence.

The biggest thing I learned from SonoTouch was how to masturbate purposefully. By engaging my whole body, I learned that masturbating is so much more complex than stroking and releasing cum. It really is a sexual experience worth savoring. I hadn’t realized that before.

You learn to enjoy pleasure less by trying and more by allowing pleasure to emerge. In doing so, you will trust yourself, your body, and your rights as a human to enjoy pleasure in your body whenever, however, and as frequently as you want. Your new trust in yourself and your body galvanizes your belief that physical and sexual pleasure are essential human functions and rights.

“…desire it, expect it, allow it”. Wonderful. Deep.

Any new sexual experience or delight eventually migrates from your private spaces to the realms of your social and creative life. You curiously note new energy in your generosity, affection, and cooperation and find relief in the ease with which you solve problems, cope, and generally manage life.

You also learn that you are able to grow your capacity for pleasure both in your body and in your soul. You learn that intention and choice are largely in your control and you decide the kind of sexual, erotic, or pleasurable experience you desire.

What will I experience in a “My Pleasure” by SonoTouch session?

From the very beginning, we resist routines and challenge taboos, and you make tiny choices about your erotic experience over the next 37 minutes. This absolutely empowers your pleasure. You’ll acknowledge your own beauty in your body and soul and embark on a fantasy journey to activate your erotic imagination.

I love when you emphasise the world ‘play’. Yes, yes, yes! The longer I go on the more it becomes the purest, divine play.

In mere seconds you’ll be surrounded by voices, music, sounds, and audio technology which takes your mind and body on an erotic journey of pure pleasure and sexual and personal growth. The voices, sounds, and music effortlessly guide your body and mind to physically pleasure your body and emotionally pleasure your soul. Confidence becomes its own teacher in your body’s own ability to generate amazing pleasure and energy.

Not only will you experience acceptance of your body in any and all of its expressions you’ll know surprise at possibly meeting yourself so deeply, intimately, and personally for the first time.

My Pleasure Audio Guided Masturbation Meditation Ad

I’m sure you’re wondering, Sean, do you practice with your own SonoTouch sessions? Does a painter hang his own art? I’ll tell you what’s possible from my own experience with “My Pleasure”. You may experience any of the following: laughter, intense happiness, trembling, intense emotion, intense physical sensation, full-body orgasm, deep ejaculation, deep rest and relaxation, peace, strong erection, or intense arousal with no erection. You may feel a sense of being lost in pleasure and feel as though you’ve gone somewhere you’ve never been before.

You can order your copy of My Pleasure by SonoTouch here!

Cooling down after a guided masturbation session allows your body to release sexual arousal so you can feel energized and happy after your session rather than exhausted and spent.

Mostly, you might experience an elevating shift in the importance and frequency of your solo sex life. Hopefully, for you, this will be true.

How Does “My Pleasure” Guided Masturbation do this?

Expanding attention, beginning with areas of the body other than the genitals, and then moving to the nuts and bolt(s) of the matter…

As guided masturbation, “My Pleasure” by SonoTouch doesn’t give you pleasure; you learn that you already contain pleasure. Powerful words, their sequence, rhythm, and pace apply layer upon layer of information, affirmation, and inspiration to your session. It creates a container where you allow your pleasure to emerge. Voices speak to both reason and creative sides of the brain to support a holistic mindful process. Binaural beats gently ease your brain to an optimal wave for learning, relaxation, creativity, and erotic pleasure. You’ll enjoy the difference as you lose yourself in erotic bliss and the epic sounds of composer, Alexander Nakarada.

I hope you’ll enjoy what “My Pleasure” by SonoTouch does for you as much as it has done for me while creating it. I think it’s truly innovative. It definitely goes further. Jerking will never be the same again. Not when you’ve met yourself in your erotic experience. Not when you really like who you meet. I hope you’ll experience that.

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