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Male Multiple Orgasm — Once is Never Enough

It’s every guy’s dream — male multiple orgasm. To orgasm repeatedly, one must allow — allow your sexuality to take you. Multiple orgasm is one evidence of a free sexuality; sort of like a vibrato is evidence of a free voice.

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As if one was enough, a secret desire for male multiple orgasm lies in the back of any guy’s mind. Why stop at one? Perhaps life has you too wasted to want to roll from orgasm to mind-numbing orgasm or who has time anymore?

I’m thinking who can afford to not pursue the skills for male multiple orgasm? It’s not that elusive really. Male multiple orgasm, also dubbed the multi O’s or super O intrigues more and more guys as we lighten up about our own sexuality. And it should because there’s more to sexuality than only quickies and jerking off.

Male Multiple Orgasm — Ejaculation No Longer the Main Course

If you’re hunting elk, you’re not thinking about eating a rib-eye steak. When you’re desirous to be multi-orgasmic, shooting a load of semen can’t be on your mind. Set ejaculation aside for now because your quest is much more complicated and elusive than that. Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate events that usually occur at the same time for men. Your job is to learn to differentiate between them and separate them ejaculating only when you want to and orgasm as often as you like.

While there are varying opinions on how and if a man can achieve multiple orgasms, I think it’s best and in keeping with the philosophies of Orgasmic Guy to experiment a lot and discover what works best for you. We give you a lot of ideas, but you need to find your own multi-orgasmic style.

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OK. Cut to the Chase. How is it Done?

It’s work. Nearly any guy can wank and ejaculate even several times in a day. Holding back an impending ejaculation is work. Ejaculation, for most men, will pretty much mean you’ll have to wait until later to try again because, after ejaculation, men have what’s called a refractory period during which all your sexual parts regroup to provide everything needed for another ejaculation. The problem for guys looking for multiple orgasms is that this means you lose your erection as well thereby making it a little difficult to achieve orgasm, though not impossible.

Give yourself lots of time and zero distractions. You can’t focus if you’re thinking about business, watching the clock, or concerned that someone is going to disturb you. At first, it probably works best for most guys if you work on this alone, but it’s also a great thing for a couple to do together especially if your lover is attentive, sensitive, and focused with you.

Stepping Stone to Male Multiple Orgasm

Have we enticed you? Practice. Read more on OG to develop your skill.

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  1. I masturbate and edge most days when I have the time holding back and not always cummin. sometimes I edge for a few days then ejaculate.

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