Male orgasm, as in cards, never lets you know what hand you’ll be dealt next. “It’s all in the cards,” as they say, “until you lay down.” You know what I’m talking about. You stop panting after an orgasm, catch your breath a little bit, and your lover says, “Wow! What was that all about?”

Pick a Male Orgasmpick-an-orgasm“Geez, I don’t know.” You shake it off and try to remember before your orgasm. “It just came out of nowhere! The ends of my fingers are still tingling. It seemed like it would never end.” You shudder a little. “I’m still not sure it has, yet.”

There are face cards and there are numbered cards. Some male orgasms, I’d say qualify as a face card. The colors and design really stand out and you tend to put those guy sexual sensations in a category of their own.

As a writer, a student of male sexuality and an ordinary guy, I resist putting names and labels on something as dynamic, mysterious and fantastic as a guy’s orgasm. But let’s face it, our orgasms come in a variety pack and we can learn a lot about ourselves, our love making and our sexual growth if we just give a tad bit more attention to male sexual experience rather than “just getting one off.”

The Male Full Body Orgasm

This is the big kahuna of guy orgasm. The male full body orgasm is most likely the model the dude above experienced. This is the kind you fall into rather than pump up to. She’s probably already come and you are enjoying the long ride of kissing, caressing and deep, slow thrusting that lasts long. You’re very relaxed, but incredibly aroused and surprisingly able to delay ejaculation. This is because you held back at the beginning of intercourse and your stimulation and focus wasn’t only on your penis. It was spread out. Now, it seems you can make love forever. And, you probably can.

This orgasm has an epicenter not necessary in your groin. It could be anywhere — your belly, your butt, your thighs. You won’t know till it comes. When the full body orgasm comes, it doesn’t seem to start with ejaculation, but a deep inner moan that increases in amplitude, and rolls like an earthquake reaching out to your extremities. It can begin to subside a bit, but don’t stop because there’s always more with this kind.

Male G-Spot Orgasm

The male G-spot orgasm is sometimes referred to as a prostate orgasm because your male G-spot is found in your prostate gland. If you slip a lubed finger into your rectum. You can feel the prostate as well as it’s wowing sensation. It’s just an inch or two in toward your front. Lots of guys use anal toys both in lovemaking and male masturbation to experience a male G-spot orgasm.

A male G-spot orgasm is spicy but deep like a rich red wine. For women, sexual experience is mostly inside, and we think of guy sex experience as only outside. With a G-spot orgasm, you experience that inside sensation that’s not entirely gained through penis stimulation. A nice benny to the G-spot orgasm is that they can easily be multiples which come and go like waves on a seashore.

Ejaculatory Orgasm

An ejaculatory orgasm is reliable. Men can summon up an ejaculatory orgasm from a few seconds to a matter of a few minutes. It’s the kind of orgasm that emanates either only from your penis or at most from your groin and not much beyond. Most of the pleasure you enjoy from an ejaculatory orgasm is from the gushing sensation you feel from the semen expelling from your penis. And the more the better.

Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm

Why would I not want to ejaculate? Because a non-ejaculatory orgasm allows you the privilege to orgasm, make love, masturbate or whatever else you like to do for as long as you want. Most guys experience a time period after ejaculation during which they really don’t feel much like sex. If you delay your ejaculation till later or till tomorrow, you enjoy non-ejaculatory orgasm.

The longer you make love, spread your focus, and relax your muscles, your orgasmic response will build. First you feel the fluttering in your belly or groin as you dangle on the edge of ejaculation, but you ease off and delay it, the sensations come more frequently and with greater intensity till you can say these are definitely orgasms — less intense, but orgasms. You play on the edge like a hawk on the wind till you decide you’ve had enough.

Contemplative Orgasm

You find yourself lost in orgasm in a place much bigger than you are. Contemplative orgasm is spiritual. You can’t define it so much by how it feels as you define it by where your focus is in the experience. If your focus is on something larger than a physical experience, and your desire to connect with someone outside of yourself, you’re edging into contemplative orgasm territory. Sadly, many of us bluntly divide our spiritual lives from sexual lives, but when you allow God to be present in your sexuality, you know that orgasm is undoubtedly spiritual.

Male Multiple Orgasm

Male multiple orgasms present themselves in almost all of the above experiences except possibly the ejaculatory orgasm. It’s like going to the dance. If you’re going to dance all the dances, then you’ll want to stay all night. Multiple orgasm isn’t likely to happen for you if you quit too soon. You’ve got to give it time, focus and allow yourself to fall into it. Like the dance, each one gets more fun