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What’s To Be Found in the Art of Male Orgasm?

Is male orgasm something you let wash over you or something you seize and master the technique? Orgasm is art; orgasm is sport, and you fall out of the sky into some new orgasmic experience and you think you’ve never had one before.

Sean Christopher
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Do you ever wonder how many guys are experiencing the art of male orgasm at this very moment? Ten? Hundreds? Thousands? Sometimes I wonder if more guys had more orgasms more often if life in our world would be a little easier. I think a male orgasm fulfills, heals, and satisfies. Though, not all male orgasms are the same.

Most guys experience an orgasm like they experience watching a football player carry the ball seventy-five yards or the first bite of a tender rib eye or a dive into the Pacific surf on an eighty-degree day. It’s great. No, more than great; it’s fantastic. Yet, it’s something that happens to you and not really something that you make happen.

For others, male orgasm is more like taking a bow to thunderous applause on the opening night of a very successful solo performance, finishing a three-year project of award-winning architectural drawings, or opening the throttle on your crotch rocket and feeling the power rush through your whole body. It’s something you’ve taken from a simple, but very pleasant ability to a higher level of the thrill of your own creation. That’s it. A truly fantastic male orgasm is a creative experience. It’s experiential art at its finest.

Is A Male Orgasm Sport or Art?

Remember the first time your tennis serve landed exactly where you wanted it? You worked to perfect your technique and finally, the ball connected with the racquet right on the sweet spot, and everything was right: sound, feel and balance were perfect. Perhaps you are the potter. Think back to the moment when you threw a ball of clay at the wheel and sunk your wet fingers into the clay with your eyes closed and you felt the pot emerge. You didn’t even look; it came from within you.

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In either case, you were no longer following a prescription in your sport or art. You learned good technique, but then came a moment when good technique coupled with a desire in your heart that made your serve or your pottery excellent. It was yours. Either way, you want to look at it, your orgasm is of your own creation. You learn technique and then make it uniquely yours. Sport or art? It’s your call!

Some arts have consistent qualities — they’re pretty much the same time after time. I often wonder about singers when you think about how many times they performed the same piece over dozens of years. How many times could Johnny Cash have sung “Ring of Fire” with genuine feeling and expression? I’d think that it gets kind of old after a while. A guy’s orgasm is different. It has the characteristic of the unknown. While you can practice technique and guide it and even time your orgasm, you can never create one exactly like the last. Every male orgasm is new and uncanny.

The most amazing phenomenon of nature is that way — snowflakes, lightning storms, a buck’s antlers — incredibly beautiful, yet wild and unpredictable — unique. Something that fantastic needs to be pursued — a conquest — also a uniquely male characteristic.

In Conquest of the Art of Male Orgasm

Every guy remembers his first orgasm just like you remember the first time you drove a car or the first time you played the guitar, cast a fly, or swung a bat. Wasn’t that first orgasm amazing, scary, and totally out of control? When I masturbated the first time and orgasmed, I thought I was going to die. The strange thing is that I drove a car better and better and got to be pretty good on the guitar and even did some of my own music. But the orgasm? My orgasm didn’t become my orgasm — a real orgasm for quite a few years. I wish I had known more. I finally screwed up the courage to read and learned that I could become the master of my own orgasm and make my own orgasmic experience into something amazing and uniquely mine.

It’s an unmistakable male quality to pursue and conquer a skill, a quarry, the unattainable. A male orgasm masterpiece is no different. Read more on Orgasmic Guy and learn how you can create your own orgasmic art.

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