Do You Know Your Point of No Return?

by | Apr 13, 2010 | Sexual Knowledge & Skill

A key skill to achieving multiple orgasms and a highly profound orgasmic experience is to know when and how you’re approaching your point of no return — when ejaculation is imminent.

I like heights. My mom hated them. “Get away from the edge!” she’d always say.

I hope you love heights. Finding your point of no return is like getting as close to the edge of a deadly precipice as you can without falling to certain death.

Finding Your Point of No Return is the First Step to Male Multiple Orgasm

It’s a fun exercise, but it will drive you crazy until you get accustomed to it. With this one it’s best to start by masturbating if you’re OK with that. You can also try it with your wife. Also, known as edging, I like to call it touch and goes, like a guy learning to fly a plane. He comes around to the runway, approaches for the landing and just touches down a moment then takes off again. You’ll find your point of no return this way.

Your Point of No Return is the Moment of Sexual Excitement Just Before You Ejaculate

It’s a thrilling moment just before you ejaculate. Your muscles are tensed, your erect penis is hard and pulsing, ready to explode while every ounce of your being wants to pump on your erection to go over the edge and come. That’s the moment. That’s your point of no return.


That’s right. Stop right there. It’s crazy hard at first, but stop just a few strokes before you feel like you’re ready to ejaculate. Allow your penis to relax just a bit, catch your breath and then slowly begin to stimulate again in any way you like. Go easy this time and feel the subtle sensations in your penis and the sensations of build-up in your groin, the base of your penis and scrotum as you approach your point of no return again.

Then stop.

Right. Stop again. That’s why we call them touch and goes. That’s why we call it edging. Each time you approach the point of no return, stop and relax a bit then continue stroking your penis in any way you like. The main thing is to maintain a sense of control. Remember, it’s your orgasm. You master it. It doesn’t master you. You create the experience. Do the touch and go routine five or ten times in one session. Do several sessions over several days concentrating on getting an awareness of the subtle sensations leading to your point of no return.

Your first time practicing touch and goes or edging and you’ve approached your point of no return numerous times, go ahead and ejaculate and notice the difference you feel having built up to it several times. You’ll likely notice a much greater volume of semen than usual as well.

Once You Have a Sense of Control

Now, you’ve gained ejaculatory control. Can you believe it? You’ve successfully taken control of your ejaculation and you can ejaculate when you want and not before. Once you feel you can stimulate your penis, approach your point of no return and then stop, you can try a couple things that will enhance your sense of control of your ejaculation.

While you’re stroking your penis in an way you wish, when you approach the point of no return, instead of stopping, simply slow down instead of stopping altogether. Doing it this way, you’ll not lose any of your erection and your level of sexual excitement will remain quite high. You’ll have to notice the subtle signs of where you are on the excitement level to “stay away from the edge” so to speak. If slowing is not enough to back off, try just gently brushing your penis, or even just holding it for a little while in your hand before resuming stimulation. This exercise will give you an even greater sense of control.

One further exercise to gain control is to do touch and goes or edging for as long as you want and then simply stop without ejaculating at all. Resume an hour or more later and again stop before ejaculating. Again after an hour or two, resume in another edging session and then stop. You may want to ejaculate at the end of the day while masturbating or during intercourse or you might choose not to ejaculate at all until the next or a later day.

Mastering the ability to hold back ejaculation until the time and place when you want to ejaculate will greatly enhance your ability to achieve male multiple orgasm.

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  1. Raymond Gordon

    I have been solosexual edging my penis daily for years and sometimes have an accident. There is no absolute learning how to control ejaculation. Overconfidence will cause you to take that one stroke too many because it starts to feeling very good and you say to yourself “I will stop after the next stroke”.

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