Aneros Prostate Massager

Is Aneros About Anal Pleasure Or A Sexual Fitness Device?

Anal pleasure seems a bit out of reach for a lot of guys. Figure in anal stigma, no knowledge of anal play, and you’re stuck. Till now. Now, there’s Aneros.

Sean Christopher
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I would meet a friend at a cafe in Moscow every week. We often talked about sexuality, our personal sexual growth, sexual ideas, and overcoming taboos — especially within the culture of the work we did. Little did we know that anal pleasure would come up.

My friend told me about an ingenious device that absolutely transformed his experience of sexual pleasure. I couldn’t wait to order one — ordering and actually getting it in Moscow was dicey at best. A year later, when I was back in the States, I received my first Aneros in the mail.

Aneros Is The Definition Of Anal Pleasure And More

Aneros introduced me to the possibility of anal pleasure to my core. I learned to allow pleasure to take me at the cellular level. Nothing like masturbation. Everything like I’d never known.

Aneros Is Everything About Sexual Fitness

Aneros is more than a sex toy. Aneros is a sexual health device that contributes to your sexual pleasure as well as your sexual well-being. It stimulates your prostate through movement you learn to control with your pelvic floor muscles. It also trains you in your sexual skill: ejaculatory control, muscle tone, vascular health, and sexual mental clarity.

I also learned the skill of sorting out sexual taboos. For us, anything about anal pleasure was fraught with stigma — especially where we worked. Working through my experience with Aneros helped me to learn how to deal with any sexual stigma. I learned that denying myself sexual pleasure, sexual healing, and sexual growth was simply not worth it. I learned to work out what I needed.

If you’ve never tried an anal sex toy, this might be the opportunity for you to experiment without a giant investment. If you already have an anal pleasure device, here’s a chance to add to your repertoire.

Why Aneros? One Word — Quality Guy Sex Toys

You’ve probably run across a couple of Aneros articles on They are a quality company and quality product. Here’s why:

  • Original and unique product design
  • Strong educational component on their website and user forum
  • Quality and safe materials
  • Products that you will not quickly tire of. You’ll use them for a lifetime of sexual development
  • Money back guarantee — no risk
  • True prostate and sexual health benefits
  • Toys that appeal to any sexual orientation, gender or sexual interest

Click here, pay a visit, and check out Aneros for yourself!

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