Some days a guy just stuns himself with absolute genius! The other day was fast becoming a real drag. Work was tedious at best and not much was going the way it should. And I just wasn’t happy. Never been there?

I decided to try something. What was pure depression quickly turned out to be pure genius. I slipped in the other room took my Aneros Helix prostate massager, lubed it up and slipped it in. That sucker just reached out and grabbed my prostate. I nearly doubled over in pleasure. It has that fantastic little bump on the front of it. I felt a shudder run up and down my body, regained my composure, pulled my jeans back up and went back to work.

Sure, I’ve always used my Aneros for just the Aneros — you know, you lay down, concentrate and wait for the Super “O”. It never occurred to me before to simply enjoy it while I was busy doing something else. My day went tons better because every time I moved, my prostate got a little nudge. I could squeeze my Aneros Helix, give my prostate a big nudge and smile.

Sexuality isn’t something that’s saved for a moment, experienced in a moment, and forgotten until the next. My Aneros moment reminds me that sexuality, like spirituality is a realm we live in always.