Sexual Growth

Sexual growth rarely just happens. Sexual growth is as intentional as fly fishing or story-telling. We decide how important to us our sexual fulfillment and desire for joy really is. And then we choose to grow. And then growth happens.

Orgasmic Guy: Unleashed! eBook Released!

After about nine months of work, I’ve had my baby! Thank you! Thank you! We’ve named him Orgasmic Guy: Unleash the Truth of Male Sexuality! It’s a long name, I know, but after this much work and agony, this kid deserves a long name.

Orgasmic Guy e-Book Imminent

Nine months of anticipation, deep gratitude, fear of failure, disorientation and feeling fat is more than I thought I could endure. A book is like a baby. You don't do a lot of other things. <div class="ml-form-embed"<!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] -->...

Thanks, I’m not Hungry

You know we give Eve a lot of crap for leading us guys like the pied piper down the lane of original sin. What if Adam had simply said, “Thanks I’m not hungry right now, but can we make love?”

On the Sixth Day God Created Testosterone

If God created me, my body and my mind, then He created all the sexual passion that’s rushing through me. Don’t tell me it’s a curse, of the devil, or something I’ve just got to “get over”. There’s a reason for it, and I think every guy would do well to find out just why God left him with this raging fire inside. Why the testosterone.

Morning Salute

I remember when I was a kid and I’d have an erection in the morning, I had to do acrobats to pee in the toilet. It scared me because I thought something was really wrong, and there was no way I was going to ask anyone about it. Today, I welcome a morning salute.

Powerful Passion

It never ceases to amaze me what power sexual tension has — sometimes to the point of becoming irrational. And this can be a good thing. In love, concepts like reason, logic and moderation diffuse what we really want and need in a sexual union, namely boundless, wild passion.

Orgasm in Surround

I looked over the bank behind me and sure enough there was a rainbow and the birches blazed with yellow and gold in the first light of the morning sun. It all lasted about three minutes. Then the rain quit, and the sun was up, and the rainbow faded.

Get Sex Out of the Jungle

The problem is that I’ve lots of sexual ideas, sexual things I’d like to try and stuff stewing on the back burner, but unfortunately, much of it is for later or when I think through that idea better. The worst thing you’ve probably done several times yourself: you wait until “the moment is right”.

Love Me Flaccid

Contrast the sound of flaccid with tumescent (swelling). Every guy would rather be tumescent, right? Isn’t every man’s dread to grow flaccid at an inappropriate time. It’s an absolute hellish experience.

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