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Thanks, I’m not Hungry

You know we give Eve a lot of crap for leading us guys like the pied piper down the lane of original sin. What if Adam had simply said, “Thanks I’m not hungry right now, but can we make love?”

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I’m really wondering if a lot of pain in our world would be avoided if we simply made love with our wives instead of doing — whatever — shopping; renovating the basement; watching a DVD; talking about the neighbors. Lose all the junk in life and make love. I’m not saying think about it, talk about it, read a book about it, or even suggest it. Just do it. Nike kind of stuff.

What If Adam and Eve Had Some Sex Play Rather Than Apple Pie?

Eve gets the raspberries because she had the dreaded conversation with the devil and couldn’t resist the urge to bring home a bag of his delicious apples. She offered the stuff to Adam. The point is that you don’t have to take everything offered to you in life — even if it seems relatively harmless. Renovating the basement could be harmless, but if it means you don’t make love, it’s deadly. Unfortunately, I think sexuality gets squeezed out of life because there are so many other things that seem important but really aren’t.

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Possibly Adam was afraid of how he’d look if he didn’t take what Eve was offering him. Chicken. Who knows if she’d have called him a loser or not, but he buckled. They should have been making love. They’d have been on the same page, thinking the same thoughts, holding the same life values. She’d have known it wasn’t his thing to eat devil apples and she’d have never bought them. She’d have been at home with him doing it on the beach.

Or maybe Eve was bored. She and Adam weren’t all that intimately involved and she had too much time on her hands and had the conversation with the devil and probably even asked his advice. If you’re married and you’re not acting married, sooner or later one of you is going to have that conversation with the devil and you’ll fall sucker to the devil’s solutions. You’ll come home with apples. And since Adam was the kind of guy to say, “Well, if it’s what you really want, honey — well, ok,” they didn’t right there roll in the ferns. They should have. We’d all be better off today.

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