surly cross-check2013 was decidedly orgasmic. I mean that in both a sexual and life energy sort of way.

If you could step outside of yourself for a couple of weeks, what would you hear yourself saying? I did just that in December 2013 and heard some surprisingly pleasing things. To hear me talk about it, life is good, I guess. It was a lovely year.

  • My new Surly Cross-Check bike is hands down at the top of the list. It has transformed my sporting life allowing me access to not only highways, but back roads, trails and muck and mud.
  • I provided patient education for a year at our local sexual and reproductive health clinic.
  • I put up a new mobile version of Orgasmic Guy.
  • I began work on a sex educator certification.
  • I did a sweat lodge with 12 guys the morning of the autumnal equinox.
  • I slept outside 21 nights.
  • I advanced in my understanding and practice of tantric yoga.
  • I met more new people in 2013 than likely the five years previous.
  • My lover and I found a new freshness in our sex lives by not trying so hard.
  • I got a new Fleshlight masturbator for my birthday.

This place — Orgasmic Guy — becomes more and more an extension of my growth as a guy and I love it more and more as the years go on. The word orgasmic takes on more nuanced meanings the more I learn about it since I began writing on sexuality back in 2006. This site started as a quest for me to learn about my own sexuality. Today, it’s a career.

Today is 2014. Orgasmic Guy will, of course, continue to be my experiment in what living orgasmicly means. It will be my voice. It will be a place to connect with guys who want to discover or recover for themselves something of who they are — an orgasmic guy.

Here are some intentions for 2014:

  • Make more friends than I did in 2013.
  • Do at least two consecutive century rides overnight.
  • Do a winter camping trip.
  • Complete a book in progress on guy sexual fluidity and same sex attraction.
  • Complete sex educator certification.
  • Complete development of a training for patient educators on sexually transmitted infections.
  • Freshen the design of Orgasmic Guy.
  • Enjoy even more sex than 2013.

Thanks for reading Orgasmic Guy! May your life in 2014 be full of orgasmic vibe and peace!