Anal Fun Was Never So Affordable

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It must be a remarkable deal to get me to post a giant banner ad, but this morning at the coffee shop, I saw this deal and I had to share it with you.

You know I’m a fan of Aneros, the famous male prostate massager. Today, and tomorrow–, Monday, Dec. 2nd and Tuesday, Dec. 3rd–you can get yours for 40% off. Just click here, you’ll go to the Aneros site and you can take advantage of the Cyber Monday deal.

I’ve written about Aneros before. You can check out my article here.

Also, don’t forget to check out these links to learn about Aneros. Read the forums, read the education pages, etc. There’s never been a male sex toy with so much conversation surrounding it. It’s a truly remarkable little thing with a wallop of an impact on your maleness!



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  1. 25 years ago I had an anal vibrator that plugged into the wall (like a Hitachi Wand does). Ever since, all I have ever found is battery operated models.

    I recall the thunderous reaction of my body to that plugged-in vibrator but the only types I see are designed for women.

    Any ideas?

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