Women have always had a glorious history of enjoying sex toys. I suspect women’s sex toy traditions go back centuries before plain paper packages. I think the joy a woman gets from her vibe or dildo is in many ways more fulfilling to her guy than it is even to her. The point is this: men want women to enjoy deep satisfaction from their sexuality. A women’s enjoyment of her sexuality is really an important part of male sexuality, and that’s why men buy sex toys for their lovers.

We guys are always on the hunt for something new — new adventures, new places to explore, new toys and we love to share what we find with our beloved. That’s just the nature of guys.

When it comes to shopping for sex toys, there’s another factor besides adventure — mischieviousness. I bought a couple toys in a sex shop a while back before I ever bought anything on line. I bought a beautiful red jelly cock ring with these great nubs. It keeps me really hard and gives her incredible pleasure. I also bought her a mini vibe. It’s a wonderful little gadget that does all kinds of cool stuff.

I told a couple of friends about my visit to this shop and my purchases. I had to grin at their reaction. “You went where? You bought what?” I’m not sure what exactly drove me or surprised my friends, but I do know that there’s as much adventure in buying it as there is in trying it. I’ve got to say, it’s been fun. I’m a regular on-line shopper now. I’ve found some great buys and fun sex toys on MyPleasure . Check it out yourself.

The days are changing, though. Now, I think male sex toys are as popular as those for women. And ladies are buying them for their guys. There’s a new attitude about sexuality. It doesn’t have as much of that mischievious overtone to it any longer. It’s almost as common for a woman to buy her husband a masturbator online as it would be for a guy to buy his wife a vibe or some flavored lube. I still think men are the main shoppers, though. Remember there’s that driving adventure.

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