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A Game Of Truth Or Dare

Sex is always about truth. Sex drives you naked to the edge of a high precipice of self-revealing where you show yourself.
Sex is about truth or dare.

Sean Christopher
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Sex is always about truth. Sex drives you naked to the edge of a high precipice of self-revealing where you show yourself. Sex tells a truth, not of a witness’ obligation but truth of mildly inebriated campfire desire. “Know me,” it says. “Know me, please!” No, sex is about truth or dare.

Sex is always about a dare. Sex spins a coin on edge for you. Heads, you take a risk and maybe win. Tails, you play it safe and likely lose. Sex lets you wonder what lies around the next bend, gives you the curiosity you need to go there, and rewards you with awe.

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Truth or Dare, the edgy game of getting to know the shady, seamy side of one another, willingly puts our backs against the wall and tosses all of our guard aside for a handful of personal bits — bits of me knowing you and bits of you knowing me. Truth or Dare, like sex, is one of those games where everyone is a winner if you play and play fair. When you don’t play fair—or don’t play, everyone loses.

When you find one or two or three honest and daring partners you really think you can trust, you can play. With kind people, Truth or Dare is fun.

Avoid sex with unkind people. It ceases to be fun.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.
Kurt Cobain

The truth is entirely about you. In the game, if you choose Truth, you must answer a question put to you with honesty and hopefully relish and flourish—again, making it fun. Your partner exclaims, “No way!”

“Mmm Hmmm!” you say. And now you’re known. Another bit of you is revealed. Another bit of you is accepted into the heart and soul and affection of someone you trust.

Sex is truth.

Sex isn’t the only truth about you, though. Truth also means that you must be willing to know the truth about another, and there we find the powerful thrill of the game—knowing the truth of another and respecting it. We allow them to be fully revealed and completely safe.

He that cannot reason is a fool. He that will not is a bigot. He that dare not is a slave.
Andrew Carnegie

Truth or Dare

And the dare isn’t so risky when we laugh and the laughing truly feels good.

Truth or Dare, among trusted friends, is nothing more than relational edging. We push our dares closer and closer to an orgasm of friendship. A dare is only a dare if you are required to expose something beyond your bounds—something new—something sexual—something genital—something deeply you.

Our sides hurt with laughter.

We’re stunned with awe.

Tears roll down our faces.

We know and we’re known deeply.

And we’re safe.

It’s your turn. Truth or Dare?

Photo by Brian Lundquist on Unsplash

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