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Three Keys To A Conscious Hand Job

The quest for the optimal hand job technique has challenged the most inquiring minds for as long as anyone can remember. Discriminating guys argue over the optimal water temperature that goes into a perfect cup of Chemex coffee or how many minutes to cook the perfect hard boiled egg. Things like coffee, eggs and stroking the dick of someone you’re fond of stymie guys’ minds, but we never give up the pursuit. The season finale of Silicon Valley a few years ago culminated with a dick joke attempting to calculate how long it would take to jerk off an...

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Why News Fasting Can Reset Your Sex Life

  I hit the 30-day mark this morning. No news. No newspapers. No television news. No news magazines. No online news. No news for me right now is good news. I don’t see myself restarting the news habit any time soon, because without doubt, my news fast has reset my sex life. What is a news fast? A news fast is intentional abstinence from any news media including newspapers, television news, news magazines and online news for a period of time. A news fast intends to eliminate or reduce and manage news consumption to control stress. News consumption may...

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No More Sex Shame: An Interview With Dan Savage

You know him as Savage Love. You know him as the gay guy who gives No Shit sex advice to straight folk. Dan Savage, America’s straight-up LGBT activist, sex columnist and podcaster talks about what it’s like to grow up gay in a sexually misaligned society and then face shaming again among the supposedly like-minded. Dan’s interview takes some surprising and self-disclosing turns as you find yourself saying, “Dang! That’s it! I know what you’re talking about!” In American culture it’s tough to sidestep any kind of shaming for who we sexually are. Though we don’t like to admit...

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The Vasectomist

Dr. Doug Stein’s bizarre claim to fame is that he’s performed more vasectomies than anyone, ever. At the time of this film, he had performed more than 30,000 vasectomies in the US, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa. A vasectomy is a quick, outpatient surgical procedure performed on males to permanently prevent pregnancy. It very effectively eliminates the possibility of sperm reaching an egg through intercourse by preventing sperm from inclusion in semen in the male reproductive system. Traditional vasectomies require injections of local anesthesia and two incisions — one on each side of the scrotum to provide access to...

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The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I didn’t even realize I was saying this out loud as I devoured Dr. Roz’s incredibly readable The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving. As I read the early pages of the book, I reflected on the many ways my culture taught me to say, “No” simply as a matter of courtesy. It’s customary to refuse several times when offered something by a host, a friend or even a well-meaning stranger. I even recall learning this very young as I refused a ride home from school by a neighbor during a storm, preferring to walk the...

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