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Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity Among Men

Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity Among Men, Williams’ piece, isn’t the first to attempt to dislodge the gay-bi-straight triad of available male sexual orientation options and hopefully, it won’t be the last. There’s a lot of work to be done for guys to find the sweet spot of framing the sexual attraction discussion. Savin-Williams, professor emeritus in the Department of Human Development at Cornell, conducted a “Friends and Lovers” study in 2008-2009 among a group of 160 volunteer males. Volunteers for the survey averaged 20 years old, completed a written survey and participated in an interview. A number of these volunteers’...

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Ethical Porn for Dicks: A Man’s Guide to Viewing Pleasure

David Ley’s Ethical Porn for Dicks: A Man’s Guide to Responsible Viewing Pleasure is finally here. Guys who love porn and guys who struggle with their relationship with porn will find Ethical Porn a welcome addition to their personal sexual growth library. What You Need To Know First There are a few things you should know about David Ley first. “The ideas of porn and sex addiction are pop psychology concepts that seem to make sense, but have no legitimate scientific basis,” an opening line from Dr. Ley’s Psychology Today article “Porn Is Not The Problem, You Are” bluntly summarizing his position on...

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Still Don’t Know The Secret of Fleshlight? It’s In The Advanced Techniques

While most of us love the purist vegan-like pleasure of five fingers to masturbate, it’s always a pleasure to succumb to an enchanting tryst with an amazing male masturbation toy. I’ve found no better partner to romp with in a solo sexual soiree than Fleshlight. 7 Advanced Fleshlight Techniques The magic of a male masturbation toy isn’t profound, but it may have eluded you. While guys cultivate a trusting and compelling relationship with their hand, a masturbation toy brings with it an exciting and often surprising quality of a sexual “other” — a fabricated fuck buddy if you will. A...

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Why Your Partner Freaks About Your Porn And How To Tell Them Why You Love It

You enjoy porn. Porn in every imaginable flavor is within a few keystrokes from your phone, tablet or computer. Porn, over the last several decades, has impacted more than just our sex lives. Over the last decade the industry drove technological development in areas such as web cams, streaming video, and e-commerce. Accessibility makes it almost mindless for guys to incorporate porn into a solid role in their sexuality. Studies show that women as well are significant supporters of the industry. If porn is such a first string player in our economy and culture, why do our partners freak when...

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Three Keys To A Conscious Hand Job

The quest for the optimal hand job technique has challenged the most inquiring minds for as long as anyone can remember. Discriminating guys argue over the optimal water temperature that goes into a perfect cup of Chemex coffee or how many minutes to cook the perfect hard boiled egg. Things like coffee, eggs and stroking the dick of someone you’re fond of stymie guys’ minds, but we never give up the pursuit. The season finale of Silicon Valley a few years ago culminated with a dick joke attempting to calculate how long it would take to jerk off an...

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Not The Scariest Thing About Sex?


“I have enjoyed and learned and laughed. Thanks for helping us understand more what it means to be naked but not ashamed…” David


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