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The Vasectomist

Dr. Doug Stein’s bizarre claim to fame is that he’s performed more vasectomies than anyone, ever. At the time of this film, he had performed more than 30,000 vasectomies in the US, Asia, the Caribbean and Africa. A vasectomy is a quick, outpatient surgical procedure performed on males to permanently prevent pregnancy. It very effectively eliminates the possibility of sperm reaching an egg through intercourse by preventing sperm from inclusion in semen in the male reproductive system. Traditional vasectomies require injections of local anesthesia and two incisions — one on each side of the scrotum to provide access to...

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The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I didn’t even realize I was saying this out loud as I devoured Dr. Roz’s incredibly readable The Deep Yes: The Lost Art of True Receiving. As I read the early pages of the book, I reflected on the many ways my culture taught me to say, “No” simply as a matter of courtesy. It’s customary to refuse several times when offered something by a host, a friend or even a well-meaning stranger. I even recall learning this very young as I refused a ride home from school by a neighbor during a storm, preferring to walk the...

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23 Great Reasons Guys Masturbate

Google “reasons to masturbate” and you’ll turn up a lot of health motivations. The really interesting thing about this Google search, though, is that most of the page you turn up will list reasons you should masturbate and not reasons why you already do masturbate. Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it. Richard Feynman I don’t know many guys who are going to masturbate in the same way they’d take a vitamin, work out on a stair climber or ensure that they get three servings of green leafy vegetables. No....

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I Marched for You

If there ever was a sweet spot in time, it’s now. When we defend the rights and agency of the most vulnerable people among us, we champion the rights of all. We all gather on this website and many other male sexuality information and entertainment sites to indulge in all the magnificent pleasure of male sexuality. We learn, share and practice the knowledge and skill of masturbation, orgasm, porn and the mind boggling affections and sexual play which we enjoy with our sex partners. We grow, heal and begin again and again to advance our sexual development. We’ve come to many junctures...

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Ronny & i: A Short Film

The magic of Ronny and i is in the minimal production. The actors are the film crew, and the camera is an iPhone 5. It’s as though a guy encounters a bizarre place in life and decides that he’s going to record the next couple of days with his phone. It works amazingly well. But wait, there’s more magic. The guy with the phone just broke up with his girl friend and informs his life-long best friend that he’s actually in love with him. One often wonders exactly how this kind of a predicament would play out between life-long best...

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