Sex & Society

As much as we’d like to think sex is contained to the bedroom, sex intersects with virtually every vector of our lives. Thank god it does. Here we explore how sex moves us as groups of people which ultimately impacts how we think of ourselves.

Who’s Teaching Sex, Now?

How sex remains a mystery among all these voices — well, it still remains a mystery. I think we need to do a better job of choosing those who teach us sex. Not about sex — those who teach us sex.

Losing Sex Drive, Says Japanese Report

Young Japanese men aged 16 to 19 had little or no interest in sex according to a survey. Is the sexual health of a nation connected to it’s leisure time? This post compares sex frequency with minimum vacation days.

Phallus and I

Phallus, a symbol of fertility, power and love, is close to our cultures whether we celebrate it or not. While men can possess a penis, none can really possess a phallus, though every man has a relationship with his other phallic self.

Sex Talk In Church

When you talk about sex and church in the same sentence, for most folks, hairs go up on the back of their necks. Heck, it does for me, too. In our North American culture, sex and church go together like water and oil. Merlot and fish. Obama and Palin. S&M and Every Man’s Battle.


I was hovering over a post on my Google desktop and I noticed this mishmash of spam gunk coming from the title of my last gorgeous Rhythm post. What the heck? I was hacked!

Your Fellow Orgasmic Guy Visitors

I'm not a stat junkie, but occasionally on my sites, I find it not only interesting but helpful to find out who is visiting, which pages they're reading and how they got to the site. Sometimes when I'm surfing the web I wonder who else is visiting these sites and what...

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