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Measure Twice Cut Once

I use the same wisdom in most areas of life — Caution when doing anything permanent. So, any talk about measuring or cutting with regard to my penis tends to give me wildly conflicting emotions. Circumcision still gives me more than chills.

Sean Christopher
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It was my dad’s motto any time he had the opportunity to teach me about anything to do with wood. I use the same wisdom in most areas of life — Caution when doing anything permanent. So, any talk about measuring or cutting with regard to my penis tends to give me wildly conflicting emotions. Circumcision still gives me more than chills.

Circumcision is Little More Than Social Repression

Sure, I’m talking about circumcision. I’d never intended to broach that subject on Orgasmic Guy, but when I read RollingDoughnut‘s comment the other day, it occurred to me that this, too is societal sexual repression. First, Tony at RollingDoughnut says,

Genital mutilation — of males and females — began in America as a method to prevent masturbation, among many grand claims by its advocates.

That is likely mostly true. Tony argues that any kind of infant change of genitalia is an attempt to control sexuality. And, I’d say that is also essentially true. There are as many reasons we in America pose for male circumcision. Among them, HIV control, ease in cleaning the penis, appearance, sensitivity, because they did it in the Bible, etc.

Most of those reasons are pretty lame. The real reason we circumcise is to make our boys look and feel the way we’ve learned from our society to be “right”.

Why I wonder, would an uncut penis be “wrong”? I wonder why my parents thought that and I wonder why I thought that when our boys were born.

Then a thought occurred to me.

When our boys were born and we decided to have them circumcised, the most compelling reason was that they would look like me. It seems to be a really strange reason, but it’s not so strange because I suspect that, like me, most Americans had not actually seen an uncircumcised penis — close up, that is. Again, that sounds really strange, but at that time I had never seen a live uncut penis. I doubt my parents had either. Now, a few years later, the decision to not circumcise boys is more common.

And that, I think, is the reason circumcision is such a controversy. A cut penis is considered American and what we know. It’s a moral issue for some reflecting a mark of self-righteousness. For others, a cut penis is a religious issue identifying with the children of Israel who circumcised their men and boys to mark an agreement with God. Maybe, a circumcised penis makes a boy more likely to become a godly man? An uncut penis on the other hand is considered to belong to others who are not from among us.

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A dramatic symptom of ethnocentrism is to hold in disdain those things with which you are not familiar. Foods, dress, smell, sounds, and ideas all cause sheltered Americans to recoil with fear and judgment. An uncut penis is no different. It compels those ignorant of cultures other than their own to change it to something familiar and, safe. Clearly, it was my motivation.

I’d think differently were I to be making the decision now. I don’t regret being circumcised myself or that my boys are. It’s what we are. What I think is regrettable is that decisions about circumcision are almost always made for another. And there is the place where sexual repression occurs. The controlling tide of our society continues because of our sexual and cultural fear.

There was another thing my dad said regarding woodwork. It was a joke.

I cut it off twice and it’s still too short!

If we continue to cut boys’ penises simply to make them like all the rest of us, the sexual maturity of our Western culture will remain sadly — short.

Photo by CA Creative on Unsplash

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  1. I hate replying to my own posts, but this is pretty interesting… to me, anyway. HA!
    In 2012 I went to England and was at a party there and the subject (believe it or not) got around to foreskins and circumcision. One guy there said to me “You’re an American, so you’re probably circumcised”. I said, “Actually, no… you can ask my parents,the’re over at Claridges”. Haha.
    Then this other guy got into the convo and told us of something that happened when he went to France the previous year and his foreskin had an altercation with a zipper and went to a doctor.
    This guy said that he always had a TON of skin on it and after the doctor looked at it and sprayed something on the skin tip he discussed a “skin reduction” (Funny term).
    The doctor told him about something called a “resection” where he can get rid of the overhang without getting circumcised.
    All it involved was making a circular cut at the base of the Peen down by the pubes and in this guy’s case, another circular cut about three inches up and then pulling the skin back and sewing it up. Presto-Changeo.
    None of the big veins or arteries (Like the dorsal artery or the frenular artery) are cut into and no important nerves are cut.
    Being the forward kinda person I am,I wanted to see it and he was a little uncomfortable with that (He was with a lady) but I got him into a bathroom and I couldn’t believe it!
    It really looked great! His skin was totally behind the head and the best part is that he still had his whole foreskin to play with… or whatever. He got it “ahemm” erect, and the skin on his shaft was about as tight as some loose circumcisions that you see. He really like the job.
    When I asked him how it felt now, he said that he was astonished how much sensitivity he lost in the head… he said about 80% or maybe more, but the inner skin was pretty much the same because when soft it was kinda rolled over on itself behind the head protecting it from rubbing on clothes, bed sheets,etc.
    The doctor told him that he performs about 20 of those kind of “cosmetic circumcisions” (which is what the doctor called it) per year.
    Sounds like a pretty good alternative to getting all of your man-skin cut off.

  2. Haha… I hate this subject, but I really started to get into this site a couple of days ago. I started to do research on this subject a while ago and was pretty surprised with all the misconceptions there are about having a foreskin and then being convinced to get rid of it, as they tried to do to me when I was in the military (coast guard) and yeah, there are still docs out there with a fetish to cut it off and telling you how much better it is without your skin.
    The Victorians in the U.S. weren’t stupid and they knew that cutting it off took a lot of pleasure away from men and I think that was their reasoning. Deprive a dude of as much pleasure as you can and he’ll stop playing with it. You can’t stretch, pull, twist or stick fingers into something that isn’t there. The of course, the nerve endings at just the inner opening of the skin are gone forever, and that’s the part that feels good when the head starts popping out of the skin when you start to get it hard.
    It’s kinda amazing to me how men are not very inclined to analyze exactly where the sensations come from on their dick (Much less talk about them with other men) until the sensations are totally gone. I know six guys that have gotten clipped and none of them like it (anywhere from one year ago to five years). And the variety of cuts or “techniques” used varies so much.
    Like some guys have like, two or three inches of skin left behind the head that used to be the inner lining of their sex-skin, and one that I’ve seen doesn’t even have a half inch left behind the head. Some styles cut off the whole frenum and some leave part of it or all of it. WHAT!!! Whatever happened to “standardization”?
    OK… I’ll concede… if you’re one of those dudes that for one reason or another has constant problems with it, then alright, talk it over with your doc as to how much and exactly what is gonna be cut off (measure twice, cut once… haha) and if you don’t like the first doc’s answer then go on to the next one until you get answers you like.
    The guy I know that has about a half inch of inner foreskin left behind the head and had his frenum totally cut out, never discussed anything with his doc, and now he has a huge problem with being able to cum, and sometimes he can’t get there at all.

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