Books & Sex Toys

Nothing contributes to sexual growth more than a vital imagination and ability to play. Nothing contributes to play more than fantasy, fun and toys.

Soul Rhythm

I love it when performing musicians want you to clap in rhythm with the music. I'm the guy that's clapping on the off beat or even worse not on any beat. I work at it for a few seconds and I finally get in sync with everyone else. I love it when performing musicians...

A Guy and His Toys

Women have always had a glorious history of enjoying sex toys. I suspect women’s sex toy traditions go back centuries before plain paper packages. I think the joy a woman gets from her vibe or dildo is in many ways more fulfilling to her guy than it is even to her.

Nudge and a Smile

Some days a guy just stuns himself with absolute genius! The other day was fast becoming a real drag. Work was tedious at best and not much was going the way it should. And I just wasn’t happy. Never been there?

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