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Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #1 — Palming the Glans

This is a start-stop technique that you can make go on for as long as you can stand it. Some are able to do this for hours going through waves and waves of orgasmic pleasure with no ejaculation so it can last for literally hours if you have the time.

Palming the Glans

Get a good hard erection with plenty of lube and stroke your penis in any way you wish, but stay away from the edge before ejaculation. Just get aroused and very hard — no more. When you’ve settled in, have control of your arousal and can stroke easily without coming close to the edge of ejaculation, concentrate on your muscles around your anus and the base of your penis and one-by-one relax them. Consciously let them go. Sometimes you have to squeeze them to identify them and then relax them. The important thing is to relax each and every muscle.

Now, lay back with your head on a pillow, slightly pull your knees up and spread your legs. Hold your erect penis shaft lightly with one hand and cup your other hand over the head of your penis, rotating your hand around so that the palm of your hand only contacts the head or glans of your penis. Don’t stroke any other part of your penis — only the glans with your palm.

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You will feel a very intense sensation and the temptation will be to grab your penis and pump. Resist the temptation and relax those muscles. As long as you stroke this way, you are not likely to ejaculate. If anything, you might urinate without realizing it so keep some tissues or a towel handy. If you feel you’re coming really close to ejaculation, back off a bit on the stimulation and let the urge to ejaculate pass. Then continue.

The head or glans of your penis shrinks a bit when you stroke this way. After a couple minutes, the really intense sensation subsides and then it moves into other parts of your body. Keep going. Keep stroking and imagine the energy moving from your penis up into your stomach and into your shoulders and arms and head. Then down into your legs. Keep stroking. Relax those muscles. If you get close to ejaculation, slow or stop, get control and then start again. Only the head. Only the palm of your hand.

Your first time, you’ll probably only be able to do it for fifteen or twenty minutes. Later, you’ll be able to do it for an hour or even two. The orgasmic energy will move through your body and you’ll discover a sense of being you never knew was possible. You’ll feel light, healthy and free of stress.

You can end with ejaculation if you want, but you don’t have to. A lot depends on your age, recovery time after ejaculation and mostly on your state of mind. You might find that you feel full of energy and life if you don’t ejaculate. It’s up to you. Experiment and enjoy!

65 comments to Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #1 — Palming the Glans

  • Sean

    Hello! Yes, definitely retract your foreskin. Then, when stroking your glans, you want lots of palm / glans contact, so that would mean, yes, you’d stroke over the pee hole (meatus). Thanks!

  • Harry

    I need some help. If i do everything this way but when i start to ejaculate can i go to other position because when i lie, all semen will drop on my stomach and chest which will be very messy. Thanks beforehand and nice posts!

  • Sean

    Hey! Thanks for your comment. This technique is pretty awesome because it’s great in virtually any position. What’s more you can masturbate using any other technique and then palm your glans for a few seconds or a couple minutes of enormous intensity and then revert to something else. A lot of guys find that while this technique is really intense, they don’t cum so easily with it. Which is really nice if your intent is to edge for a long time. As for the cumming on your stomach — honestly, I think that’s rather nice. Sex is messy. Messy is good. Be well, and thanks again for your question!

  • do i use lube of some kind?

  • Sean

    A good amount of lube with this is great.

  • Mason

    Dude just get a towel and put it on your chest. Then everything will go in that and you can wash it whenever you want

  • sir, how to relax muscles around penis and anus?

  • CMF

    I shape up penis when feeling like I cannot move it by closing butt before I stretch out my legs to move it back & forth after I put hand on before I put thumb around tip of penis hold after pinky from ring finger on opposite end & maybe ring finger that I use around middle of penis with pointer before I turning it after I grip to the best position before muscles move to let me know that’s enough after I lay with rear parts of me showing. This does make me want to rest as I do it before I rest to dream.

  • neil

    i notised men have 3 plesure zones am i the only one 1 the frenulum you rub it like like a female her cliritos.2 the area under the penis head make a ring with your vingers and move 1cm up and down.3 the area first mensioned with your same hand resting on your balls and one finger on each inner leg.usualy index rub under frenilum and thum and pinky on legs.

  • Stroking massaging my balls and groin area.seat with legs spread butterfly.slowcaress and massage from groin to balls is relaxing, can do for 1 hour

  • connan

    Man, this technique is incredible! I’ve recently discovered the PC muscles can help control ejaculation, leading to several orgasms. And this technique by far helps me get the strongest and most intense sensations! Thank you so much again for this article

  • Rob

    I have read on other sites that this particular technique can lead to a ‘Male Squirting sensation’ if you can edge long enough. Has anyone got feedback on this?

  • Frank

    “I have read on other sites that this particular technique can lead to a ‘Male Squirting sensation’ if you can edge long enough. Has anyone got feedback on this?”

    Yes if you continue to use really light pressure and a circular motion it can lead to a squirting sensation that can be quite intense and pleasurable.

  • Jerome

    I love the glans technique! Interesting enough not only did I explore this on my own, but it happened to be my first masterbating technique that I naturally reverted to pre-puberty (before I knew what I was doing). It’s incredible lube or not and drives me crazy makes me feel like I could explode without cumming, I love the frustration. I’d recommend this technique for couples to explore actually.

  • Damien

    Is this also known as dick head polishing? I love the misery of pain and pleasure from it 😀 I stay hard but I wun cum!

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