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Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #3 — Tickling the Frenulum

For this intense male masturbation technique, you need plenty of time. It can take a half-hour or more. Get undressed and really comfortable. For this technique we use no lube at all. Just one or two fingers. Lay back, close your eyes and relax everything including your anal, kegel and muscles at the base of your penis. Allow yourself to become erect.

Tickling the Frenulum

Once you have a good strong erection, you’ll begin the technique and not stop for anything. Hold your erect penis lightly between a couple fingers of one hand. With the other hand, use one or two fingers to simply move around your frenulum — the V-spot on the bottom side of your penis toward the head if you’re circumcised. If you’re not, you’ll do the same thing but through the foreskin. Don’t rub, just hold your finger on the spot and move it around and around and around.

You won’t notice much at first. Be patient and keep it going. Stay relaxed. Relax your muscles around your penis and don’t squeeze. Eventually, you’ll start to notice some pretty strong urges, the main one being to just grab your penis and pump. Resist. Keep moving your finger around. Stay relaxed, and don’t squeeze those muscles.

Soon, you’ll feel an ejaculation coming on. It will ebb and flow for awhile and you’ll wonder if it ever will come and you’ll want to just grab hold and let it rip. Don’t. Keep moving your finger around and wait for what happens next.

Once you’ve felt the ebb and flow a few frustrating times, you’ll then feel the rush of semen flowing through every tube, pipe and hose in your abdomen and groin. Don’t squeeze, don’t stop or let up on the movement of your finger. Keep going. Your ejaculate won’t squirt like it usually does when you come, it will gush like a water fall. That’s right, you will gush massive amounts of semen and feel every drop of it coursing through your groin, and penis.

Don’t stop moving that finger even though you’re gushing semen. You’ll go absolutely nuts, but keep going until your body and penis goes totally limp. Then fall asleep. You’ll need it.

138 comments to Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #3 — Tickling the Frenulum

  • Josh

    Took me especially long, almost 40 minutes but oh my god. Best feeling ever and made my entire body go numb. I’ve never had this much cum before, I actually had to use a towel. Be patient and really disconnect with everything else and you’ll have the best orgasm you could imagine

  • dj

    Still having a great time with this method-head turned purple tonite-first time ever!!

  • james

    My god I done this and it was absolutely amazing it was the best I’ve felt in ages my orgasm was so intense it lasted much longer and my orgasm contractions we very powerful and strong, my ejaculation went everywhere and the amount that flew out was unbelievable!!!!

  • dj

    Again today-great time all by myself

  • Mark

    Took me five minutes it was amazing

  • Bob

    Slighty confused. Should i be rubbing the tight skin on the head ,or the skin just below the head/gap.

    Thanks Bob.

  • Sean

    Hey Bob! Just move the skin around below the head of your penis on the ventral (bottom) side. Enjoy!

  • Brian

    This is a great technique, I have been using it for years now, not all the time, just those special moments with myself. Some thing that I usually do differently is I turn it into an all day thing, when I know I have the house to myself for a weekend. I start off by getting horny on the computer, and once a little precum starts coming out just from visual stimulation alone, I then use the precum as a lube and pretty much do exactly what he mentioned. I’ll sit the for several minutes and it feels amazing. Then I will stop for a couple minutes and go outside to my workshop and have a smoke, and also reach down my pants and start going at it again, it feels amazing standing up I might add, to the point of getting lightheaded at times. After about another 10-15 minutes doing it out there, I then come back inside and get back on my computer watching a video of daily choice put on loop while finishing it off. It’s very amazing. Nice thing about this techniwue is that once you start you dont need any vidal stimulation, or mentally either. The feeling itself keeps you so stuck in the moment you cant even concentrate on anything else anyways. But if you do have something that turns you on to watch it just makes the finish that much better.

  • dj

    Got laid last week-too much drama-much more pleasurable this way! Control your own destiny!

  • JM

    Sean im un circumsized so where do I move th skin

  • Sean

    JM, you actually have some options because you can either move the skin with your foreskin forward or retracted depending on what feels good to you. A foreskin gives you a lot more nerve endings to enjoy as well.

  • DB

    Hi Sean, I tried this for the first time a couple of months ago. At first it felt great and got me really hard, but I did not think I was going to cum. I kept at it and after about 25 minutes I could feel the semen starting to flow through my balls etc. as you described. The orgasm was totally awesome and I deffinately shot a bigger load than normal. I have done it often since and sometimes I reach a orgasm after just 5 minutes. This has become my favorite jacking off method, thanks for sharing this info.

  • RJ

    I have been getting a massage from this very sexy woman about 2x a month for a while now, she has me on my belly and holds my cock in her hand while rubbing her thumb on my frenulum, she also gently rubs up and down my legs, sides, and back. It is an unbelievable feeling the best ever. I also have a friend that will use her tongue on the same place for a long time until an eruption occurs! They are both intense and totally satisfying!

  • Rob

    I’ve tried a couple of times now and cum ‘the normal way’. Is edging required during these build ups? Or do I need to train myself to relax those normal urges?

  • Sean

    Yeah, relax the pelvic muscles.

  • Rob

    Wow, mission accomplished!
    I emptied my bladder to help with muscle relaxation required and found that helped big time. I loved the ebbing and flowing build ups, when they come over you get your breathing and relaxation in order to the point of total calmness. The feeling you get when you want to pee but because of the empty bladder you won’t.
    I lasted out for 30 minutes because I was enjoying it so much, you’ve really got to let go of all the normal squeezing and pushing urges and just relax everything down there. I used one finger only and moved it around as per the instructions and it was such a rewarding experience. It was such an intense orgasm with a nice big spray at the end. …..can’t wait to do it again and again! I’m going to monitor how quick and how long I can go.

  • dj

    Used a handheld massager for the first time today-still just the frenulum spot-hardest I have ever been-lots of cum-can’t wait to do it again!

  • Stu

    I did this technique last night. the pleasure sensation was nice but not massive and I only cummed a little bit??? I’m uncut and have quite a right foreskin! Any tips?

  • dj

    Been stuck with family for weeks-no alone time for another 10 days-got laid last week-waste of time-can’t wait to be alone & tickle my frenulum!!

  • Marco

    I dont get it
    I am uncut, i rub that spot for about 5-10 minutes and i shoot cum like with normal way of mastrubation

  • Ian Dyck

    incredible this was my first orgasm. But once I came, the muscles in the base of my dick started pulsating automatically, and only a little bit came. Any tips on that?

  • Sean

    Hi Ian! Very cool experience. Quantity of semen is really sort of irrelevant. The greater issue is pleasure, experimentation and fulfillment. Keep at it and learn to locate muscles in your pelvic area. You can change your experience dramatically.

  • Mrs. Moriarty

    Hi, Guys –

    I’m pretty excited about the prospect of doing this to a male partner and I’m wondering if you think that would work. It occurs to me that this technique might be difficult to accomplish effectively without coordinating the manual stimulation with the appropriate muscle relaxation – in other words, I’m wondering if it might make things more difficult if I massage the frenulum, since I can’t feel what’s happening inside him.

    Thanks in Advance!

  • Sean

    It works well with good communication and a lot of patience. Just like any other Sex play. Geeze, have fun and try it. Nothing really to lose, right?

  • Mrs. Moriarty

    Oops, apologies for the double comment post, I have no idea how that even happened. 😡

    Thanks so much for your lightning-fast reply, Sean! I have one more question. It kind of seems important not to give his penile nerves any of the standard up-and-down stimulation in order to accomplish this kind of orgasm. Do you imagine that pairing other kinds of genital stimulation (e.g. gentle ball-tugging, gentle tickling of the shaft) might interfere in the same way? What about nipples?

    Thank you again for your help Sean, I absolutely love this blog and plan not only to continue checking your updates but to peruse your archive until I’m certain I’ve absorbed every last drop of useful information.

    RAWK ON! *heavy metal concert hand*

  • Sean

    Hello Again Mrs. Moriarty! Thanks for your nice comments about OG! A pleasure to have you as a reader. Your hunch is good. While a lot of sex advice is to involve many points of input and involve many body parts, nerves and systems to create a complex orgasmic experience. This one is different. What you deal with is about a half centimeter of your penis owner partner’s penile real estate. And you’re only variables while pleasuring his frenulum is speed and pressure. Remember, in this technique that less is more. He only has to lie back and focus on relaxing each and every muscle in his body and particularly his pelvic muscles one by one. And at the same time enjoy the subtle nuance of what’s happening in his body. You, without lube, only move around the tiny piece of skin. You may want to support his penis with one hand and stimulate his frenulum with the other. That’s about it. Then be patient — very patient. Allow yourself lots of time. He’ll want you to grab his cock and pump, but resist. Enjoy the quiet, highly focused attention. Then, what happens, happens when it happens.

  • Mrs. Moriarty

    Ah, cool – that’s super helpful, thanks so much again!!

  • South Pawl

    So i’ve been having an issue with this one. I can relax my muscles and massage the area, but when the boner subsides precum squirts on the spot and kind of ruins the whole thing (i’m circumsized btw). I can never even get far enough to enjoy it. Thoughts?

  • Sean

    Interesting quandary. I’m guessing you produce a fairly healthy amount of precum. In any other scenario, that’s pretty nice. Lube in this case adds another stimulant factor and sort of changes things like you experienced. I’m thinking if it were me, I’d keep a tissue or something handy to mop up the precum and keep your penis dry. I don’t think a little interruption should mess you up too much. Just keep your focus and keep moving that little bit of skin. Keep trying and have fun with it! Sounds like you’re doing great with the relaxing!

  • Chris

    I am an exploring guy and really want to find the best self pleasuring and i’ve tried so much but this 3 techniques seems to be super awesome!! anyway, i’m having trouble relaxing all does muscles… Do you have like some sort of tip or anything like that?

    Best regards Chris

  • Sean

    Hey Chris! Yeah, it’s probably the most important part and the hardest. My tip is to be sure you’re not distracted or in a hurry and focus. Try very lightly putting your finger tip on your anus and see if you’re really relaxing those muscles. Keep playing. You’ll get it.

  • South Pawl

    Thanks, i’ll give it a shot eventually :)

  • percy

    hey i tried this till the very end i came buckets but it felt the same as if i were pumping by hand, did i do something wrong?

  • Ryan

    This has changed my life forever! Thank you!

    It feels so awesome. I can stay on the edge for hours. I’ve never been harder or bigger than I am when I do this. It can get pretty messy though!

  • Jamie

    I have to admit, I was skeptical since Ive read this technique won’t work as well on circumsized guys. It seems though that despite being circumsized, I still have a fairly noticeable and strong frenulum remaining.

    Time and no distractions are the key here. I laid on the bed and started. The ebb and flow is absolutely true. At times I was so relaxed, I was barely touching my frenulum, just lightly hovering over and barely touching it. Calmness and NO muscle clenching, I could feel was my orgasm building. It was no easy, I wanted to grab my cock and cum sooooo bad. Don’t do it.

    I am not a erotic vocal guy (unless it’s really that good) but here, I was moaning uncontrollably.
    I got hard and soft, but when I came, I was soft and the cum oozed out of me. The waves of pleasure with this were better than any orgasm Ive ever had when being hard and cumming.

    I was really amazed at how loud I was, this is something you definitely want to do alone in an empty environment (unless you have a bf or gf doing it to you). I can’t wait to get some quality time to do it agin. Thank You for this technique!

  • Connnan

    I don’t know exactly if I should comment here or on #1, but those two techniques together got me the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had! First I was doing the frenulum technique for about an hour or so. Then I paused for a very few minutes and started palming the glans. Not very long after I started having an orgasm and my face, my arms and my legs became dormant and started to tingle. Then my hole body began to shake and I almost lost conscience. I was literally screaming out loud of so much pleasure! It’s the most incredible and amazing sensation! I’ve tried to replicate that but the two times I got closest were a little less intense. Even so, I recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!!!

  • dj

    So yesterday I had some alone time for the first time in a month-a long time for me without masturbating. Found the hand held massager and got into bed. Started slow-going all over my body-inner thighs-nipples and testicles. By now I was incredibly hard-the massager has two settings-vibrate and vibrate with heat. Turned off the heat setting and placed it on my frenulum-didn’t move it-just held it there. Took a few minutes but it was incredible-came four times-first one shot so far it hit me in the face-that had never happened in over 50 years of doing this-three more followed. If you are serious about this method I would recommend getting one of these-a great tool.

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