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Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #3 — Tickling the Frenulum

For this intense male masturbation technique, you need plenty of time. It can take a half-hour or more. Get undressed and really comfortable. For this technique we use no lube at all. Just one or two fingers. Lay back, close your eyes and relax everything including your anal, kegel and muscles at the base of your penis. Allow yourself to become erect.

Tickling the Frenulum

Once you have a good strong erection, you’ll begin the technique and not stop for anything. Hold your erect penis lightly between a couple fingers of one hand. With the other hand, use one or two fingers to simply move around your frenulum — the V-spot on the bottom side of your penis toward the head if you’re circumcised. If you’re not, you’ll do the same thing but through the foreskin. Don’t rub, just hold your finger on the spot and move it around and around and around.

You won’t notice much at first. Be patient and keep it going. Stay relaxed. Relax your muscles around your penis and don’t squeeze. Eventually, you’ll start to notice some pretty strong urges, the main one being to just grab your penis and pump. Resist. Keep moving your finger around. Stay relaxed, and don’t squeeze those muscles.

Soon, you’ll feel an ejaculation coming on. It will ebb and flow for awhile and you’ll wonder if it ever will come and you’ll want to just grab hold and let it rip. Don’t. Keep moving your finger around and wait for what happens next.

Once you’ve felt the ebb and flow a few frustrating times, you’ll then feel the rush of semen flowing through every tube, pipe and hose in your abdomen and groin. Don’t squeeze, don’t stop or let up on the movement of your finger. Keep going. Your ejaculate won’t squirt like it usually does when you come, it will gush like a water fall. That’s right, you will gush massive amounts of semen and feel every drop of it coursing through your groin, and penis.

Don’t stop moving that finger even though you’re gushing semen. You’ll go absolutely nuts, but keep going until your body and penis goes totally limp. Then fall asleep. You’ll need it.

65 comments to Most Intense Male Masturbation Technique #3 — Tickling the Frenulum

  • Roger

    Do you pull foreskin back if uncut?

  • Sean

    I’m circumcised myself, but if it were me, I’d try with the foreskin. I think you likely have a lot of sensation to enjoy. Then compare to retracting your foreskin. Notice the difference. Nice that you have the option.

  • anonymouse

    Did it. Took me several weeks to get there and all day today… working at it. Won’t be doing it very often because of this but the orgasm was pretty amazing. The one I did last week was similar but that one I just jacked like normal then when I reached the PONR I just did the tickle thing. I’ll be doing that one way more!

  • janci

    I did this first time masturbating to orgasm when I was 15 and have done this for 45 years. Usually relaxed but sometimes I tighten my legs and whole body when I begin ejaculating. I do tender circling motions with one lubricated finger on frenulum or rub it between two fingers, I also use sometimes vibrator on frenulum or ask my wife caress gently this point. I usually caress my left nipple (it’s sensitive for me and sends pleasure waves right to frenulum area) the same time. I make pauses edging, when I want to last longer. Sometimes I have full body aftershocks. The frenulum is like woman’s clitoris, I have eplained to my wife.

  • Hugh Jaynus

    Took me roughly 20 minutes to hit the top of the montain. The orgasm lasted almost a minute. Had my mother in law helping me and she was just awestruck at the volume of semen. I plan on doing it again real soon. My mother in law is looking forward to helping out.

  • Barry

    I’ve been trying this technique for about a year, and I just can’t get it right. I can cum from rubbing the area next to the frenulum on my left side, slightly touching the corona. I do cum loads when I orgasm, and it feels great, but nothing like what’s described here.

    When I rub my frenulum at the tip (just where it meets the head) I don’t really feel anything. At the bottom of the frenulum (where it touches the shaft) I feel something, but my cock goes limp and then doesn’t get hard again.

    Where are you supposed to be rubbing the frenulum? In the middle, moving the whole thing around, or at the top or bottom of it?

    How hard are you meant to be rubbing the area?
    And how soft and for how long does your cock go limp inbetween the hard periods. Because with me it just goes limp and stays there.

    I’ve tried this method so many times and I don’t know what it is that i’m doing wrong. I was wondering if it was because I have slight frenulum breve that I couldn’t quite get to the nerves or something.

    Someone help please!!! I need VERY in detail instructions to get this right :S

  • Dan

    I tried this and it took more than an hour to orgasm.
    The orgasm was quite intense and I shot a big load, but it didn’t lost no where near as long…
    I know I am doing something wrong…
    What part of the penis needs to be stimulated exactly?
    How do I know I am on the right road when I try it?
    Is it ok to lift the fingers off the frenulum for a little bit and switch hands?

  • Sean

    Hey! No surprise on the hour. Kudos to you for staying with it! Nice. And you can’t really get sex wrong. Every experience had its own qualities to be enjoyed. Having said that, sure switch hands! You need to be comfortable. What’s great is noticing the true distinction between orgasm and ejaculation. When you come, continue to move the same bit of skin long after ejaculation for some nice intense pleasure. Keep at it! Thanks for your note!

  • paul

    I tried this technique yesterday. Session lasted a little over half an hour and proceeded as described. Wow!!! What a fantastic build up and release. Amazing how this produces such a long and literally draining orgasm. I did need to rest afterward.

    Thank you Sean, for sharing this.

  • Dan


    I’ve had 3 Frenulum orgasms and they rock.

    Have you made an article about having an anal orgasm?
    I’ve heard that’s a lot more intense than a Penis orgasm, but never really have achieved it… I tried doing it once but was lost…

  • Sean

    Hi Dan! Glad you enjoyed it. That’s what it’s about. Anal aren’t necessarily more intense but maybe broader in the sense of whole body. You can do that with your penis too, though if you take the time. Here’s an article about orgasm with the Aneros: http://www.orgasmicguy.com/where-is-your-aneros/ Enjoy, Dan!

  • Mike

    I tried this method and it truly is amazing. Thank you Sean this is the best thing ever. I have such a difficult time not just stroking it it’s so difficult to control because I am on the edge for so long. but when I finally do it’s like literally the awesome goo just shoots out as I try to still not stroke and then I find myself just gasping

  • Stephen


    I was wondering would you encourage listening to relaxing music or is it best to not?

  • Sean

    Everyone’s experience is different when comes to music. In my experience, any kind of music that is agitating isn’t great for sex. Feel-good music works for me. Also, I love Tibetan music. It appeals to my sexuality.

  • Dude

    I just tried this, but I came after only a couple of minutes, perhaps just a little longer than when masturbation the regular way. I didn’t change the speed of my finger or anything, and squirted like normal (although not as far).
    Anything I’m doing wrong?

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